Storm 2 to have WiFi and 5 megapixel camera?!

Lots of BlackBerry device rumors this week! Following up on the Magnum / Driftwood / Onyx specs, the net got a little excited yesterday when SlashGear posted a story saying they got word the 'BlackBerry Storm 2' is in the works for Verizon for September and would have WiFi this time around.

BoyGeniusReport followed up the story a short time later, confirming that rumor and adding some more spice - putting out there that Storm 2 should have a new and improved touchscreen and that they heard RIM may be contemplating a name change for their touch technology from SurePress to TruePress (just to confuse everyone). A 5 megapixel camera could be in the works on this one too.

A few weeks back on CrackBerry Podcast 033 we did a big BlackBerry device rumormill catch-up, where we talked about Storm 2 (along with Magnum and Onyx as well). We had heard a while back that Storm 2 was going by the codename "Odin" though with so many codenames floating around now (and don't forget the Storm/Thunder antics RIM got up to with their first touchscreen) we wouldn't be suprised to hear it's now something different. We would be (pleasantly) surprised to see it launch in September though... but have a feeling it'll be later into the year or even into 2010 before it does.

Question of the Day: With the 'Storm 1' taking its fair share of beatings both by the media and owners of the device, do you think when 'Storm 2' hits that RIM should continue with the Storm name? Or should they start fresh and shed the controversial brand baggage and call 'Storm 2' something else?? Heck, maybe they should let Bono design and name this one. Drop your thoughts in the comments!