BlackBerry Software Roundup

All kinds of new titles available at this week. Tons of new themes as well, make sure you check those out here. Covered this week in the BlackBerry Software Roundup are:

New BlackBerry Software: e-Mobile Weather, Reversi, SaveNumberAs, Log2File, MobileGlobe

Updated BlackBerry Software: AudioBay Podcast Player 4.0, BBText2IM SMS Instant Messenger 1.03, PeeKaWho 1.14, EasyTip 2.1.0, MileageManager 3.1, LightOn 1.2.6

Free BlackBerry Software: TheStreet Mobile

Cool Stuff: The Hockey News Mobile App

New BlackBerry Software

e-Mobile Weather for BlackBerrye-Mobile Weather

Get comprehensive and up-to-the-minute weather information directly from your BlackBerry. e-Mobile Weather features daily and 4-day forecasts, weather trend charts, radar images and is highly customizable. If you need to know the weather while on the go, this is the app for you!

Get e-Mobile Weather for $16.95 at >

Reversi for BlackBerryReversi

Enjoy hours of entertainment with a classic game of Reversi on your BlackBerry. This strategy game features an 8x8 grid. Your goal is to make your own color pieces take up the majority of spaces on the board. Do so by turning your opponents pieces over by 'sandwiching' them in between your own color pieces. Surround or 'sandwich' your opponents color, and they turn to your color! Play against a friend or a computer opponent in this fun and easy to play strategy game.

Buy Reversi for $3.99 at >

SaveNumberAs for BlackBerrySaveNumberAs

SaveNumberAs adds a simple yet powerful and handy feature to your BlackBerry... instantly add new contacts and their phone number to your address book! Normally when you receive a call you don't have in your contacts, you have to select it from the call log, click menu and then click 'add to contacts'. On top of that, the number is usually set as the 'work number', and you have to go in and edit that. SaveNumberAs takes care of all of this. The app adds its own menu item to the call log named 'Save Number As...' Cool!

Pick up SaveNumberAs for $2.95 at >

Log2File for BlackBerryLog2File

Need to export your phone or mail log to a csv file? Log2File can help. Export your phone or email to a log, with numerous options. In the phone export, you can choose to export name, phone number, address type, date and duration data. For a mail export you can choose to export subject, date, from, to, cc and type data. This one requires OS 4.2 or later.

Get Log2File for $6.99 at >

MobileGlobe for BlackBerryMobileGlobe

With MobileGlobe you can turn international calls into local calls! This isn't a calling card or anything like that. Simply make calls as you normally would, and MobileGlobe will save you between 30 to 90%! This is worth checking out if you make a lot of outgoing international calls... or make a lot of outgoing calls from international locations.

Purchase MobileGlobe for $13.00 at >


Updated BlackBerry Software

AudioBay Podcast Player for BlackBerryAudioBay Podcast Player 4.0

AudioBay Podcast Player makes it real easy for you to find, download and listen to your favorite podcasts. The app features a podcast directory, a powerful podcast search, automatic updates, an integrated podcast player and a whole lot more. Make sure you have a memory card before you pick this one up, as it is required.

Pick up AudioBay Podcast Player from for $14.95 >

BBText2IM SMS Instant MessengerBBText2IM SMS Instant Messenger 1.03

With BBText2IM you can hold an SMS instant messaging conversation. Plus, you can save conversations by emailing them to yourself or others! The app has been tested and should run find on OS 4.1, 4.2 and 4.5. A free trial of this software is also available, so give it a go, and if you like it... Pick it up!

Buy BBText2IM SMS Instant Messenger for $9.99 at >

PeeKaWho for BlackBerryPeeKaWho 1.14

If you've ever wished your BlackBerry had an email notifier group popup like the ones in MS Outlook, Gtalk, or Growl on the Mac... you're in luck. PeeKaWho gives you information on incoming emails super-fast. With this productivity tool you can see who is emailing you, with a brief bit of the body message available while drafting another email or using most other apps on your Berry. Don't want to miss an important email? PeeKaWho will make sure you're notified the instant the email arrives.

Get PeeKaWho for $6.95 at >

EasyTip for BlackBerryEasyTip 2.1.0

EasyTip is the latest and greatest tip calculator for your BlackBerry. Simple to use (and cheap), this app will help you out when it comes time to foot the bill. You can calculate tips, taxes, and even divide them per person in your party. Handy if you go out for dinner a lot!

Pick up EasyTip for only $3.49 at >

Mileage Manager for BlackBerryMileageManager 3.1

MileageManager keeps track of your business and personal trips. Use it to calculate amounts owed to you based on reimbursement rates and odometer readings. You can export records in either HTML or CSV. The software lets you select many data categories including Date, Odometer Start, Odometer Finish, Distance, Reimbursement Rate, and more.

Get MileageManager for $9.50 at >

txtForward for BlackBerrytxtForward 1.1

txtForward 1.1 now enables BlackBerry users to automatically send outbound SMS messages to an email address. The new feature enables users to archive outgoing SMS messages as well as their incoming messages as previously available.

txtForward was announced back in July to give Berry users the ability to automatically forward their text messages to any email address they specify. The software is useful when changing to a new phone, enabling the user to avoid missing messages during the transition.

Buy txtForward at for $7.95 >

LightOn for BlackBerryLightOn 1.2.6

LightOn is a little utility that lets you control the backlight on your Berry. Add an application name to LightOn and adjust the settings. You can have the backlight go on for any app of your choice, and you can also set the brightness level. The latest version now includes a built-in 'flashlight' function. If you're ever stuck in the dark without a light... But you have your Berry at your side... This will come in handy!

Get LightOn for $9.00 at >

Free BlackBerry Software MobileTheStreet Mobile has announced that they are going to provide BlackBerry users with free access to stock news, advice and quotes all from Direct from your BlackBerry. Get easily categorized content, personalized stock watch lists, quotes for the major indexes, home screen notifications and a whole lot more. If you need to stay up-to-the-second on financial and stock news, this could be your answer.

To download the new app for free, head on over to from your BlackBerry.

Cool Stuff

The Hockey News Mobile AppThe Hockey News Mobile App

Last week i reported on the Hockey News mobile site. This week I'd like to touch on a new app they have released. The Hockey News Mobile is an app htat provides all the hockey info you can handle while you're on-the-go. Get the latest blogs, columns, scores, features and more wherever you are. the app pushes new stories to your Berry all the time, so there's no need to stop and download new stuff. The app does it all for you.

You can get it for free at Check it out!

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