espell screenshot Most of the time, when I quickly e-mail friends, the messages look something like this: “Hi, bob. Sure lets meet at Statrbucs at nine oclock. Bring the palns for wrld domination.” Gets the message across, but hardly accurate in terms of spelling.

For the quick e-mail to friends that’s fine. But, if you are mailing something important to a business client you need that e-mail to be correct and concise. That is when a spell checker is important.

The advantage of the BlackBerry is portability and speed, so anything that can make your e-mailing quicker and more effective is a good tool to own. You might want to check out eSpell over at the store.

e-spell is an integrated spellchecker for the BlackBerry platform providing fast, accurate and reliable spell checking of your e-mails and documents. eSpell can also be enhanced with add-on spellchecking dictionaries in American, Canadian, British English, German, Italian, Spanish and others.

The application is integrated with the BlackBerry e-mail composer and is designed to provide fast, accurate and reliable spelling of your e-mails and documents. eSpell will detect misspelled words and suggest correct spelling alternatives.

Another key advantage is the expandability of the application which allows the addition of new specialized dictionaries and new words to your personal dictionary.

eSpell is available at the store for just $29.95