BlackBerry Software Roundup: Special BlackBerry Storm Edition!

I felt like doin' something a little bit different this week. Seeing as there must be a lot of new BlackBerry Storm users out there, I wanted to take a week to pay attention to them. I know in past weeks I've only offered a few titles for your device... So, heck, this week is your week! Lets get started:

Best Selling BlackBerry Storm Software: Aerize Email Alerts, TouchBubbles, Nintaii, PeeKaWho Email SMS Alerts, Flashlight!, Marble Trap, Mobile Bartender, Empower Work Folders

New BlackBerry Storm Software: EnglishWorld English Dictionary, AcroBible NAS, Fart Machine, TapOMania

Best Selling BlackBerry Storm Software

Aerize Email Alerts for the BlackBerry StormAerize Email Alerts

New features have been added to Aerize Email Alerts, one of our best-selling apps. Aerize previews each email you receive with the senders' picture and name, the subject of the email, and a brief preview. Very handy. Identify email quickly, improve your productivity, and do it all with easy one-click operation. Make your built-in BlackBerry email even better with Aerize Email Alerts!

Pick up Aerize Email Alerts for the BlackBerry Storm from ShopCrackBerry for $5.00 >

TouchBubbles for the BlackBerry StormTouchBubbles

I 'touched' on this one last week, I believe. Ugh, bad joke. But seriously, if you're looking to load up your Storm with new games, TouchBubbles should be on your list. It's a simple and easy to play puzzle game, wehre you touch/pop like colored bubbles to clear the board. Sort of like the classic 'bejeweled' game. Choose from three levels of difficulty, and play with three, four or five bubble colors.

You can pick up TouchBubbles for the BlackBerry Storm for $2.99 at >

Nintaii for the BlackBerry StormNintaii

To date, Nintaii is the game I'm recommending as a 'must have' for BlackBerry Storm users. This brain teaser will have you scratching your head and racking your brain like no other. Roll and rotate your block through courses, while trying to deposit the block into the hole at the end of the level. There are lots of switches, road blocks and other obstacles to overcome. If you're into puzzle games, Nintaii is a must-have.

Get Nintaii for your BlackBerry Storm for $9.99 at >

PeeKaWho for the BlackBerry StormPeeKaWho Email SMS Alerts

Along the same lines as Aerize Email Alerts, PeeKaWho is an award winning email and SMS alert/notifier app. If you like getting email notifications like the ones you get in Outlook or Gtalk Notifier (via Growl on the Mac), then you'll love PeeKaWho. See instantly who is email you, a brief preview of the message body, and more. There's also a built-in whitelist and blacklist feature to help you block spam and other unwanted messages.

Try PeeKaWho for the BlackBerry Storm at for $10.00 >

Flashlight! for the BlackBerry PearlFlashlight!

You can pretty much guess what this one does, huh? That's right, with the Flashlight app you can use your BlackBerry Storm as an emergency light source for those times when you need a flashlight... but don't have one. Choose from five vivid colors to light your way. The app will run for 30 minutes, and even turns on your LED for that little bit of extra light.

Pick up Flashlight! for the BlackBerry Storm at for $1.49 >

Marble Trap for the BlackBerry StormMarble Trap

In this very cool puzzle game, use the Storm's built-in accelerometer to roll your marble through the maze. Escape traps and navigate the marble to the end of the level while avoiding traps and obstacles. There are 64 different levels in the game. Test your patience, your skill, and reaction time with this one-of-a-kind puzzle game for the Storm.

Get Marble Trap for the BlackBerry Storm for $9.95 at >

Mobile Bartender for the BlackBerry StormMobile Bartender

Like to mix a cool beverage from time to time? Now you can get all the help and instructions you need to make hundreds of drinks, right from your BlackBerry storm. Browse or search through hundreds of drink, shot and drop shot recipes at the click of a button. View by drink type, type of liquor, drink name and more for fast, convenient access. Mark recipes as favorites for easy reference next time you need it!

Get Mobile Bartender for the BlackBerry Storm for $7.95 at >

Empower Work Folders for the BlackBerry StormEmpower Work Folders

With Empower Work Folders you can separate your BES emails from your BIS emails, SMS, PIN, Browser messages and more. Avoid confusion and simplify your life by getting dedicated access to your work emails. Click on the app and you will be shown BES messages only. Eliminate the need to search and sift through message after message, trying to find that important corporate email amongst the hundreds of other messages you have on your device.

Try Empower Work Folders on the BlackBerry Storm for $19.95 at >

New BlackBerry Storm Software

EnglishWorld English Dictionary for the BlackBerry StormEnglishWorld English Dictionary

With EnglishWorld English Dictionary, you get a full English dictionary at your fingertips on your BlackBerry Storm. It features more than 175,000 words and explanations, is ultra-fast to use and search, and no data connection is required. The entire dictionary weighs in at 14MB, and can be installed on your device memory or on an SD card. Free updates forever are also included with your purchase!

Pick up EnglishWorld English Dictionary for the BlackBerry Storm at for $4.99 >

AcroBible NASAcroBible NAS

Designed specifically for the BlackBerry Storm, AcroBible provides you with fast and easy access to read, search and study the Bible no matter where you are. Search for exact keywords or phrases, add bookmarks, take notes on any chapter, and even highlight important verses with color. You can even sync your notes and highlighting iBibleSpace online so that you have your own personal Bible with you, no matter what!

Get AcroBible NAS for the BlackBerry Storm at for $25.99 >

Fart Machine for the BlackBerry StormFart Machine

Ughh... I'm almost upset with myself that I'm reporting this. 'Fart' apps seem to have taken off for the iPhone, and I grudgingly had to note this as the first ever 'Fart' app for the BlackBerry. Good grief. Well, the app is simple. It contains a timer so that you can set your Storm down somewhere and use it as a prank. Set a delay of 30 seconds or a minute and have some fun.. Or choose 'Random Fart' and let the machine do its thing.

Get Fart Machine for the BlackBerry Storm at for $1.49 >

TapOMania for the BlackBerry StormTapOMania

TapOMania is much like TouchBubbles that I covered earlier in the roundup. Remove all of the blocks from the screen by touching/tapping on them. As you remove blocks, other blocks fall down to fill the space, creating some interesting scenarios and strategy to think about as you play. Also watch out for bombs, lasers and non-selectable blocks. Choose from three different difficulty levels, start at any level you wish, and save your high scores within the game!

Try TapOMania for the BlackBerry Storm at for $4.95 >

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