BlackBerry Software Roundup

With summer coming to a close, the weather is getting a bit chillier up here in Canada. My advice, get the golf clubs ready for storage... and download more great apps for your Berry! Covered this week are:

New BlackBerry Software: BrainWorks, New Themes, Dexrex, BerryDialer, KoolSounds

Updated BlackBerry Software: MyCaption, myPoynt, BBSmart Alarms Pro, Mobila xPlayer, Vlingo, Ascendo DataVault

Free BlackBerry Software: TaskMailer, Twibble, FierceWireless RSS Reader

Cool Stuff: US Open Mobile, Esquire Mobile

New BlackBerry Software

BrainWorks for BlackBerryBrainWorks

Want a new game that will test our IQ and make you think, think, THINK? Enter BrainWorks for BlackBerry. This new addition to our game catalog is a cool IQ tester. The game consists of two main types of quizzes. A math quiz and a memory quiz. The match quiz is timed, and you are given 60 seconds to complete a series of 20 questions. Maximum score (IQ) is 200. How high do you think you can score?

Pick up BrainWorks at for only $3.99 >

New Themes for your BlackBerryTheme Madness As Per Usual

As with almost every other week, there are a ton of new themes at Go here to browse all the new themes (plus other new titles) and find one that catches your eye.

Dexrex for BlackBerryDexrex Extensions for BlackBerry

I received a note the other day that the folks at Dexrex were releasing their app to the public. Sure enough, I hit up their site and Extensions for BlackBerry are now available. The app lets you store all of your IM and SMS texts, find links, phone numbers, and a whole lot more. The original version had some issues for some international users, but all of those issues have been addressed. Once you download the app you'll have to go through a quick setup process that has been added as well. Only took me a few minutes to complete.

To get it, go to from your Berry's browser.

BerryDialer Enterprise for BlackBerry BESBerryDialer Enterprise Package

The most expensive app I've ever seen in our store, the BerryDialer Enterprise Package is for enterprise customers only. It is a volume license package for up to 100 user licenses of BerryDialer. The app integrates fully into native Berry applications, and lets you dial from your phone without entering any calling card details. You can even store up to 100 calling cards at the same time. The app now supports english, german and spanish (castilian & catalan).

Pick it up for $1,500 at >

KoolSounds for BlackBerryKoolSounds

KoolSounds is a brand new application that lets you assign sounds to system events. Tired of all the default system sounds and alerts? With KoolSounds you can assign your own alerts for all kinds of events, from in holster, out of holster, low battery, USB connect and much more. For the price, it might be worthwhile if you are really tired of system alerts... or you just want a change.

Get KoolSounds for only $5.95 at >


Updated BlackBerry Software

MyCaption for BlackBerry BoldMyCaption Now Available on the Bold

MyCaption has released a new version of their popular software for the BlackBerry Bold. The app is a simple speech-to-text program that lets you review, edit, and customize your messages before you send them. Versions of MyCaption are already available for the Pearl, Curve and 8800 series.

A free trial for all supported models is available at

MyPoynt for BlackBerrymyPoynt Beta 0.9.4

myPoynt Beta has been upgraded to 0.9.4. One of the up-and-coming free search apps for your Berry, this version has no real groundbreaking upgrades. However, if you are having issues with the app, it might be wise to upgrade. Changes in this version mostly concern improved stability changes and the usual bunch of bug fixes and tweaks. The next update to this app will include BlackBerry Bold support and changes to the UI, so stay tuned for that!

Head over to from your Berry to get the latest version.

BBSmart Alarms Pro for BlackBerryBBSmart Alarms Pro 1.24

BBSmart Alarms Pro users will want to update to the latest version, 1.24. It's a free upgrade for anyone that has previously purchased the app. New in this version are the following updates:

  • Change your snooze time on the fly
  • Many graphical changes
  • Reduced battery use/impact
  • Bug fixes that were affecting 8330 and OS 4.5 users
  • Pick unique colors for each alarm you have

Get BBSmart Alarms Pro from for only $15.00 >

Mobiola xPlayer for BlackBerryMobiola xPlayer 1.2.1

From Shape Services come Mobiola xPlayer, which has just gone to 1.2.1. This multimedia player for the BlackBerry lets you use all major types of audio and video formats. Listen to your favorite tunes, live radio, or watch videos anytime! The app allows fullscreen playback, manages playlists, can work in the background... and a whole lot more. There are too many features to list here.

Get Mobiola xPlayer from for $19.95 >

Vlingo for BlackBerryVlingo 1.1 Open Beta

Vlingo 1.1 beta has expanded to anyone that wants to get on! Feature updates in the 1.1 version include the ability to forward & reply to emails and texts, better connection handling, punctuation and automatic capitalization and more. Of course, a bunch of bug fixes and network connection improvements have been made as well.

Get it now from

Ascendo DataVault Password Manager for BlackBerryAscendo DataVault Password Manager 4.4.5

Ascendo DataVault has been updated to version 4.4.5. No changelog was available, but this app provides a very much needed service. Store confidential info like your passwords, credit card numbers, and confidential logins right on your BlackBerry. The most powerful encryption methods are used to keep your sensitive information private and confidential.

Pick up Ascendo DataVault for $29.95 at >

Free BlackBerry Software

TaskMailer for BlackBerryTaskMailer Beta

TaskMailer is a tiny app that lets you create and email tasks to yourself in the fastest way possible. You can email them in iCal and vCal formats. Tasks preference fields include name, priority, status, due date, and more. If you love creating and working with tasks, this free app might be just the thing you're looking for.

Get TaskMailer for FREE at >

Twibble for BlackBerryTwibble

Twibble is a new Twitter app that you can use on your Berry. It was built for the N95, but it turns out the app works great on most Java enabled devices. If you're addicted to Twitter, you'll want to check this one out. It's loaded with lots of great features, and is a great option if you're tired of Twitterberry or Tinytwitter.

For more details in a post from Adam, click here.

To download head on over to on your Berry's browser.

FierceWireless FreeRange RSS Reader

FierceWireless has released their own branded FreeRange based RSS reader. From all angles the reader looks solid, and is essentially just a branded version of FreeRange... But you can add your own RSS feeds to this one, which is a cool feature. If you frequent FierceWirless then head over to to download and for more information.

However if this one isn't up to snuff, I wholeheartedly recommend Viigo - Edition :)

Cool Stuff

US Open Mobile Updates on your BlackBerryUS Open Mobile Updates

Are you following the US Open going on right now in New York? If you're a tennis fan you surely are. And chances are you want to know the scores as they happen, in real time. Thankfully the US Open has a handy mobile service and it is free for all. Simply go here, and enter your mobile number to receive free real-time scoring and news updates. There are also multiple options to receive various SMS alerts. Kind of cool I thought. Again, check it out here.

Esquire Magazine on your BlackBerryEsquire Mobile

Esquire Magazine has recently launched a mobile version of their website. For those instances of downtime or when you simply need a break, it makes for some pretty good reading. It's quality content, less Maxim babe flavor, and more information geared towards men. All in all a good read!

Check it out right now from your device at

Until Next Week..

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