BlackBerry Software Roundup

A busy week this week in the world of BlackBerry Software. It seemed like each day there were 1 or 2 new titles popping up. That's all good in my books, and with WES inching ever closer, I'd expect the software news to keep rolling in fast and furious. This week I have included the following titles:

New BlackBerry Software: Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator for BlackBerry, Blue Wave Zen Themes, BlackBerry Unite!, MiuTunes BlackBerry Music Player Beta, BubbleMaster Collapse!, Guitar Trainer for BlackBerry

Updated BlackBerry Software: PocketDay Professional 5.3, BBSmart Alarms Pro 1.1, Facebook for BlackBerry, LaunchPads 1.2, New Google Talk - 2.0.46, GeniusConverter 1.1, FastEntry 1.1

Free BlackBerry Software: Free King James Bible, TwitterBerry 0.6

Just for Fun: Xpenser - Expense Management Service, PocketDisney

New BlackBerry Software

Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator for BlackBerryTexas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator for BlackBerry

The first of it's kind, Poker Odds Calculator calculates the odds in real time for you. With it you can compute the odds of up to 8 players, all within 1% accuracy. The app supports unknown hands as well. This is a handy little tool for the Hold'em poker player, for online and offline play. As far as I  know this is the only app of it's kind. Get it while it's hot!

You can pick up your copy of Poker Odds Calculator Pro at ShopCrackBerry for $9.95 >

Blue Wave Zen Themes for BlackBerryBlue Wave Zen Themes

New to are 3 new Zen themes for the 8100, 8300 and 8800 series. The Blue Wave Zen theme is a cool blue theme that will transform the look of your Berry! The theme is available for only $5.89 from Choose your device from the list below to purchase!

MiuTunes BlackBerry Music Player BetaMiuTunes BlackBerry Music Player Beta

Simprit has announced their brand new media player, MiuTunes. The user interface is clean and sexy, and it's darn easy to use too. With MiuTunes you can browse through your media/music by artwork, albums, artist, genre, years and playlists... or just plain explore your media files. Browsing the cover art is remenisscent of the 'cover flow' feature in Mac OS X Leopard. Some other notable features of this wicked app is the ability to add music from a memory card, shuffle and repeat songs, pause for incoming calls, and well, there's much more you'll simply have to find out for yourself.

All beta testers will receive a special discount when the official release of MiuTunes drops... BUT UNFORTUNATELY the Open Beta has been closed due to overwhelming demand. However, you can still get on the Beta if invited by a Current Beta tester. Good Luck!

UPDATE (May 9, 1:05PM CST): Wouldn't you know it... almost as soon as this was posted, the beta was opened and updated again!

To read more about MiuTunes, check out this great post from our very own Bla1ze.

BlackBerry Unite!Bell Launches BlackBerry Unite!

As Kevin reported yesterday, Bell has announced the availability of the new BlackBerry Unite! service... To Canadian BlackBerry subscribers of course! Good news on this one is tha the BlackBerry Unite! software will work for you even if you're on another carrier! I'm not joking! Kevin has already downloaded a copy and is giving it a thorough walk-through as we speak.

From the Bell Execs:

"Bell is happy to introduce BlackBerry Unite! software to Canada, further enhancing the BlackBerry experience for small businesses, families, and friends who wish to stay connected but don't have access to a centralized mail/messaging server...BlackBerry Unite! software extends the proven power and security of the BlackBerry platform in a simplified package that is optimized for small groups of people and easy to install in a home or small office..."

BubbleMaster Collapse!BubbleMaster Collapse!

If you were ever a fan of bust-a-move, columns, or tetris then you're sure to enjoy this ultra-simple game recently added to our selection. BubbleMaster Collapse is a fun and addictive game that forces you to pop as many bubbles as you can by lining them up by color. The more you pop at once, the more points you earn. The game is super easy to play, just grab your blackberry and use your trackball. You can also choose your level of difficulty.

Get a copy of BubbleMaster Collapse for only $1.99 at >

Guitar Trainer for BlackBerryGuitar Trainer for BlackBerry

Guitar Trainer for BlackBerry is an ideal training device for any guitar player. With it, you can do a whole lot of cool things. What are these cool things I can hear you asking? Well how about this:

  • Learn locations of notes on the fretboard of a guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele or mandolin.
  • A built-in game mode gives you a fun and entertaining method of learning as you go.
  • Train your ears as you progress...
  • The software can be setup for left or right handed players.
  • Tune your instrument with your Berry!
  • and much more...

I used to play guitar, and heck if I was still playing I'd without a doubt pick this one up. Brush up on my chords and note knowledge, train my ears, tune my instrument... you gotta be kidding me!

You can pick up a copy of Guitar Trainer for only $4.99 CAD at
. There is also a free demo available.

Updated BlackBerry Software

PocketDay Professional 5.3PocketDay Professional 5.3

PocketDay has been updated with a new version, 5.3. The new version has updated weather services, and users of older PocketDay versions beware... weather services on older versions may not work anymore! (Incentive to upgrade!?) New features that have been added include a plugin for radar images, and an updated tasks and calendar interface.

