Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 Hands-On

SWEEET!!!! Engadget got their hands on a BlackBerry Storm 2 ("Odin") and has given it a great unofficial first hands-on look. You can click the image above to jump over for lots of photos, a video and some initial impressions. The unit they have isn't quite fully functional (apparently the first batch of Storm 2s floating in the wild are running the Storm 1 OS so the display isn't registering input so well, hence it won't let them click OK to the user agreement and they can't get into the OS), but they still do a great job going over some of the things we can expect in this next-generation touchscreen from RIM.

Gone is SurePress (so much for that Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough award?!) and according to Engadget "it is a leap from the previous Storm incarnation with sleeker style, more heft, and a click-free display that doesn't rattle about, all of which collaborate to make the Storm 2 feel a wee bit higher end." There's been lots of talk that the Storm 2 will still feature a form of tactile feedback (True Press), but they couldn't quite put that to the test just yet.

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