BlackBerry Software Roundup

Hard to believe June is almost here. To wrap up the month of May, this week we have a whole lot of new and updated titles for you to check out... So off we go, on to the BlackBerry Software Roundup for this week. This weeks' roundup includes:

New BlackBerry Software: Loopt, MO-Call, QuickTask, Cubis Icon Theme, ShoZu, SMS Display ON, Twice!

Updated BlackBerry Software: OS 4.6 BlackBerry JDE, MiuTunes 2.1.0, Media Studio for BlackBerry, Antair Call Screener, Snapscreen, Opera Mini 4.1, Vringo, iTookThisOnMyPhone

Free BlackBerry Software: MaraTick Shopping & To Do Lists

Cool Stuff: Fake Call for BlackBerry

New BlackBerry Software

Loopt for BlackBerryLoopt Free Social Networking for BlackBerry

Loopt is a revolutionary social-mapping service that is changing the way friends connect and share on mobile devices. Loopt automatically updates and delivers friend location maps, messages and alerts on your Berry. Loopt claims that they are 'perfecting the art of connecting people and places'. Hefty claims for sure!

With Loopt you can connect with friends and get alerted when they are nearby. Share your location, status and photos with a few friends or all of them. Explore places and events recommended by friends...and much more.

To sign up and get Loopt, click here.

Note: Sorry Canadians... I just tried signing up for this service (I'm on Rogers Wireless) and it looks like the service is not available in Canada yet. As far as I've read, Loopt is only working on Sprint BlackBerry devices at the moment. Please do let me know if you find otherwise.

MO-Call for BlackBerryMO-Call Now Available on BlackBerry

Morodo Ltd has announced that its popular low-cost calling software 'MO-Call' is now available for the BlackBerry. MO-Call provides seamless international calling from the 8300, 8310, 8320, 8100, 8110, 8120, 8130, 8800, 8820 and 8830 BlackBerry Devices.

Business users can really benefit from MO-Call by taking advantages of the substantial savings they'll get from using MO-Call. You don't need to change anything to take advantage of the savings either. Simply install MO-Call and dial as you normally would.

The MO-Call software for BlackBerry is a free download from the MO-Call website.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

QuickTask for BlackBerryQuickTask for BlackBerry

QuickTask is a new title available at It claims to be the 'quickest way to create a task on your BlackBerry'. It  integrates BlackBerry Tasks, NextAction!, and TaskMaster applications.

With QuickTask you can add a task in as little as 2 clicks. If you're looking for a handy way of increasing your productivity, QuickTask is extremely easy and fast to use.

You can get your copy of QuickTask at for only $4.99 >

Cubis Icon Theme for BlackBerryCubis Icon Theme for BlackBerry

Another new theme added to our store this week from JC Designs and Gadgetbean. This time around it's the 'Cubis Icon Theme' for BlackBerry. The theme is stunning as always thanks to the time and care that Gadgetbean puts into all of their designs. As you can see from the screenshot to your right, it's a sharp, clean and very professional looking theme for those of you looking for a bit of a change.

The Cubis Icon Theme is available for the Curve series, 8800 Series and 8700 Series for $7.00. Click the link below to get it for your device!

  • Cubis Icon Theme for the BlackBerry Curve >>
  • Cubis Icon Theme for the BlackBerry 8800 OS 4.2.2 >>
  • Cubis Icon Theme for the BlackBerry 8800 OS 4.2.1 >>
  • Cubis Icon Theme for the BlackBerry 8700 OS 4.2.1 >>

ShoZu for BlackBerryShoZu for BlackBerry

I reported many weeks back that ShoZu was coming soon for the BlackBerry. Well, to tell you the truth I'm not exactly sure when it was released, but I was tipped off that the full version is now available for BlackBerry at the BlackBerry Lifestyle website.

With ShoZu you can stay connected to friends, family, and important websites while you're on the go. Access Flickr, YouTube, Blogger, Facebook and much more as well! You can tag and upload photos and vids directly to the web, and share them with your friends while you're at it.

It's a free app, so click here to download it to your Berry.

Note: ShoZu is compatible with the Pearl and Curve series only.

SMS Display ON for BlackBerrySMS Display ON

Do you receive a lot of SMS text messages? If you do, you might want to consider picking up 'SMS Display ON' from Fabian Heuwieser.

