BlackBerry Software Roundup

Everyone have a good week? We're getting some nice weather up here in Winterpeg (Winnipeg), so I think all of us up here are trying to enjoy the weather while we can... in the midst of all the Storm and Javelin madness! This week I've got the following titles for you:

New BlackBerry Software: Civilization IV, mySchedule NHL 2008, New Themes, LightOn, FUZE, 5 Minute Outliner, TellMe Sports Scores Service

Updated BlackBerry Software: Google Maps, eOffice 4.5, Rove Mobile Admin 4.1, MyMileageGenie 1.03

Free BlackBerry Software: BBSportsLines

Cool Stuff: CNN Mobile, Weight Watchers Mobile

New BlackBerry Software

Civ IV for BlackBerryCivilization IV: War of Two Cities

Are you kidding me? Civ for the Berry? Awesome! I think I've played every Civilization game ever created (Ok, I'm a geek I admit it). And frankly, I can't believe they have a version available for the Berry. In Civ IV: War of Two Cities, your goal is to focus on a single city of a civilization and help them triumph in battles against other ciites. A different concept from the other games for sure. Game play is easy, and from all reports I've read, if you love the Civ games, you might not want to put this one down.

Get Civilization IV: War of Two Cities at for $14.99 >

myScheduleNHL 2008 for BlackBerrymySchedule NHL 2008

The 2008-2009 NHL Season is fast approaching. What better way to get prepped, or to help you out in your fantasy pool than with mySchedule NHL 2008. The app is the ultimate scheduler for the upcoming season. View all 30 teams schedules, rosters and stats. You can even use it to export your favorite team schedule to your calendar. In a nutshell, it's jam packed full of everything you'll need to know about the schedule, the teams and the players for the new season.

Buy mySchedule NHL 2008 for $6.95 at >

BlackBerry ThemesTons of New Themes

As usual, lots of new themes in the store this week! We've got themes for the 8300, 8800, 8700 and even the 9000 series. Like most weeks, there are simply too many to list here. To browse our themes, go ahead and click here to see if there's one that suits you!

Browse all Themes at >

LightOn for BlackBerryLightOn

LightOn is a neat little tool that helps you turn on your backlight automatically, when you need it. To use it, simply open the app and name the apps where you want the backlight to turn on by default. Set the brightness manually or set it to automatic. This is handy if you find there's one app in particular that you always need the backlight for.

Get LightOn for $9.00 at >

FUZE for BlackBerryFUZE

CallWave has introduced a new collaboration and conferencing service. It's in beta, and is a hosted service that can be accessed from your Berry. It lets you setup meetings anytime and anywhere! FUZE provides synchronized high-definition video and high quality audio conferencing, PLUS a secure instant messaging service. It also incorporates local and international internet calling and a unique 'fetch' feature that lets the FUZE moderator bring new attendees into meetings on-the-fly. This looks really promising.

For more info, head on over to

You can try it free for 14 days here:

5 Minute Outliner5 Minute Outliner

5 Minute Outliner helps you create tasks, shopping lists, projects or brainstorming projects. It's useful for anyone that needs more organization in their life. Create outlines with desktop software and import them to your Berry. What makes this outliner different from the others? Well, it has a unique GOTO feature that lets you jump from one node to another anywhere in the outline. There are also a few added features like showing the entire path from the root, overall parents to the current node... and more.

To check it out for yourself head on over to

Thanks to John for sending this one in.

TellMe Sports Scores ServiceTellMe Sports Scores Service

Tellme has launched a new sports app that lets users speak the name of their sports team into the Berry... and see up-to-the minute scores. Cool! Stuck at work, or out and about and need to know the score in the Broncos game? Push one button, say 'sports' and then 'Broncos' and get the latest scores on your screen. This is a free service, and is available for download at

Very cool!


Updated BlackBerry Software

Google Maps for BlackBerryGoogle Maps

Yes, Google Maps has been updated again. Seems like there's an update every week doesn't it? In the update there are some new cool features along with the usual bug fixes and tweaks. Most notably is a 'street view'. Wonder if the restaurant in your search is the one you're thinking of? Click 'street view' to check out the storefront. Not sure about directions? Take a look at the 'street view' to view the street and make the right turn. This is an awesome new feature that you'll definitely want to play around with! You can launch street view for any address where there is photography available. Cool stuff!

Get the new Google Maps OTA at

eOffice for BlackBerryeOffice 4.5

Quickoffice has launched its newest BlackBerry office suite, namely eOffice 4.5. eOffice now has an improved user interface and lets you access and view Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents. Full editing capabilities are available for Word and Excel documents. Modify documents on the road, or wherever the heck you are with eOffice!

Pick up eOffice 4.5 for $29.95 at >

Rove Mobile Admin for BlackBerryRove Mobile Admin 4.1

Rove has launched a new version of Mobile Admin. Version 4.1 incorporates mobile SSH, providing full UNIX connectivity via SSH or telnet... AND of Mobile Desktop, which allows admins to view their Windows setup exactly as it appears on their computer. This latest version is a big step, and will certainly increase the productivity of IT departments around the world.

For more information on Mobile Admin 4.1, click here.

MyMileageGenie for BlackBerryMyMileageGenie 1.03

Mobile Professionals, check this one out! MyMileageGenie is an ideal tool if you use your personal auto for business. It makes tracking expenses a piece of cake, and even helps you complete your expense reports. If you've got a GPS-enabled Berry, MyMileageGenie takes advantage of it, and tracks your travels automatically. Simply 'punch in' at the beginning of your day, and 'punch out' at the end, and MyMileageGenie does the rest. There are tons of handy features in this app... too many to list, so you'll just have to check it out for yourself :)

Get MyMileageGenie for $59.95 at >

Free BlackBerry Software

BBSportsLines for BlackBerryBBSportsLines

Do a little betting on your local sports team? (Go local sports team!) If you do, you will probably want to check out this free app available at Called BBSportsLines. BBSportsLines gives you betting odds for your favorite teams on upcoming games. With it, you can get up-to-date info on games, anytime and anywhere. It's certainly worth a look.

Get BBSportsLines for FREE at >

Cool Stuff

CNN MobileCNN Mobile

I might have reported on this one before, but I recently installed it on my Berry, and I'm in love with it again. If you find yourself wanting to check the news from time to time, CNN Mobile is a great little tool that will help you with that. The app installs a simple home screen shortcut on your Berry. Click it, and you're taken to the latest news headlines at CNN. Handy stuff. To get started, go to from your Berry's web browser. Setup is easy.

Weight Watchers MobileWeight Watchers Mobile

Are you a member of Weight Watchers? If you are, there's a new mobile site for members only. You can login and check out your Weight Watchers Online and eTools info. View summaries of daily points values used, points values for certain foods and activities... and a whole lot more. Kinda cool if you're on the program.

Check it out at

Until Next Week..

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