If you're a BlackBerry fan but have felt the BlackBerry news of late to be a little bit on the gloomy side (RIMM shares hit a 7 year low this week and are trading below the company's book value), do yourself a favor and watch the video above. It'll make you smile.

The video is from September 28th and was recorded in Thailand at the launch of the country's first BlackBerry Lifestyle store by JayMart. The lineups were long and there was a dash to be the first into the store when it finally opened. That's the kind of BlackBerry love I love to see. [ side note - I think have a mega CrackBerry crush on all the girls in white pants in that video and need to visit Thailand - shhh... don't tell Miss CrackBerry! ] 

Bla1ze reported yesterday that a BlackBerry store will likely open up in Jakarta this month, and if that's the case I can only imagine the scene that grand opening is going to make. Having been to Jakarta and witnessed the BlackBerry craziness first hand (people carrying and using two, three or even four BlackBerrys at a time), it's going to be EPIC.

There's still a lot of love for BlackBerry out there. Of course love alone won't make RIM's share price shoot back up -- there's work to be done, no doubt  -- but a video like this is a good motivator for all those RIM employees who need to put in the time to getter done.

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