With SMS Display ON, you can set your BlackBerry display to turn ON every time you receive an SMS message. This is a default setting on most other devices, but for some reason the BlackBerry does not have it. The simple app also lets you set the number of seconds the display should be switches on after a SMS message is received. Simple and handy!

Get your copy of SMS Display ON for only $3.00 at >


Twice! For BlackBerryTwice! for BlackBerry

From HeroCraft comes a new game in our software library. Twice! is an amazing logic game and memory training tool. Flip face-down mosaic tiles and remember the pattern on the other side. Like a traditional game of 'memory', when you match two patterns you score points. The game combines the same rules and principles of the classic game, but adds an attractive appearance and a variety of game modes to add some spice. Play a traditional game, race against time, or limit yourself to a set amount of attempts. This colorful game will offer you hours of gameplay and enjoyment.

Pick up your copy of Twice! for BlackBerry for only $10.96 at >

Updated BlackBerry Software

BlackBerry Universe PartnersOS 4.6 BlackBerry JDE Released To BlackBerry Universe Partners

RIM has recently released some of the development tools for OS 4.6 to BlackBerry Universe Partners. Included in this update are the 4.6.0 BlackBerry JDE Beta 1 Release notes, 4.6.0 BlackBerry JDE Component Package Beta 1, and 4.6.0 BlackBerry JDE Beta 1. If you were looking for another sign that OS 4.6 is coming soon, this is definitely a good one.

For more information on BlackBerry Universe, or to become a member, click here.

MiuTunes 2.1.0 Final Release for BlackBerryMiuTunes 2.1.0 Final Release

Earlier this week Kevin reported that MiuTunes has updated to 2.1.0 Final Release. The wait is over and the final release is here :)

MiuTunes is a cool new music player that transforms your BlackBerry into one heck of a music player. Throw away all of your other portable music devices and load up your Berry with your favorite music. The capacity of your music library is extendable by upgrading your memory card. 1GB not enough? Buy a new card to expand to 2GB, 4GB or even 8GB!

Some key features of MiuTunes:

  • Browse your music collection like the way you flip through CD albums.
  • Browse and play music by albums, artists, song titles, genres or years.
  • Create, modify and delete playlists.
  • Shuffle and repeat songs.
  • Support popular music file formats: MP3, AAC, M4A and WMA (WMA is supported in BlackBerry OS 4.3 or above. Audio tags of WMA files are not supported now.)
  • Auto pause the player when there is an incoming call.
  • Browser integration to allow you to learn more about your music.

Get MiuTunes for BlackBerry for only $29.95 at >

Note: A free trial is also available.

Media Studio for BlackBerryMedia Studio for BlackBerry Updated

A new version of the BlackBerry Media Studio has been updated, as reported by Kevin earlier in the week. Makayama Media just announced the 2.0 version of the software. With it you can take movies from DVD, TV, YouTube or elsewhere and with a few clicks convert them into small files for use and viewing on your BlackBerry 8100, 8300 or 8800 series device.

Key Features:

  • Transfer DVDs directly to your Blackberry
  • Convert and watch downloaded movies, home videos and more
  • Download and convert YouTube video
  • Amazingly sharp picture and stereo CD-quality sound
  • Cyberspeed technology": 400% faster DVD-to-Blackberry conversions.
  • Put a DVD on your BB In 45 minutes
  • The ideal solution for frequent travellers
  • Keep the kids happy in the back of the car
  • Store up to 8 feature films on a 1 Gb memorycard
  • Foreign languages and subtitles supported

Media Studio for BlackBerry is available for $34.95 at >

Note: A free trial is available.

Antair for BlackBerryAntair BlackBerry Call Screener v2.0

Antair BlackBerry Call Screener lets you screen incoming calls directly on your BlackBerry...and it has just got more powerful by going to version 2.0 (which includes numerous fixes and updates).

With one click, you can set your phone screening options and all unwanted phone calls will be sent to your voicemail without bothering you at inopportune times. The app installs directly on you Berry, and is not dependent on desktop apps, corporate servers, forwarding settings or anything else.

