Looking to make their solutions more widely accessible, BlackBerry today announced that BlackBerry solutions are now available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, while BlackBerry UEM is available on the AWS Marketplace.

"We want to ensure that BlackBerry's trusted solutions are available to customers wherever they choose to seek out our products," said Richard McLeod, Global Vice President, Enterprise Software Channels, BlackBerry. "As a Gold Partner within the Microsoft Azure Partner Network, we are pleased to offer some of those solutions—key to navigating today's zero-trust environment—on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace."

As part of the agreement between Microsoft and BlackBerry, the Microsoft Azure Marketplace will offer:

  • BlackBerry AtHoc: Crisis communications software that allows for organizations to improve communication and collaboration through crisis situations
  • BlackBerry UEM: Unified endpoint management software that securely enables the Internet of Things with complete policy control for organizations' diverse and growing fleet of devices and apps
  • BlackBerry Workspaces: Secure and collaborative content platform that protects organizations' intellectual property and customer data, in part, through file-level digital rights management
  • BlackBerry Spark Communications Services: Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solution that embeds secure communications capabilities into organizations' apps and smart devices

On the AWS side of things, BlackBerry UEM is now available through the AWS Marketplace.

"BlackBerry UEM is trusted by the world's largest organizations to securely enable the Internet of Things," said Richard McLeod, Global Vice President, Enterprise Software Channels, BlackBerry. "As an Advanced Partner in the AWS Partner Network, we're pleased to offer our endpoint management solution on AWS so customers and partners can maximize their existing infrastructure investments."

Despite the expansion news and improvements made to the BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program, BlackBerry stock is still taking a beating. Today, they closed at 5.15 on the NYSE and 6.79 on the TSE.

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