BlackBerry Software Roundup

What another great week. Tons of Storm news and videos to lap up, and lots of great new, updated and free stuff to check out in the BlackBerry Software world. Covered this week are:

New BlackBerry Software: Ringtones Deluxe Volume 2, Replay for BES, My Little Tank, Travel Bold Today, Themes, Themes, THEMES!

Updated BlackBerry Software: Google Sync 0.5.9, BerryTunes 2.5.5, MyUtils 2.0.7, Holidays 6.0

Free BlackBerry Software: BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.7, Capture It

Cool Stuff: American Airlines Mobile Boarding Passes, BookMaker Mobile, Kia Soul Mobile Site

New BlackBerry Software

Ringtones Deluxe Volume 2Ringtones Deluxe Volume 2

The latest in the Ringtones Deluxe series, Ringtones Deluxe Volume 2 brings over 200 new, never published before ringtones for your device. The ringtones are all recorded in-studio, and are top-quality... Set these awesome collection of tones to remind you on new email, sms, mms messages and more... Or simply set some of them as your default ringtone. There's tons of ringtones to choose from, so chances are you'll be dipping back into this vault of quality tones for a long time to come before you need more. And hey, if you do you can always use the Ringtones available at! :)

Get Ringtones Deluxe Volume 2 at for $19.99 >

Replay for BlackBerry Enterprise ServerReplay for BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Replay for BES provides copmlete protection, disaster recovery and high availability. Ensuring that your business has all of their Berry's up and online 24/7 is more important than ever. With Replay, you can protect yourself and your business. Replay offers protection against any type of failure, including databases, OS installations, security patches and more. It can even protect more than one BES for Exchange. Other key features built-in allow you to rollback to any point in time, recover and run services from anywhere, and even run a bare metal restore to save you hours and hours of your valuable time. There are simply too many features and benefits provided by replay to list them all here.

To learn more about Replay, head on over to

My Little Tank for BlackBerryMy Little Tank

I love this game. My Little Tank is a fun and action-packed arcade-style blaster game from the folks at Astraware. Try and make your way through 80 levels. Battle enemy tanks, defend your home base and destroy enemy radar stations among other things. As you continue through the game you'll acquire powerups that will make your tank stronger and more powerful. You can customize the look of your tank with one of seven different colors... and you can even go a bit wild and start destroying the scenery if you so wish!

Try My Little Tank at for $9.95 >

Travel Bold Today ThemeTravel Bold Today Theme (for the 9000 series only)

In this new theme for the BlackBerry 9000 series, you'll take the world for a spin, so to speak. If you love to travel and visit places, the Travel Bold Today theme will be perfect for you. The Today screen is animated, and custom icons within the theme have been designed to resemble famous destinations from around the world.

You can get the Travel Bold Today Theme for $7.00 at >

BlackBerry ThemesThemes, Themes, THEMES!

Speaking of themes... We've got a heck of a lot more in-store now! I'd love to touch on them all but there's simply too many to talk about. Each and every day more and more themes are flowing in for the Bold and Storm... and for the 9000 series in general. Seems to me that the quality of these themes are getting better and better... So a thumbs-up to all of the designers that are producing themes for the store!

Browse all themes available at right here >

Updated BlackBerry Software

GoogleSync 0.5.9Google Sync 0.5.9

Google has updated Google Sync. It used to only sync your calendar with your Berry... But now, thanks to this update you can also sync your Gmail contacts with your BlackBerry. All you need to do is check a simple checkbox in the options menu and you're good to go. Super easy. The app will sync all of your major contact fields like first name, last name, email, etc...

You can get the new version of Google Sync at

BerryTunes 2.5.5BerryTunes 2.5.5

BerryTunes has updated to version 2.5.5. This update brings some great new features for us... Probably one of the mose useful is a feature for listening to podcasts. The app will now remember your location in a podcast every 10 seconds so that you don't need to fish-around to find out where you left off. The change log for this update details other updates such as increasing the buffer size for radio, improved connection handling for OS 4.5 and a smattering of other smaller fixes and tweaks.

Get BerryTunes at for $24.99 >

MyUtils 2.0.7MyUtils 2.0.7

This extremely poweful app is a compilation of aBs JMicro's most popular utility titles. All of the utilities included are extremely easy to use. Inside you will find MyClock, Holidays (as I'll touch-on below), MyUnits, MyTip, MyFlashlight, MyExchanges, MyDevice and more. I'm not going to go into detail on each app included in this suite as that would take forever :) MyUtils also apparently supports the latest Berry devices including the Bold, Storm and 8900.

Get MyUtils at for $19.99 >

Holidays 6.0Holidays 6.0

Holidays is a nice little app that keeps you aware of important holidays for your friends, family and co-workers. The world is becoming more and more culturally diverse every day, so why not stay on top of and show a little respect for holidays celebrated by cultures from all over the globe? This app will insert holidays directly into your BlackBerry calendar, and a flag is inserted beside each holiday so you know where it is celebrated. Holidays from 46 countries are included, as well as religious holidays for most major churches. There's also a new date calculator included that will find out what day of the week it will be for a particular date.

Pick up Holidays at for $8.99 >

Free BlackBerry Software

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.7BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.7

RIM has gone ahead and released a new version of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. This time it has gone to 4.7. Exciting (ok, maybe not that exciting). The app is free as always, and I can't find anything particularly new about it... Other than the fact that BlackBerry Storm support has been added. Always good to stay with the latest version at the very least!

You can download Desktop Manager 4.7 over at

Capture It for BlackBerryCapture It

Need a screen capture software for your BlackBerry? If you do, Capture It is the one you want. It's a new app that lets you take screen captures right from your Berry! Screenshots are stored in your device memory or on a memory card. The app works on OS 4.3 and newer, and the app can be assigned to one of your convenience keys. Convenient indeed!

The app is free for now, so I highly suggest you pick it up... might not be free for long.

You can download it OTA at or from this link on your desktop computer. Enjoy!

Cool Stuff

American Airlines Introduces Mobile Boarding PassesAmerican Airlines Introduces Mobile Boarding Passes

This is clearly a picture of things to come, and I love it! American Airlines (on top of having a great mobile site) have launched mobile boarding passes for flights departing from Chicago, Orange County & Los Angeles. When you check-in for the flight, you get the option to send the boarding pass direct to your smartphone... how cool is that!? When you get it, you'll notice the pass looks like one of those crazy new-style barcodes. I assume that the code is easily read when going through security. Kudos to American Airlines for setting the trend in the US on this one!

You can find more details at the American Airlines Website.

BookMaker MobileBookMaker Mobile

BookMaker is the new mobile version of the powerful With it you'll get access to the BookMaker SportsBook and RaceBook, all directly from your BlackBerry. In the mobile version you'll find live betting odds, the ability to place bets and a lot more. I'm not one for betting on sporting events, but if I was I'd have this in my back pocket for sure. To get on BookMaker Mobile you'll need to join their site.

For more information head on over to or check out their mobile site from your device at

Kia Soul Mobile SiteKia Soul Mobile Site

A few days ago, Kia Motors launched the Kia Soul Mobile Site to kick-off and introduce the new vehicle at the LA Auto show. The site was designed to help attendees of the show connect with and grab more info on the brand new offering from Kia. A super idea from Kia, to allow folks at the show to easily get more information on the vehicle while moving around the show floor.

I'm sure we'll see many more sites like this for all different makes and models of cars in the years to come.

To check it out head on over to from your Berry's web browser.

Until Next Week..

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