BlackBerry Software Roundup

What a crazy week it's been. WES has come and gone, Kevin did some great work out there didn't he? The BlackBerry BOLD is upon us and there's a whole whack of new and exciting accessories that we're going to be hearing about. There was no shortage of BlackBerry software news either. This week I've got the following titles up for your review:

New BlackBerry Software: TypePad for BlackBerry, Handy Converter, Speed Racer, Trickshot Hustler, Sudoku Expert, MSDict, Mobile Bartender

Updated BlackBerry Software: Empower BES Mailbox 3.0, Mobiola Web Camera, BBerrySync, Opera Mini 4.1, BerryDialer 1.6

Free BlackBerry Software: BlackBerry Wallet

Coming Soon: Unify4Life, Windows Live Services, Upcoming Handmark Titles

Cool Stuff: Classic Games for the BlackBerry

New BlackBerry Software

TypePad for BlackBerryTypePad App for BlackBerry from Six Apart

The bloggers out there will find this particularly interesting. I know I did.

Six Apart has announced the availability of a native mobile blogging app for the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl. With it you can upload photos, manage comments, plus draft and edit posts on TypePad blogs direct from the Berry.

To download a free trial of this new app for your Curve or Pearl, visit from your BlackBerry web browser.

Handy Converter for BlackBerryHandy Converter for BlackBerry

Handy Converter is a new currency and unit conversion solution for the BlackBerry. No matter what you need to convert into, Handy Converter has the answers for you. Save time and money by performing currency calculations and units of measure calculations on the go. Convert any amount in 58 major currencies. Rates are updated daily by the Bank of Canada.  Also convert temperature, length, weight, area, volume speed, power and torque measurements. The name says it all, this app is definitely 'Handy' indeed!

Get Handy Converter from for only $9.95 >

Speed Racer from BplaySpeed Racer from Bplay

New from Bplay comes Speed Racer for the BlackBerry. Inspired by the movie, you get the chance to become the grand prix champion behind the wheel of the Mach 6. Drift, slide and jump your way through extreme tracks against some very tough competition. Play in story mode where you work your way through easy races all the way to the challenging final grand prix... or practice your racing skills at your own leisure.

Speed Racer is available right now from Bplay for $7.99 >

Trickshot Hustler from BplayTrickshot Hustler from Bplay

Do you like to play pool? If you do, this new title from Bplay might be of interest. Trickshot Hustler is a unique game that lets you hustle the pool hall in a unique 3D environment. Choose from a whole host of gameplay options including customizable rules, tournament modes, single player or multiplayer modes. Play US 8-Ball, UK 8-Ball or 9-Ball. You can also practice trick shots until you master them! Once you start to master the game, use the leaderboards to compare your stats to other top players.

Trickshot Hustler is available from Bplay for $7.99 >

Sudoku Expert for BlackBerrySudoku Expert - Mega Pack

Sudoku lovers are going to enjoy this title, now available at It's the ultimate Sudoku game pack. This collection includes five editions: The Porsche Edition, Yacht Edition, Christmas Edition, Martial Arts Edition and Standard Edition. It means over 1 million unique puzzles for you to play at your hearts' content. That's a heck of a lot of puzzles!

Pick up your copy of Sudoku Expert - Mega Pack from for $19.99 >

MSDict for BlackBerryMSDict Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

This dictionary utilizes a large lexical database of English with up to 140,000 entries and over 1.4 million words developed by the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton. It doesn't follow your typical dictionary format. The dictionary is organized with an innovative approach. Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are grouped into sets of cognitive systems interlinked by means of conceptual-semantic and lexical relations. What the heck does that mean? It means it will help you better understand word meanings, help you find meanings fast, and help you memorize words fast.

Grab your copy of MSDict Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus for $19.99 from >

Mobile Bartender for BlackBerryMobile Bartender for BlackBerry

YES, summer is upon us and it's the season for beaches, patios, and mixing drinks. If you want to try some new and exciting drinks, shooters and more, then why not try out this handy little app on your Berry. This full-featured guide includes hundreds of recipes that can be searched by drink type, liquor type or name. If there is a drink you know not included in the app, you can now add your own recipes to the system for future reference. It's like having a bartender in your pocket no matter where you go. Great to have on hand at parties, or just for those lazy summer days when you need to chill with a cool beverage.

Mobile Bartender is available in separate editions for the Pearl Series, Curve/8800/8300 Series, and 8700 Series for $7.95 at

Updated BlackBerry Software

Empower BES Mailbox 3.0Empower BES Mailbox 3.0

Empower has recently updated their BES Mailbox application. WIth this latest version, BES Mailbox now works with OS 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3. A number of smaller updates have been made to the application as well. It's a very useful app to seperate your BES work emails from private messages from friends and family.

