Lately there have been a few stories floating around about Windows Phone beating BlackBerry's market share, but that most recent batch of data took into account global markets. If you're looking at just the U.S., one of the most influential markets worldwide, BlackBerry still has the lead according to the latest comScore report. BlackBerry holds 4.4% of the share there while Microsoft sits at 3.1%.

Before we start cheering too loudly, let's stay realistic: we're talking about a difference of a little over a percentage point, and more than 90% of the market is still lorded by Android and iOS. With BlackBerry's U.S. share taking a dip since March and Microsoft inching up slightly, it's entirely possible that Windows Phone overtakes BlackBerry in the next quarter or two, but it would be a microscopic victory in the face of the next challenge. 

As far as sheer mass adoption, BlackBerry and Windows Phone are very much in the same tiny, crowded boat, despite Microsoft's insistence that BlackBerry doesn't have a chance of catching up.

How many of you guys have used a Windows Phone? In the long run, who do you think will win in the fight for third place?