BlackBerry Software Roundup

A lot of good new and updated apps this week in the Roundup. While more major announcements like Gmail for Mobile 2.0 have dropped, I've picked up on some titles you might not have heard of in the news this past week. Covered this week we've got the following:

New BlackBerry Software: Contact Hero, TeeDroid Caddy, TunesSync, Invaders!, tiggit mail

Updated BlackBerry Software: BBSmart Shortcuts v1.5, Alien Assault v2.2.3, BatteryBooster v1.2.0, Profiler v1.2, Agendus v1.01

Free BlackBerry Software: Didiom Beta

Cool Stuff: Next2Friends, SPG Mobile

New BlackBerry Software

Contact Hero for BlackBerryContact Hero

With Contact Hero you can collect and organize all of your important contacts in one place. The app is great for sales people, or anyone that has a ton of contacts. Grab contacts from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! mail and more.... and you can do it direct from your web browser or Berry. Identify your contacts with any number of colorful icons and flags. Use the icons to help organize your contacts. Schedule email messages to go out to any of your contacts at any time in the future... and the list of features goes on Another cool thing about Contact Hero, is a percentage of all sales go to benefit the Alliance for Climate Protection.

For more information or to get on a Free 30 Day Trial, visit

TeeDroid Caddy for BlackBerryTeeDroid Caddy

Yes, I know I mentioned this one last week, but I want to make sure all of the golfers out there check it out! TeeDroid is a brand new mobile golf app that is sure to improve your game. With it you can search for courses near your current location by city/state/country. Once you find your course, just click the course and it downloads to your Berry in seconds! You can track all of the stats you could ever want to keep track of as well... Fairways, average drive and long drive, greens, putts... You get the idea. One of the features I love the most is the online view of your round. It's similar to the Shot Tracker on Basically once you've completed your round, you can take a look at your score, and go hole-by-hole, viewing where all of your shots went, with a description of each shot. You can preview this feature here.

TeeDroid is the most powerful golf yardage/tracking/game improvement tool I've seen to date for the BlackBerry. If you don't have the luxury of a tour caddy, this is the next best thing :)

For more information and to get a free trial head on over to

TunesSync for BlackBerryTunesSync

Take your music on the road with you no matter where you go. TunesSync lets you copy your favorite iTunes playlists to your BlackBerry Pearl, Curve or 8800. Formerly known at pearlTunes, it's the first ever tool for the BlackBerry that lets you copy and convert MP3 music from Apple's iTunes to your MicroSD memory card. If you love your music, you might want to give TunesSync a good look!

Get TunesSync at for only $9.95 >

Invaders! for BlackBerryInvaders!

Woohoo! Another classic game to hit the BlackBerry. Invaders! is, you guessed it.. the classic game of Space Invaders for your BlackBerry. The game is incredibly easy to play, is packed with many many levels, and will keep you busy for a long time coming. All that is required is OS 4.1 or newer. Shoot down the aliens before they touch down!

Pick up Invaders! at for only $3.99 >

tiggit mail for BlackBerrytiggit mail

tiggit mail is a completely independent email client that lets you access your mail without a BlackBerry tariff. Access your private email from your corporate Berry, keeping it seperate from your corporate mail. If you need to access your private email on your corporate Berry, tiggit mail is your answer. tiggit is designed to work with Gmail and Yahoo! Mail... and even hotmail. You can get on a 7-day free trial if you like as well!

Get tiggit mail at for $30.00 >

Updated BlackBerry Software

BBSmartShortcuts for BlackBerryBBSmart Shortcuts v1.5

BBSmart Shortcuts is a productivity app that puts your favorite shortcuts at your fingertips. Create shortcuts to native apps, third party apps, websites, and common tasks. Set BBSmart to run from a convenience key on your Berry, and you'll wonder how you ever did without it. Speed up your day, get to the apps and functions you need fast... Best of all, it's simple and very easy to use. Try it and you might get hooked.

Get BBSmart Shorcuts at for only $8.95 >

Alien Assault for BlackBerryAlien Assault v2.2.3

To go along with Invaders! this week, I've got Alien Assault v.2.2.3. Use the cannon at the bottom of the screen to destroy alien ships heading towards your cities. Get points by shooting down the ships and completing levels. If you're looking for another fun, classic arcade game then Alien Assault is a great pick.

Pick up Alien Assault for only $9.99 at >

BatteryBooster for BlackBerryBatteryBooster v1.2.0

Need to squeeze a little more power out of your Battery? BatteryBooster helps you extend your current battery's runtime. No new hardware is necessary... All you need to do is install and the app does the rest. If you want to save some money instead of buying a new battery or extended life battery, BatteryBooster will help you get the most out of the battery that you've got!

Get BatteryBooster for $9.99 at >

Profiler for BlackBerryProfiler v1.2

Profiler makes switching profiles on your Berry very easy. You can schedule it to switch profiles automatically during the day, and it even integrates with your calendar app. It supports 16 scheduled profiles, and you can set a start and end time for each profile. All that is required is OS 4.2 or newer, and you've got to be on a 8700 series, 8800 series, 8100 series or 8300 series BlackBerry.

Pick up Profiler for only $9.95 at >

Agendus for BlackBerryAgendus v1.01

Agendus ties together all of the most frequently used apps on your BlackBerry so that you can get things done faster and in a more effecient manner. Press fewer buttons, get more done! Customise the app with a number of view options. This lets you tailor the app to how you like it best. The app is plug and play. Install and you're off to the races. There are many more features built into this powerful app, so check it out for yourself to find out more! Agendus is supported on the new Bold and Kickstart as well, which is kinda cool :)

Buy Agendus at for $19.95 >

Free BlackBerry Software

Didiom Beta for BlackBerryDidiom Beta

Didiom is a mobile media service provider and app that is the first to integrate mobile music placeshifting and a pay-per-download full-track service. This gives you access to over 1 million DRM-free MP3 songs. Wow. Stream your entire digital music library including your iTunes library and WMA tracks from your computer! Didiom is free to download. While the app is free, if you want to purchase music via Didiom the prices start at 89¢ for a single track and $9.99 for an entire album. There's also a cool 'adaptive bargaining' feature that lets you bid for music at the price you want to pay. Before you start using didiom, make sure you are running an unlimited data plan so that you won't have to worry about extra data charges.

For more info and to download visit

Cool Stuff

Next2Friends for BlackBerryNext2Friends Live Mobile Streaming Video fro BlackBerry

Next2Friends is a mobile social media platform that delivers content and connections to entertain and enhance your life! It provides rich media, commercial and communication services to you on-the-go. Use it to:

  • Get real-time video streaming from your Berry to the web
  • Gather opinions and make decisions while you're out and about
  • Stream images captured from your Berry
  • Match up virtual profiles of others near you no matter where you happen to be

To check it out and sign up for yourself, head on over to

SPG.comSPG Mobile

Starwood Hotels has a new mobile site for Starwood Preferred Guest members. The new site has all the functionality of the Starwood Preferred Guest website and lets you book reservations, contact customer care, and manage your reservations. If you're a business traveller and stay at a lot of Starwood Hotels, this mobile site could very much come in handy. To access it from your Berry go to To check it out from your computer, you can head to

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