BlackBerry Software Roundup

What a week. I think the WES hangover is still in effect and some of us are still 'coming down'. Anyone else out there jones-ing for a new BOLD?

This week there's lots of new, updated and cool BlackBerry Software to check, so lets get started!

New BlackBerry Software: xFit: Fitness on Your BlackBerry, MediaPOP for Audio & Video Attachments, Indiana Jones Game, Babe Blocks for BlackBerry, Premium iVista BlackBerry Themes, Ringtones Deluxe Volume 4, Tungle Outlook Plugin, Dr. Sudoku

Updated BlackBerry Software: Ringo Ringtone Manager, VR+ 2.4.1, Ascendo Fitness for BlackBerry, Mundu IM Version 4, FastEntry v1.2

Cool Stuff: FatWallet Mobile,, SpoofCard

New BlackBerry Software

xFit Fitness on Your BlackBerryxFit: Fitness on Your BlackBerry

New to the ShopCrackBerry store this week is xFit. If you're looking for an easier way to get fit and stay fit... this might be the answer!

xFit promises to show you how to lose weight, gain strength and feel great without having to go to the gym. Doesn't matter where you are, at home, work or on vacation, xFit provides you with 50 unique exercise slides that deliver a full body workout.

Better yet, xFit offers a 90 day money back guarantee, and a free trial version! It's definitely worth a shot, heck, if it works for you, think of all the money you'll save on those monthly gym memberships :)

Get xFit: Fitness on Your BlackBerry for only $24.95 at >

MediaPOP for Audio & Video AttatchmentsMediaPOP for Audio & Video Attachments

Searching for a quick was to send an MP3 to your BlackBerry? Or just an easy way to watch a short video clip that was sent to you? Now, with MediaPOP you can download email attachments right to your BlackBerry. MediaPOP is pre-configured with the most popular audio and video extensions for use on your device. Download MP3, WAV, M4A, WMA, MP4, MOV and many more extensions. You can even send a JAD and COD file to install apps via email.

Key Features of MediaPop:

  • Download Audio, Video and BlackBerry Applications
  • Save attachments to an SD Card or Internal Memory
  • Receive attachments from another BlackBerry
  • Download any file type to your BlackBerry
  • Playback through a built-in media palyer
  • Add or delete file extensions...
  • ...and much more!

Get MediaPop from for $19.99 >

Note: A free trial for 14 days or 30 downloads is also available!

Indiana Jones Game for BlackBerryIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Wouldn't you know it?... I returned from watching this very movie at the theatre not long ago, and Bplay has released a game based on the movie. The movie? Was pretty good. Lots of action...most Indiana Jones fans will be pleased. The game? Haven't tried it yet but it looks not half bad. Take control of Dr. Jones and Mutt Williams as you search for the Crystal Skull.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is available for $9.99 from Bplay >

Babe Blocks for BlackBerryBabe Blocks for BlackBerry

Just rolls off the tongue doesn't it? Say it 10 times fast.

Babe Blocks is a fun little game based on a popular concept. Match 3 or more of the same colored bricks and those bricks will 'pop'. Pop all of the bricks to reveal the Beautiful Babe hidden behind the game board. Gameplay is exciting, there are 5 levels of increasing difficulty, and you can even play in one of two game modes: small blocks or big blocks.

If you're looking for a fun game with a sexy twist, Babe Blocks might be for you.

Pick up your copy of Babe Blocks from for $12.95 >

Premium iVista BlackBerry ThemesPremium iVista BlackBerry Themes

Another new theme hit earlier this week... and it's a good one. Z Man Themes, who has already brought us a bunch of free themes has introduced a new premium theme called iVista.

Why is it premium? The Z Man actually worked with our community to fine-tune this theme. The attention to detail is amazing, and if you purchase it for yourself I think you will agree!

The iVista Premium BlackBerry Theme is available for $7 at

  • Get iVista for the BlackBerry Curve >
  • Get iVista for the 8800 Series > 
  • Get iVista for the BlackBerry Pearl >

Ringtones Deluxe Volume 4Ringtones Deluxe Volume 4

Ringtones Deluxe Volume 4 is the latest in the series that offers over 250 high-quality realtones and notification sounds for your BlackBerry! The collection includes over 100 voice realtones in different styles from business, to cartoon, fantasy, horror and more. All of the sounds and ringtones included are exclusive material, recorded and mixed in a professional studio for the highest quality end product possible!

Pick up Ringtones Deluxe Volume 4 for only $19.99 at >

Tungle Outlook PluginTungle Outlook Plugin

Tungle is an Outlook plug-in that allows users to coordinate meetings with anyone across multiple platforms: iCal, Google Calendar, Lotus Notes - between organizations, time zones and even people not using Tungle.

