BlackBerry Software Roundup

There's a Storm a comin'.... The BlackBerry Storm! If you're not excited about the official pricing and launch date of the Verizon BlackBerry Storm , then there might be something wrong with you! :P

Exciting times indeed. Can't wait till I'm posting more Bold and Storm software here for everyone's enjoyment. Until then... Here are the titles I've covered in this weeks' BlackBerry Software Roundup:

New BlackBerry Software: ExSafe, bistroMath, Fortune Cookie, My Due Date Manager, Berry Strip Poker

Updated BlackBerry Software: NextAction! 3.0, Mobiola xPlayer 1.3.1, Profiler 1.3, The Missing Sync Adds Bold Support

Free BlackBerry Software: SitOrSquat Beta, Opera Mini 4.2 Beta, BerrySpeedy

Cool Stuff:, UrbanSpoon Mobile

New BlackBerry Software

ExSafe for BlackBerryExSafe

ExSafe stores your word, excel, powerpoint and plain text documents securely in a cloud... Providing you with instant and shared access to the information from your Berry or your laptop! The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. ExSafe features close integration with Documents To Go, which will let you make edits and save them to the cloud on the go! This is a great app for anyone that needs a secure and reliable way to manage and safeguard important Office documents.

Get ExSafe at for $14.99 (3-month subscription) >

Note: The developer noted to me that there is a potential issue if your BlackBerry is attached to your computer via USB. For some reason it can't access the flash memory to create temp files. If you encounter the issue, unplug your Berry and you should be fine (wanted to give you the heads up here).

bistroMath for BlackBerrybistroMath

Need a tip calculator and bill splitter? With bistroMath, you can easily calculate tip amounts and even split bills up according to the number of people at your table. Enter the bill amount, the number of people, and bistroMath does the rest. There's even a fun roulette option that you can use to see who should pay the bill :) Lots of features packed into this little app. Worth a look.

Pick up bistroMath for $4.95 at >

Fortune Cookie for BlackBerryFortune Cookie

What does your future hold? Find out with Fortune Cookie for BlackBerry! A novelty for sure, this little app is easy, fun and contains a whole bunch of fortunes. Certainly a conversation starter at the very least! You'll need OS 4.1 or newer at the very least to run this fun one.

Get Fortune Cookie for only $1.49 at >

My Due Date Manager for BlackBerryMy Due Date Manager

My Due Date Manager is a powerful due date management application. You can track due dates by month, date, status and more. Identify dues as passed, paid or unpaid. Add as many details as you like to an entry. The interface has been newly designed to speed up data entry and viewing. Ideal for any small to medium business that has a lot of payments to make! Don't miss that payment, get My Due Date Manager!

Pick up My DueDate Manager at for $7.99 >

Berry Strip PokerBerry Strip Poker

Now why do I have a feeling this one will be popular with the guys? If you've ever wanted to play Strip Poker on your Berry, now you can with Berry Strip Poker. The best thing about it is YOU don't have to take off anything, all of the action remains right there on your Berry's screen. The gameplay is fast and exciting, and there are 6 opponents included (1 in the game, 5 available for free download). The game is compatible with the Pearl, Curve and 8800 series devices. A demo is available.

For more info and to purchase or try the demo, click here.

Updated BlackBerry Software

NextAction! for BlackBerryNextAction! 3.0

NextAction! for BlackBerry is the ultimate 'Lets get 'er done' solution for your device. This powerful app lets you bypass the shortcomings of the built-in Task/To-do apps on your Berry. It is 100% compatible with your Tasks app, and works with Outlook, Lotus Notes, ACT!, Novell Groupwise adn more. Basically any app that synchronizes your tasks will work. If you need to get more out of your tasks and to-do's... You might want to give NextAction! a good look.

Get NextAction! at for $49.99 >

Note: A free trial is available.

Mobiola xPlayer for BlackBerryMobiola xPlayer 1.3.1

Mobiola xPlayer is a popular multimedia player that handles all major audio and video formats. Use it to listen to live radio, and even watch full-screen video on-the-go! The app can be used to manage playlists, and can even work in the background so that you can carry on using your Berry as you normally would. There's tons to explore in this powerful app for the Berry. If you have OS 4.2 or higher, you should be good to go on this one.

Get Mobiola xPlayer 1.3.1 for only $19.95 >

Note: A free trial is available.

Profiler for BlackBerryProfiler 1.3

Automate profile switching with Profiler. You can schedule profile switching for any time, and even integrate it with your Calendar app! Profiler supports 16 scheduled profiles, and you can set a start and end time for each profile. This one should work on any Berry starting at the 8700 series and newer, and requires OS 4.2 and higher.

Pick up Profiler for $9.95 at >

The Missing Sync for BlackBerryThe Missing Sync Adds Bold Support

Users of The Missing Sync will be pleased to know that the app now includes full BlackBerry Bold Support. The award-winning software is very popular with BlackBerry users that run a Mac... Use it to easily sync your contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and more... All between your Bold and your Mac! You can get The Missing Sync for BlackBerry for $39.95.

For more info visit

Free BlackBerry Software

SitOrSquat for BlackBerrySitOrSquat Beta

This is for real. Honest! The folks over at SitOrSquat have created a new app for the BlackBerry that uses GPS to find the nearest bathroom.

A surprisingly powerful app, you can use it to find restrooms, post your comments about them, and even post pictures! Hilarious, but oddly usable.

To try SitOrSquat Beta, head on over to

Opera Mini 4.2 BetaOpera Mini 4.2 Beta

Opera has gone ahead and released the latest version of their popular web browser. The latest version of Opera Mini Beta includes a new skin features, performance updates, improved video capability and a whole lot more. If you're a fan of Opera, you will want to download 4.2 to try it out for yourself.

To get it, check out


Want to give your Berry's internet connection a speed test? Now you can with BerrySpeedy! Results with this app have been suspect at best, but give it a shot to see if it works for you. Don't be too surprised if you get some funny numbers.

You can get it OTA at

Cool Stuff

Sears has announced the launch of the new Sears2go mobile commerce website... Just in time for the uber-busy holiday shopping season. Customers can find and buy select merchandise all on the mobile site, any time of day or night. I could see myself using something like this. As a true last-minute shopper, pulling out my Berry and making purchases from my device could be done within minutes. Beats the prospect of heading out to those crowded malls to fight the chaos.

To check it out, text SHOP to 73277 or hit up from your Berry's browser.

Urban SpoonUrbanSpoon Mobile

UrbanSpoon is a mobile guide that makes it easy to find info on your city's newest and most popular restaurants. View restaurants by type of food, area of city, price and more. You'll get easy access to addresses and phone numbers once you find the place you want to try.

To try it out, head over to from your Berry's web browser.

Until Next Week..

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