BlackBerry Software Roundup

Another great week of BlackBerry Software has come and gone. We have some great new apps to show you, some cool new themes, and some really great freebies this week. Lets get started with what's new!



scanR is a new app that claims to turn your camera equipped device (ahem... attention Pearl and Curve users!) into a scanner, copier and fax machine. Sounds great doesn't it!?

Instead of taking notes at the meeting, you can or could use scanR to take pictures of slides, whiteboards, you name it. Then share it with your colleagues using the app! Easy!

The process is simple. First you take the picture you want to scan, fax or copy... Then you simply send the snap as an attachment to a specified email address. You can alternately send the image via MMS if you wanted to.

scanR is available today. Browse to on your Berry or visit on your computer.

Corey Visto H2O ThemeCorey Visto H2O Theme

We've got a cool new theme in our store to share. You might have read about it earlier this week. It's the new Visto H2O Theme.

Corey Visto has done it again and in this new one, he has used the same layout as the BB Droid theme, but has been tweaked up with a new color scheme that is lighter and brighter. If you're looking for something 'soothing', perhaps even 'cooling' and soft and relaxing to the eye, the new Visto H2O theme might be for you.

The theme is available at in Zen, Icon and Today (of course) and is available for the 7100, 8700, 8800, Curve and Pearl series for $7.00.

Be sure to check out the other Visto Themes available at


Bluepulse is a new social networking site designed for mobile use. If you can't get enough of Myspace or Facebook, perhaps you should give this one a try. Bluepulse is a combination of myspace mobile, Facebook, Twitter and even some more. It's designed specifically for use on the go. You can send messages to friends or groups, upload photos and update your status... all for free.

To get started go to on your BlackBerry's web browser.

Nine Hole Golf for BlackBerry3D Nine Hole Golf for BlackBerry

For the golf lovers there's another new golf game for the BlackBerry. It's called 3D Nine Hold Golf. It is a distinctive real-time 3D mobile golf game featuring addictive game playing and the most realistic 3D simulation ever for a BlackBerry golf game. You can choose from two animated 3D characters, play three golf courses, each with a distinct landscape and climate for a total of 27 holes.

You can pick up a copy of 3D Nine Hole Golf for BlackBerry at for $14.99

Blip for BlackBerryBlip

Blip is a new geo-social app from the folks over at BlackLine GPS.

Using Blip, you can show your current location to everyone in your group... However you do have control of who does and does not see your information. People have to be previously approved by you before they can see where you are.

Blip can also show the current direction you are traveling and the speed you are traveling :) Kind of cool!

To start, as BlackLine GPS puts it 'Share Your Where', head on over to the BlackLine GPS website to grab your copy.

Updated Software

Yet Another Facebook UpdateYet Another Facebook Update

The latest version of FaceBook for the BlackBerry is now available. Version was quietly updated without much hoopla, and I haven't been able to find a changelog so feel free to drop me a line if you notice any major changes. From reports I've read, it seems as though the new version is more stable, and it seems to download new messages before you read them.

To pick up the latest version go to on your BlackBerry.

GoogHelper for BlackBerryGoogHelper for BlackBerry

GoogHelper is a cool utility that helps you quickly launch various internet searches using mobile friendly sites such as Google, Yahoo! Finance, Amazon, Wikipedia and more. GoogHelper has been out for a few weeks now (read the review here) but this week was updated from version 1.00 to version 1.01. Version 1.01 includes more one-click searchable sources (eBay, Blogs) and allows for the option to have web search results sent to your phone via SMS.

The app is a convenient time-saver for those that love to web search on their device. The interface is simple, efficient and easy to use.

Pick up your copy of GoogHelper for BlackBerry at for $4.95


Mobile File Manager and Mobile Viewer from RoveMobile File Manager and Mobile Viewer from Rove

Formerly known as Idokorro, Rove announced the other day that two of their most popular apps are now completely free of charge.

Mobile File Manager allows users to connect to remote file servers via FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and more. You can even edit web pages, deploy sites, upload photos... and well, you get the idea. It's a powerful app.

Rove Mobile Viewer (formerly BlackBerry Viewer) displays the screen of a BlackBerry device on your computer screen. You can give live demos with this app, create training presentations for BlackBerry users, even take screen captures and record videos.

As I mentioned before, these apps are free, so head on over to the Rove website to claim yours!

Free Currency Converter for BlackBerrySweetCaesar and Oanda Team up to Release Free Currency Converter

FXConverter Mobile is a free app from Oanda and SweetCaesar that is used around the world to convert over 160 different currencies. Rates are usually less than 1 minute old! The interface of this new app is simple and easy to use, and lists all currencies in alphabetical categories. It remembers recent conversions and notifies you on how many seconds it has been since the rates were updated. I often find myself using for conversions, but this one is definately worth a go.

To download OTA, visit on your BlackBerry's web browser.

gCalc Graphic Calculator for BlackBerrygCalc Graphic Calculator for BlackBerry

Another freebie this week is the gCalc Graphic Calculator for BlackBerry. It's a university level calculator that will eliminate the need for you to pick up yet another expensive graphing calculator. gCalc provides extensive support for dozens of insanely sophisticated mathematical functions that I can't begin to comprehend. You can zoom and scroll the results and allows you to share your graphs with classmates and instructors via email.

If you're an engineer you'll absoulutely love this app.. But if you're not, it might be a bit too much to handle.

You can watch a demo video of gCalc on their website, or to download it OTA visit this location on our BlackBerry's web browser:

Until Next Week..

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