BlackBerry users will be able to easily manage and schedule meetings with this new app. The BlackBerry interface will allow users to receive a Tungle meeting invite with a link. Clicking on the link will launch a WAP browser sesstion to the Tungle scheduling site formatted specifically for their BlackBerry device. Once at the site you can update your availability. Once you're booked, you receive booking confirmation formatted for your BlackBerry calendar!

Tungle officially launched just the other day on May 20th.

To give Tungle a try, click here.

Dr. Sudoku for BlackBerryDr. Sudoku

Attention Sudoku fans! Another Sudoku title has been released for the BlackBerry.

With Dr. Sudoku you get an infinite number of puzzles to challenge and entertain you. 5 different skill levels are built-in, and track your success with the in-game statistics. Sharpen your skills by trying to beat your best times!

Dr. Sudoku offers billions of original puzzles and easy game play that any puzzle fan will enjoy again and again.

Pick up your copy of Dr. Sudoku for $12.95 at >

Updated BlackBerry Software

Ringo Ringtone ManagerNew SMS Alerts Available via Ringo Ringtone Manager

Electric Pocket has issued a new collection of fun SMS alerts available to users of its Ringo ringtone manager for BlackBerry devices. This free collection of "blips and bloops" make for interesting alert sounds and increases the choices available from the "default" options that come with your Berry.

Ringo Ringtone Manager makes it easy to create ringtones, emails or message alerts for your Berry... all from your favorite music or sound clip.

To get Ringo Ringtone Manager for only $19.95, visit >

VR+ 2.4.1VR+ 2.4.3

Another new version of VR+ was announced earlier this week. This time it's version 2.4.3.

As far as I can tell it doesn't look like much has changed at all in this new version... and of course there is no change log to view to find out exactly what has been updated.

Only thing I can tell so far that has been updated is the method for posting to Twitter. Recordings are now being reported as posted and visible in Twitter timelines using this updated version of VR+.

Grab your copy of VR+ for $29.95 at >

Ascendo Fitness for BlackBerryAscendo Fitness for BlackBerry

xFit isn't the only fitness application for the BlackBerry! Ascendo Fitness is a cool little app that has been recently updated. With it, you can track nutrition and exercise, set objectives, measure your progress and a whole lot more.

Ascendo Fitness is also the only BlackBerry software to provide a desktop companion to manage up-to-date USDA nutrition information containing more than 7,000 nutritional items.

Get your copy of Ascendo Fitness for BlackBerry for $29.95 from >

Mundu IM Version 4Mundu IM Version 4

Mundu, the popular IM app for BlackBerry has been updated to version 4. In this latest version all of your AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, Gtalk & Jabber contacts become instantly available to you via a single interface. All of your contacts are compiled nicely for you in one list! With Mundo you can also photo share and file share across all of these services via Mundo's user friendly interface. Receive email notifications for Yahoo, MSN or Google Talk accounts while you're on the go... and archive old conversations with the powerful message archiving and chat history features. Mundu requires that you have at least one IM account (MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, Gtalk, etc...).

Mundu IM is available at for only $11.00 >

FastEntry 1.2FastEntry v1.2

FastEntry is a simple software that allows you to enter PIM-Data (contacts, to-dos, datebook entries, etc...) quicker and more efficiently than ever before. With it you don't have to change into every single app to change or enter data... simply open up FastEntry and off you go!

New in this update:

  • registration via a key
  • demo is now available
  • many bugs have been fixed
  • 'repeat' item added to calendar entry options

Get FastEntry 1.2 from for $7.95 >

Cool Stuff

FatWallet MobileFatWallet Mobile

FatWallet is an online service and community where people post deals and promos from around the country. Search for hot deals, travel deals, online auctions, one-time use coupons and more at this handy little site.

I just did a quick search for 'BlackBerry' in the hot deals section of the mobile site, and a Free T-Mobile BlackBerry Device post came up. Seriously, browsing some of the deals I found here and around the web, it makes me sick at how cheap BlackBerry devices are in the US. You lucky dogs!

To check out the mobile site, visit on your Berry's web browser.


Woohoo! Backyard BBQ-ers or seasoned chefs are going to love this one. If you're looking for recipes on the go, look no further than

No matter where you are, access and search hundreds of thousands of recipes, complete with pictures and ratings... right from your Berry! The service is free, simply pop open in your Berry's browser and type in a search for what you'd like to cook.

There is also a handy 'ingredient search' that you can use. Type in ingredients you have handy or would like to use in a dish, and the site will return recipes you might be interested in.

I BBQ'd a little earlier today...Did a search for 'steak' on this mobile site...and wouldn't you know it, the Flat Iron Steak with 3 Pepper Rub is pretty darn good :)


Want to prank a friend good? I mean really good? Look no further than SpoofCard!

SpoofCard is a phone card that allows you to set the caller ID and # you are calling from to virtually anything. Can you see the devious potential here? As far as I know, it's completely legal (but really, what the heck do I know about that!?).

There is a 'free call' feature so that you can test it out for yourself before you buy any minutes.

To get started and for pricing details head on over to

Until Next Week..

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