John Mayer Summer Tour

Back on April 7th we dropped word that RIM/BlackBerry decided to sponsor John Mayer's summer tour again in 2008 after the success they had in sponsoring it last year.

This morning I found out (thanks Ronen) that RIM has launched a microsite for the tour at On it you can find all of the concert dates (July 2nd to August 2nd), John Mayer's BlackBerry Tips, and links to John Mayer vids and recommended BlackBerry downloads. If you like John Mayer and BlackBerry smartphones, the site is worth checking out!

Too bad the BlackBerry Bold has taken so long to hit the market though. Last year during this tour the newly-released BlackBerry Curve was getting shown off at the all concerts. I'm guessing this year it is still the BlackBerry Curve getting shown off (albeit with some new models a la 8310, 8320, 8330). That's probably why John Mayer has been seen using his Curve again instead of the BlackBerry Bold RIM gave him at WES (he was the second dude to not under NDA to get a Bold to call his own - read about the first here). If you attend one of his concerts in the next month, be sure to drop us a line (editorial @ and let us know what you thought of the show and the BlackBerry presence.