BlackBerry Software Roundup

Whooooeeee! How about all of the Storm news this past week!? Seems like with each passing day there's more and more info on the device, from manuals, to pre-order info and more. Along those lines I'm noticing that we're slowly getting more and more apps into our store compatible with the 9000 series. So, when you finally 'crack' and pick up your Storm, we'll have software titles waiting here for you!

Note: For more info on the Storm, visit our BlackBerry Storm 9530 and 9500 Super Page

New BlackBerry Software: FlyCast for BlackBerry, Mobile Checkbook, Star Contacts, Time Logger

Updated BlackBerry Software: Total Fitness for BlackBerry, SendAFix, NotNow, FakeCall, Time Logger

Free BlackBerry Software: Breast Cancer Awareness Theme, Website Launcher

Cool Stuff: VibAndRing, MobileDead

New BlackBerry Software

FlyCast for BlackBerryFlyCast for BlackBerry

FlyCast is a killer app that features over 1,000 channels of music, entertainment, news and more all for your listening pleasure. The audio feeds are streamed directly to your Berry... and the best part it... it's FREE! The interface is dead simple, once you install and give it a try, everything is fairly self-explanitory. FlyCast is available for the Bold, Storm and Curve. Pearl users will have to hold on, unfortunately there is no version for the good 'ol Pearl just yet.

You can read an excellent overview of FlyCast for the BlackBerry here. Or go ahead and check it out at for more info and download instructions (an OTA download link is available).

Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerryMobile Checkbook for BlackBerry

Have issues keeping track of your bank account balances? If so, you might want to give Mobile Checkbook a try! This app lets you record transactions as they happen. It's a powerful way to stay current with your accounts. Record expenses as you're shopping, at a restaurant, or wherever you make a purchase. View past transaction details such as date, time, payee, memo and check number. Two versions (for different Berry devices) of this app are now in our store. Both are available for $12.95 at!

Star ContactsStar Contacts

Star Contacts is the most comprehensive address and contact management app available for the BlackBerry. You can store Home, Business and Personal information for all of your contacts. Organize them into groups, search your contacts and more. Using the app is straightforward, making it easy to edit, view and delete any sort of contact details you want. If you're searching for a powerful contact management solution, Star Contacts might be it.

Buy Star Contacts for $9.99 at >

Time LoggerTime Logger

Need help keeping track of your time for billing, invoicing or any other purpose? Time Logger can help. It's an easy to use punch-clock app that lets you keep track of the time spent on projects, jobs or anything you can think of that needs to be time-tracked! You can use an unlimited number of timers, assign multiple projects per client, pause timers at any time, and even have the app calculate fees from a project's hourly rate.

Get Time Logger for $17.95 at >

Updated BlackBerry Software

Total FitnessTotal Fitness for BlackBerry

Total Fitness is a great tool to help you manage your nutrition, exercise and general overall health. It features a database of over 5000 food items, containing all nutritional info including calories and fat. Use powerful graphs to track your progress towards goals. Establish weight-loss programs, track your exercise routines, keep detailed logs and a WHOLE lot more! Total Fitness for BlackBerry is an extremely powerful companion that will help you reach and exceed all of your fitness and health goals!

Pick up Total Fitness for BlackBerry for $29.99 at >


SendAFix lets you request your location via email or SMS. It's an easy way to send your location to friends and family, allowing them to see where you are on their PC or mobile device. SendAFix uses GPS if available, and if not, will use cell towers to calculate your location. A cool feature of this app is you can either send your location, or have other users request your location. When a request for your location is received, you'll be notified and given the option to allow or deny. As an aside, a cool alternate use for this app? To recover a lost or stolen Berry!

Get SendAFix for $9.99 at >

Note: A free trial for 3 days or 30 uses is available.


NotNow lets you ignore incoming calls and send an SMS message back to the caller to let them know you're busy... or any other message for that matter. If you're in a meeting or in a situation where you can't take a call, simply press the ignore button and select the message you want to send back to the caller. It's as easy as that. A new 'do not disturb' feature is also built-in to ignore all incoming calls. NotNow will integrate with your calendar app to enable or disable the 'do not disturb' feature automatically!

Buy NotNow at for only $5.95 >

FakeCall for BlackBerryFakeCall

Ever need a way to get out of that boring meeting or awkward situation? FakeCall gives you that opportunity by simulating incoming phone calls. Make a call happen any time you want. When you accept the call, an active call screen identical to the real screen will display... It looks like you're receiving a call, but you're really not!

Try FakeCall for $9.95 at >

Easy StandByEasy StandBy

Save your Berry's battery life with Easy StandBy. Automatically enter standby mode on idle, and block the keyboard from casual key-presses. Enabling this simple app can save you up to 30-50% on each battery charge! All that is required here is OS 4.2 or higher!

Pick up Easy StandBy for $2.99 at >

Free BlackBerry Software

Breast Cancer Awareness ThemeBreast Cancer Awareness Theme

Want to show your support for breast cancer research and awareness? Get the Breast Cancer Awareness theme from! The theme is absolutely free, and is available for multiple berry devices (sorry, no Bold or Storm compatibility at this time!). To get it for free, click the link below that corresponds to your device!

Note: You'll need OS 4.2 or 4.3 to install these themes. Website Website Launcher

It's been awhile since I've mentioned this one! But it's a must have for any regular visitor/reader/member of! Get the free website launcher, and you will have a shortcut right on your device's homescreen. When you click it, your browser will open up with the mobile version of Cool!

Get the Website Launcher for FREE at >

Cool Stuff


VibAndRing is one of the most popular apps available in our store. Normally your Berry will vibrate, and once the vibration is finished your ringtone will start to play. VibAndRing lets you set the vibration alert and the ringtone alert at the same time. You can also set how long the vibration alert should last. A handy app indeed.

Get VibAndRing for $8.95 at >

Mobile DeadMobileDead

Don't be scared off by the name, you might actually like this one. MobileDead is a new location-based game that is going on in New York City. All you need to do is visit from your Berry and install the game. The app lets you interact with your environment and other users in the area while in NYC. The game has a zombie theme, and depending on where you are in the city, it will show you where you are in proximity to other 'undead' users. Explore your environment to unlock health packs and weapons, or simply meet up with a close zombie for a civilized sit-down zombie lunch :)

Tons of fun! Again, for more info visit

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