Key Features of Antair

  • Automatically block all incoming phone calls.
  • Automatically block only private and unknown numbers.
  • Allow calls from your personal contacts only, while blocking all others.
  • Allow or block incoming calls from specific numbers, area codes, even country codes.
  • Create as many custom screening profiles as you need, and switch from one to another with one click.
  • Full integration with the BlackBerry Call Log.
  • Full integration with the BlackBerry Address Book.
  • View full details of blocked calls with one click.
  • Return the phone call with one click.
  • Call voicemail with one click.

Purchase Antair BlackBerry Call Screener 2.0 from ShopCrackBerry for only $49.95 >

Note: There are no recurring fees with Antair, and your purchase even includes free support and upgrades for 1 year.

SnapScreen for BlackBerrySnapScreen now works with OS 4.2.2+

SnapScreen On Device Screenshots has been updated to now work with OS 4.2.2+. The app in the past was limited to OS 4.3+, so this comes as a welcome fix for those of us running 4.2.2+. The only bad thing is you will only be able to save screenshots as BMP files instead of JPG files. Bitmaps are notoriously huge in size in comparison to JPGs, so keep that in mind.

Pick up SnapScreen for OS 4.2.2+ for only $5.99 at >

Note: A free trial is also available.

Opera Mini 4.1 for BlackBerryOpera Mini 4.1

Opera Mini has already received a silent update for BlackBerry users. With this new version, BlackBerry users can use WiFi only. Plus, the BIS might be working although the peeps at Opera Mini will not guarantee that.

For more information on updated features, click here. To watch a guided tour of Opera Mini 4.1 in action, click here.

To download the latest version via phone, PC or SMS link, click here.

Vringo for BlackBerryVringo Updated

Vringo has gone ahead and updated their free Facebook photo caller ID app. Haven't heard of Vringo yet? Well, it's simply a free service that lets you import your friends' facebook photos in your BlackBerry's contact list. Whenever you receive incoming calls from  your friends, you will now see their facebook profile photo! Cool!

This updated version lets you use the native contact fields on your BlackBerry which is incredibly handy. No need to use a whole new photo caller ID app anymore.

For more information on Vringo at Facebook, click here... Or get Vringo OTA at

iTookThisOnMyPhone for BlackBerryiTookThisOnMyPhone Updated

A new version of iTookThisOnMyPhone (version is now available for BlackBerry. iTookThisOnMyPhone is an app that allows you to take photos and videos on your Berry, and automatically transfer them to an online photo gallery. It's free and incredibly easy to do. You can keep your photos and vids private or share them with friends and family.

The latest version has packed in a bunch of new features, including:

  • A new, more graphical and intuitive user interface
  • Geo-tagging of photos and videos with mapping so users can see a graphic representation of where each photo, or video, was taken
  • The ability to create, select, and send to photo albums from your BlackBerry
  • The ability to review photos and videos in the queue prior to uploading to the website
  • A field for adding descriptions to the photo before uploading
  • Scrolling galleries that show descriptions and upload time of recent photos

For more info on iTookThisOnMyPhone, visit

Free BlackBerry Software

MaraTick for BlackBerryMaraTick Shopping & To Do Lists

The freebie this week is the MaraTick Shopping & To Do List application. This app was designed to save paper for those list-miesters out there that always have to write things down. Create as many lists as you like with this simple and easy to use application.

Key features of MaraTick:

  • Checked off items are automatically pushed down to the bottom of list
  • Unlimited number of list and list size
  • Auto-complete with a built in dictionary (user propmted to load upon install)
  • Self learning dictionary of todo items
  • Icon selector provided to customize each list
  • Todo items can be copied between lists
  • Entire data can be copied, backed up/restored to or from any BB app
  • Items can be moved up and down along the list for easy prioritization
  • Each list integratable with BB calendar

OTA and Desktop Manager links for install can be found here.

MaraTick requires OS 4.0+

Cool Stuff

Fake Call for BlackBerryFake Call for BlackBerry

I had to report on this one. Fake Call is a new app added to that allows you to escape from boring office meetings or social interactions by simulating incoming phone calls. Haha, yep, get out of that awkward situation by faking a phone call! You can set Fake Call to materialize from anyone you want. There are settings for the type of call, incoming call screens, volume, vibrate, and much more.

Fake Call requires OS 4.2 or higher.

Get Fake Call for BlackBerry for only $9.95 from >

Note: A trial version is available.

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