BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming In November?!?

We've already had plenty of up close and personal looks at the Storm 2 - much to the dismay of RIM as they promptly requested images and video to be pulled. But that is neither here nor there at this time. We know it exists, we know it will eventually hit carriers and now we are just that much closer to a possible release date month.

The good folks over at The BlackBerry Zone have posted that Vodafone UK is set to release the Storm 2 (9520) in October while Verizon is still on for a Storm 2 (9550) release in November. Now this month has actually been tossed around for a few devices, especially the Onyx. So we here at CrackBerry will still leave this one stuck under the "rumor" category, just for safety sake. Stay tuned as more information is developing. So what do you think? Is November going to be the month or will RIM delay it beyond that?