Get Empower BES MailBox for only $19.95 at >

Mobiola Web Camera for BlackBerryMobiola Web Camera for BlackBerry

Mobiola Web Camera for BlackBerry is a little app that turns your BlackBerry phone into a USB web camera for your PC. It works with Skype, Yahoo, YouTube, MSN, AOL and many other services. The app is simple and easy to configure. Many updates and enhancements have been made in this latest version. Mobiola requires only 68kb of free phone memory and 720kb of run time memory.

You can download a free trial of Mobiola Web Camera for BlackBerry, or purchase for only $19.95 from >

BBerrySync for BlackBerryBBerrySync No Longer in Beta

BBerrySync has been available for some time now, but just recently they have announced the full product. You can now sign up for their full service which will allow you to sync your contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, inbox and more.... all without a BES server. Two editions are now available at

The Complete Edition is $6/month or $54.99/year with full outlook OTA sync for contacts, notes, tasks, calendar, sent and draft emails.

The Lite Edition
is $4/month or $39.99/year with Outlook OTA sync for contacts, notes, sent and draft emails.

For more details and to purchase, visit

Opera Mini 4.1Opera Mini Updated to 4.1

This update allows you to stay in touch with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and more. You can even do online e-mail and banking with Opera Mini 4.1! Cool! If you're looking for a more secure (and fast) browsing app for the BlackBerry, you will want to give Opera Mini 4.1 a try. To download, go to from your Berry's web browser, or try the download page direct at Make sure to select your device model once you're there.

BerryDialer 1.6BerryDialer 1.6

BerryDialer is an app that allows you to use calling cards with your BlackBerry. Notable features include the ability to store up to 100 calling cards simultaneously, and the ability to dial from your phonebook without entering any calling card details!

New in version 1.6 is an improved interface, multi-language support for English and German, improved phone log details, and increased compatibility with more calling card types.

Get your copy of BerryDialer 1.6 from ShopCrackBerry for only $39.99 >


FREE BlackBerry Software

BlackBerry WalletBlackBerry Wallet

I reported the other day on a new free app direct from BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Wallet. The new app is very similar to Password Keeper, and makes it easy to store owner info, credit cards, shipping addresses and more.

I warned in my initial post that compatibility issues had been reported...and it looks like that was indeed the case. It seems as though certain carriers devices are not compatible with the new app. If you're on Rogers, AT&T or Sprint, you SHOULD be ok. Verizon customers are having nothing but trouble with this one on their devices. Install at your own risk! While nothing bad should happen to your berry, if you're on Verizon don't count on it working for you.

You can download BlackBerry Wallet OTA at

Note for Verizon users: Verizon users should go to the verizon homepage on your BB and choose BB help, from the BB help screen and choose BB wallet. Choose that in order to download OTA.

Coming Soon


As you've probably read in reports from Kevin and myself, Unify4Life is quite the nifty little BlackBerry app for your home. With it you can control your home theatre and media directly from your Berry! If you've ever dreamed of turning your Berry into a universal remote, that's exactly what Unify4Life does! The Unify4Life setup is due in stores this October, so you'll have to wait a few months to get your paws on it. Until then you can bet we'll have more information and details on it!

Windows Live Services for BlackBerryWindows Live Hotmail and Messenger Coming to BlackBerry

Microsoft and RIM have announced a partnership to bring the Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger services to the BlackBerry. For anyone that uses hotmail and/or messenger, chances are you're going to love this! With the new integration, BlackBerry users will enjoy very easy access to hotmail and messenger. Time will tell how well the integration will work out, but the services are supposed to be available beginning this summer with support for multiple languages.

New Titles from HandmarkHandmark Unveils 3 New Titles

Handmark always has a great selection of games and apps on tap, and they recently added 3 new titles for the BlackBerry that will be added to their selection at the end of this month.

The first app is 'Bible Translations'. It's the first Bible app designed by Handmark for the Berry. It grants access to 16 Bible translations including four of the five most popular translations.

The second app is Ringtone Junkie. It's a ringtone management app that provides access to thousands of the most popular mp3 ringtones. You can download, store, access and assign custom ringtones to your contacts and much more.

Finally Handmark has announced a partnership with Astraware Games. In Q3 of 2008 look for them to release their first game titles for the BlackBerry including Platypus, Solitaire, Sudoku, Casino and more.

Cool Stuff

Classic Games for the BlackBerryHandmark Rocking Classic Games for the Berry

Woohoo! Are you like me? Do you love the old classic NES games? I have to confess I have a Wii, and I have quite a few of those golden oldies including the original Mario Bros., Ice Hockey, Kid Icarus, and more. The good folks at Handmark are joining the classic gaming revolution, but this time the games are built for the BlackBerry. The classic games they have available for the BlackBerry include:
  • Contra
  • Galaga
  • Castlevania
  • Dig Dug
  • Pac Man
  • Ms. Pac Man
  • Frogger

Go classic or go home :) Hope you enjoy these games!

Until Next Week..

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