BlackBerry Software Roundup

Another week has come and gone in the BlackBerry World, and as per usual lots of new, updated, free and cool apps have popped up for us. I've got the usual batch of software for you to check out this week. Covered in the roundup this time around are:

New BlackBerry Software: Revival Deluxe, Astrasync, TeeDroid Caddy, New Themes, FollowUp!

Updated BlackBerry Software: IM+ for Skype v3.3.1, mySchedule NHL 2008 v1.1, PBA Bowling v1.0.10, Aces Solitaire Pack v.1.0.10

Free BlackBerry Software: BBSportsLines

Cool Stuff: Trapster,

New BlackBerry Software

Revival Deluxe for BlackBerryRevival Deluxe

Looking for a Civilization style game that will take you more than 1 sitting to finish? Revival Deluxe is a huge game that features lots of action. In it, you create the history of your world! Create empires and states, explore new lands and create cities and towns... It's all up to you. You can choose from one of 10 planets, and 34 continents to play your game. There's also 27 types of terrain. Built-in are optional scenarios that are comprised of 9 main missions and 40 intermediate ones. This is a bulky game (in a good way) that will keep you busy for days and days... and days.

Pick up Revival Deluxe at for $16.96 >

AstraSync for BlackBerryAstraSync

AstraSync has finally been released. It's a Microsoft ActiveSync client for your BlackBerry. It will sync your email, calendar and contacts all OTA. It supports Exchange ActiveSync, Exchange DirectPush and secure https connections. You can download the app OTA, and a 7-day free trial is also available. If you want to pick it up after the trial, you'll need to subscribe for $49 per year. Not bad.

For more info go to

TeeDroid for BlackBerryTeeDroid Caddy

Even though the golf season is coming to an end in most parts up here in Canada, that hasn't stopped TeeDroid Inc. from announcing TeeDroid Caddy. It's a golf caddying ap for the Curve, Pearl, 8800 and 9000 series that provides on-course distances. With it, you can also track your golf game by keeping detailed scores and stats about your round. The app has a 10-day free trial... and if you like it you can subscribe for $19.95 per year.

For more information, hit up

More BlackBerry ThemesThemes, Themes, THEMES!

This week has been no exception on the theme front. TONS of new themes are available in our store on top of the usual best-sellers. If you're tired of the look of your Berry, why not try out a new theme to spruce things up a bit?

Browse all themes available at >

FFollowUp! for BlackBerryollowUp!

FollowUp is a small app that makes setting up ToDos simple. With it, you will never forget to reply or catchup with missed emails and phone calls... Especially if you use the Outlook follow-up feature. Create ToDos with one click and FollowUp! will fill in the details for you. It can even set the due date for you. It's fully integrated with your Berry's email and phone app, so it works seamlessly. If you need an app that makes creating ToDos amazingly quick and easy, give FollowUp! a try.

Get FollowUp! for $3.95 at >

Updated BlackBerry Software

IM+ for Skype for BlackBerryIM+ for Skype v3.3.1

One of the more popular apps in our store, IM+ for Skype has been updated to version 3.3.1. The app is a mobile application that lets you voice and text other Skype users all over the world. It provides cost-effective calling to landlines and mobiles. The app works worldwide on any 3G/GSM/CDMA network and is not dependent on WiFi zones. Sound quality on calls is clear, and there are no delays on long distance calls!

Get IM+ for Skype at for $29.95 >

mySchedule NHL 2008 for BlackBerrymySchedule NHL 2008 v1.1

The NHL season is now underway, so I thought it would be appropriate to include mySchedule NHL 2008 in this weeks roundup. It includes all 30 teams regular schedules, rosters and stats. You can also select your Time Zone and enable a special Game Day feature. You can export your teams' schedule to your calendar to make sure you don't miss the big game! A must have for any hockey fan.

Get mySchedule NHL 2008 for $6.95 at >

PBA Bowling for BlackBerryPBA Bowling v1.0.10

Woohoo! Bowling! The best bowling game for the BlackBerry has been updated to a new version. Take to the lanes with realistic bowling balls and lane conditions in a full 3D environment. You can also challenge the best of the best on the PBA tour. Take on the top pros and see if you can beat them! Unlock special features as you play, set your spin, speed and aim and go for the perfect game!

Pick up PBA Bowling for $14.99 at >

Aces Solitaire for BlackBerryAces Solitaire Pack v.1.0.10

Solitaire addicts, one of the best Solitaire suites has been updated for the BlackBerry. Aces Solitaire Pack has gone to version 1.0.10. It's a fully featured, customizable solitaire game that is sure to kill those idle minutes when you have some downtime. The app includes 15 different solitaire games, with options that give you over 1,500 variations. You can customize the cards, backgrounds, cards to draw, and a heck of a lot more. Basically you can customize it to your hearts' content.

Get Aces Solitaire Pack for $14.99 at >

Free BlackBerry Software

BBSportsLines for BlackBerryBBSportsLines

BBSportsLines is a free app available in our store that gives you instant access to odds on all sorts of sporting events. Check odds for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, nascar and more. The interface is clean and simple, and odds are updated every hour. A number of bug fixes and enhancements have actually been made to this app since it was last included in the roundup, so you may want to update if you already have it installed.

Get BBSportsLines for FREE at >

Cool Stuff

Trapster for BlackBerryTrapster

Trapster was previously available as a Beta, and was quite buggy on the BlackBerry. Now, the full version has gone live and it seems to work a heck of a lot better than before. It's a simple and easy-to-use app that alerts you about speed traps and traffic cameras. In order to work properly, the app depends on users contributions on location of speed traps and cameras. As people input new data, the app is updated and will let you know if you are approaching an area where you should probably slow down. If you try it out, let me know if you have any issues with this one, and what device you're running.

Get it at is the mobile version of It gives you free access to all kinds of information. It maps traffic patterns, shows routes with delays and incident reports, and much more. A handy little site to have in your bookmarks if you find yourself needing traffic reports for that slow drive home from the office.

To check it out visit from your Berry.

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