BlackBerry Software Roundup

Kevin's out in NYC, I'm sitting back here in good old Winterpeg trying to enjoy the fall weather... While it stays reasonably warm! This week I've got lots of good stuff. Some new games, useful utilities, cool mobile sites and more... Lets get right down to it:

New BlackBerry Software: SBSH SafeWallet Pro, Platypus, Business Professional Ringtones, Contact Hero, South Park Imaginationland, Star Home Inventory

Updated BlackBerry Software: Poynt, WorldMate Live, Full Screen Caller PictureID, VZ Navigator, Wordcaster

Free BlackBerry Software: Google Android Theme

Cool Stuff: The Hockey News Mobile, GameFly Mobile, Yahoo! Fantasy Football Mobile Beta

New BlackBerry Software

SBSH WafeWallet ProSBSH SafeWallet Pro

SBSH Mobile Software has announced SafeWallet Pro for the BlackBerry. It's a secure storage app that is designed to help you manage all of your private information in one place. There is also a companion PC software that will keep your information synched. The app uses 256-bit AES encryption, which also happens to be the standard used by the U.S. government. If you're looking for a trusted, secure app to keep highly confidential information safe, you should give this one a looksee.

Get SBSH SafeWallet Pro for $24.95 at >

Platypus for the BlackBerryPlatypus

Ah, does anyone recognize this game from somewhere? I did right away. The folks at Astraware have released the arcade shooter Platypus for the BlackBerry. The game is kind of cool in that all of the illustration and graphics makes everything look like clay. Your ship is made from clay, the enemies, everything! Only bad news is it has to be one of the most expensive games for the BlackBerry I've ever seen. It clocks in at $19.99. Wow!

To learn more or pick up a copy, head on over to Astraware >

Business Professional RingtonesBusiness Professional Ringtones

Searching for a new suite of ringtones and sounds for your Berry? Business Professional Ringtones is just that, and was designed for the working professional. All ringtones and notification sounds were professionally produced and sound great. There are over 200 ringtones and notification sounds in this suite. There are no voices, music, or any 'un-professional' sounds here. This is business class!

Pick up Business Professional Ringtones at for $17.95 >

Contact Hero for BlackBerryContact Hero

Contact Hero is a new contact manager for the BlackBerry. It's an ideal tool if you want to improve productivity, build contacts and relationship... and do better business! Manage your contacts and reminders all in one place so that you never forget important calls. Collect, merge and organize all of your contacts form Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! and more... it takes your contacts from wherever you have them, and merges them in one mobile location... On your Berry. This app is a subscription-based product, but well worth it if you have a ton of contacts and make a lot of calls during a typical work day.

Get Contact Hero for $9.99/mth at >

South Park ImaginationlandSouth Park Imaginationland

South Park fans have a new reason to be excited. A new game, South Park Imaginationland has landed for the BlackBerry. This is kind of a risky title for the business-minded, some would say 'conservative' BlackBerry... But what do I know!? The game features the usual cast of characters and is actually quite fun. If you're a fan of the show you'll probably get a kick out of it.

You can pick it up for $9.99 at Handmark >

Star Home InventoryStar Home Inventory

Star Home Inventory is an awesome tool that helps you manage, um, inventories! It's a great thing to have for any home or business. For home, keep an inventory for insurance purposes. For business, keep an updated inventory to see at-a-glance supplies you may need, or the value of items on the premises. Add any number of details or categories. The interface is simple, and adding details and items is a breeze. Tons of features are available in this bad boy, too many to list.

Buy Star Home Inventory for $9.99 at >


Updated BlackBerry Software

Poynt Adds Bold SupportPoynt Now Supports the Bold

Poynt is a free local search service that connects you to businesses, services, retailers and even movie theatres right when you need them. It's pretty darn popular. I received a note from them earlier in the week that a new version is now available for the BlackBerry Bold. So, you early adopters of the Bold can now get your lucky paws on a free copy of Poynt!

To get the latest version of Poynt for your Berry, head over to

WorldMate Live UpdatesWorldMate Live Updates

WorldMate has announced new updates to the WorldMate Live app. The app now has a new look and feel, and significant advancements have been made in usability for the web and mobile app. There's a new home screen featuring a contextrual dashboard bases on the users' travel behaviour... There's a new 'carousel' display and navigation options for all of WorldMate Live's services.

You can pick up WorldMate Live at for $99.95/year >

Full Screen Caller PictureID 1.3Full Screen Caller PictureID 1.3

Full Screen Caller PictureID is a full-screen picture caller ID and ringtone manager app. Easily identify incoming calls with large pictures and custom ringtones. You can even assign a custom image for callers that do not have caller ID info, or for blocked callers. The app can also display the caller's city location using the North American area code database.

Get Full Screen Caller PictureID for $14.95 at >

VZ Navigator 4.1VZ Navigator 4.1

Verizon Wireless subscribers... heads up! A new version of vznavigator has been released for their BlackBerry users. The new version is enhanced with traffic details. Plus, there are now 3D maps and navigation messages.. If you've been waiting for this killer new version, the wait is over!

To pick up this latest version head over to on your Berry and click on the VZ Nav icon.

WordcasterWordcaster 3.42

Connect adjacent letters on the board and spell words in this easy-to-play game for the BlackBerry. Keep the red hot tiles from hitting the ground, because if you don't... you'll be in trouble! Certain tiles have special powers to help you stay alive. The game keeps a high scores list and you can also save your game to continue on when you have an extra minute or two.

Buy Wordcaster for $9.99 at >

Free BlackBerry Software

Google Android ThemeFree Google Android Theme for the Curve

With the new Google Android OS lurking about in the wild, I suppose it was only a matter of time before Android themes started popping up. Here's the first. It's a very clean and easy to understand theme as you can see from the screenshot.

If you'd like to give it a go, you can pick it up for free. Visit this thread at themes4bb to find the OTA download link.

Cool Stuff

The Hockey News MobileThe Hockey News Mobile

With the hockey season fast approaching, The Hockey News has launched a new mobile website. It features blogs, news, scores, stats... pretty much everything the hockey fan needs to stay on top of hockey news.

It's free of charge of course, simply hit up

GameFly MobileGameFly Mobile

GameFly has launched a new mobiel site. The new site has addressed a lot of bugs that were clearly apparent in the last version. The site lets you add titles or make changes to your GameQ. You can browse new releases, buy games, get the latest cheats, codes, faq's and more.

To check it out head on over to from your BlackBerry.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football Mobile BetaYahoo! Fantasy Football Mobile Beta

Yahoo! has launched a mobile fantasy football portal for their free (mostly) fantasy football service. If you're big into fantasy football, this is one you'll want to punch up for sure. Some of the features in this mobile version are limited, but it still has quite a lot of info on teams, news, analysis and more.

Punch it up at on your Berry.

Until Next Week..

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