For a complete list of features, or to pick up your copy for $34.95, visit >

BBSmart Alarms Pro 1.1BBSmart Alarms Pro 1.1

BBSmart Alarms Pro has been updated to version 1.1. With the app you can harness the power of the most powerful multi-alarm application for the BlackBerry today. Set as many alarms as you like, anytime, anywhere. It's quick and easy to use, and looks great as well.

New and Notable Features:

  • Reduced package size
  • Keyboard shortcuts for creating quick (Q) and regular (R) alarms
  • New minimize option
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Create as many alarms as you want
  • Choose from the built-in alarm sounds, or choose your own MP3's
  • Set custom snooze times

Get your copy of BBSmart Alarms Pro 1.1 from for only $15.00 >

Facebook for BlackBerryFacebook for BlackBerry Update

A small update for the Facebook BlackBerry application is available. In the new update, there is apparently only one small update. From the email notification we received:

  • The "View Status Updates" feature no longer contains "is".

Cool... I think :) If that issue was really getting to you, you can go ahead and download the latest version of Facebook for BlackBerry by visiting this link.

LaunchPads 1.2LaunchPads 1.2

Now this is a handy little app. LaunchPads allows you to launch your choice of multiple applications using the side-key. With it, you can choose to launch contacts, tasks, notes, camera, browser or calendar. To set up the app all you need to do is assign one of the side-keys to the LaunchPads program. From then on in, when you click the specified side-key, you'll get a pop-up list of applications to launch. Choose the app you want to launch, and voila you're there. Cool beans. In this latest version numerous bugs have been fixed, the ability to launch the browser has been added, and you can also now remove buttons from the launcher if you so wish.

Grab your copy of LaunchPads 1.2 at ShopCrackBerry for only $4.00 >


Google Talk 2.0.46New Google Talk - 2.0.46

There is a new version of the Google Talk Client for BlackBerry. The new update from 2.0.43 to 2.0.46 again comes with no changelog as seems to be the standard from Google on this type of wireless app. We can only assume that more bug fixes have been tweaked and fixed, and that this version should just plain work a bit better.

Pick up Google Talk 2.0.46 at

Genius Converter 1.1GeniusConverter 1.1

GeniusConverter has been updated to version 1.1. The app is an advanced unit converter that takes care of all your conversion needs. If you're an engineer, researcher or student, this app is an almost must-have. There are 31 different categories making up a total of 360 units. Swap options are available to swap 'from' and 'to' units. Rounding options are also available for rounding results. The app does support copy and paste, and is quite simple to use.

Pick up your copy of GeniusConverter 1.1 for only $5.00 from >

FastEntry 1.1FastEntry 1.1

FastEntry is a nifty little app that lets you enter PIM data (contacts, to-do's, etc.) faster and more efficiently via the simple interface. No longer will you have to switch into different applications to enter your data. FastEntry lists all fields (new contact, new to-do, etc.) on one screen, so all you need to do is scroll between these fields to make an entry. In this latest update to 1.1 a few bugs have been fixed, and a repeat feature has been added to calendar entries.

Get your copy of FastEntry 1.1 for $7.95 at >


FREE BlackBerry Software

Free King James BibleFree King James Bible

Church-goers, it might be time to leave your BlackBerry ON when in church... Ok, just kidding, but there is a cool new online Bible you may want to check out. For free access to the King James Bible (New and Old Testament) simply point your BlackBerry web browser to The site is setup for Berry friendly browsing, and is very easy to navigate. If you check it out, let me know what you think!

TwitterBerry 0.6TwitterBerry 0.6

Any TwitterBerry fans out there? If you haven't heard, TwitterBerry is a mobile client for posting updates to Twitter, no matter where you are. It works over your data network, so you don't need to send any SMS messages. The app has recently been updated to address some nagging issues and desired tweaks, and it looks to be much better than the previous version. You can view the changelog here.

Download TwitterBerry 0.6 OTA right now by visiting on your Berry's web browser.


Just for Fun...

XpenserXpenser - Expense Management Service

Xpenser is a handy new service that allows you to easily send your expenses via email, SMS, IM or via voice from your BlackBerry. The service claims to be 'the most efficient way to manage your expenses and reports'. This is perfect for the sales person or executive on the go that needs to constantly track those pesky lunch meetings or quick 9's at the local golf course :) With Xpenser you can even export to Quicken which is a huge plus.

But you can use Xpenser for more than just tracking expenses. Track your diet and calories, track mileage, exercise and more.... or simply take notes with the service.

Check out Xpenser for free by visiting


If you're taking the family to Disney World any time soon? If so, you might want to punch up on your Berry's browser immediately and get familiar with it :) PocketDisney is designed for viewing all of the park information you could ever need, right on your Berry or handheld. Read info on attractions, dining, resorts and more, all while you're on the go.

The Berry-friendly version of the site can be found here.


Until Next Week..

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