BlackBerry Software Roundup

This week has been jam-packed full of new and updated software for the BlackBerry. I've also got a lot of free titles this week you'll want to check out. Lets get started. Covered this week are the following titles:

New BlackBerry Software: Whrrl Social Discovery Service, powerOne, Ultimate Converter Calculator, EZ Reregister, MineSweeper! for BlackBerry

Updated BlackBerry Software: BerryTunes 2.2, Black & Whitelist, gCalc, LaunchPads

Free BlackBerry Software: ipoki Beta, Bubble Popper, eBuddy Beta, Nobex Radio Companion, 3 Free Apps from S4BB

Cool Stuff:

Coming Soon: Desktop Manager 4.5 and 4.6

New BlackBerry Software

Whrrl Social Discovery ServiceWhrrl Social Discovery Service

Pelago, the creators of Whrrl, recently announced new mobile support for the BlackBerry Pearl and Curve. Whrrl is now available for free to BlackBerry users in the U.S.

If you've never heard of Whrrl before, it's an app that lets you discover places, share experiences and locations, and track places with your friends and family. Whrrl also has detailed place and event data in 17 metro areas on the US.

If you're in the US, you can install Whrrl OTA from your Berry at

Seems like there's a plethora of these social networking/IM clients on the go these days... And yes, of course there is another one of these coming up in this weeks' software roundup. Keep reading, you'll find it.

powerOne for BlackBerrypowerOne

New to ShopCrackBerry this week comes powerOne. With powerOne you can do professional financial calculations right on your Berry. powerOne quickly and easily performs 'what-if' scenarios via templates which make it easy to view and edit calculation data. If you're involved in the financial world... use powerOne to figure out mortgage, NPV, IRR, Time Value of Money, Margins and a whole whack more calculations, right on your Berry. When you're done with a calculation you can also email the data along to yourself or a client. Handy for keeping records or a history!

You can get powerOne for $49.95 at >

Ultimate Converter CalculatorUltimate Converter Calculator

Another powerful hit the ShopCrackBerry store this week as well. The Ultimate Converter Calculator is a very powerful converter and calculator (duh!). Convert between various imperial and european units with 4 decimals of precision. The app packs in over 50 categories, 1000+ units and 50000+ conversion. It's a must-have utility for anyone that needs quick unit and measurement conversion and calculation on-the-go.

Get the Ultimate Converter Calculator from ShopCrackBerry for only $25.99 >

EZ Reregister Online

The popular EZ Reregister software now has an online version. If you aren't familiar with EZ Reregister, it's an app that lets you store the names, registration codes and vendor email addresses for 3rd party Berry software. This is handy, because when you upgrade or swap to a new Berry, you'll need this info for use on the new device. It makes the switch as easy as one button click to generate all the email messages to your software vendors...and all of the registration codes will be sent to your new PIN! Handy!

The only version has all of the features of the full version, but it is accessible via any web browser.

Subscriptions to EZ Reregister Online are $7.99/yr. You can subscribe here... Or read more about EZ Reregister here.

Minesweeper! for BlackBerryMineSweeper! for BlackBerry

MineSweeper addicts are in luck this week. Just added to the is MineSweeper! for the BlackBerry. The game hsa four levels of difficulty, and is as addictive as the original game. The publisher, Link-two is also offering up a promo on the game. Buy it before June 10th and you'll be eligible to win a macbook pro! Cool!

Get your copy of MineSweeper! for BlackBerry for $3.99 at >

Updated BlackBerry Software

BerryTunes 2.2 for BlackBerryBerryTunes 2.2

The popular BerryTunes software has been upgraded to version 2.2. This new version supports custom radio stations, bluetooth and Wifi! If you haven't tried BerryTunes yet, you should. It's a heck of an app that lets you transfer MP3 files via USB for listening via your Berry. You can also listen to more than 100 streaming internet radio stations with this software. The list of features goes on and on... it's worth a look!

Pick up a copy of BerryTunes 2.2 at ShopCrackBerry for $19.99 >

Black & Whitelist for BlackBerryBlack & Whitelist Updated

Our popular call call tracking/blocking software has recently been updated. With Black & Whitelist you can reject unwanted callers on your Blacklist, and allow only whitelist callers to come through. Use the address book rule to allow only callers in your address book to get through... and block private or unknown numbers.

No change log has been reported, although I can only assume that the update includes the usual batch of bug fixes.

The update is a free one for all existing Black & Whitelist users... and a free 15 day trial is available for new users.

To get Black & Whitelist for only $15.00 at, click here >

gCalc for BlackBerrygCalc Version 0.6

Woohoo! Another calculator! Seems like this week is the week of the calculator and social IM service app. The powerful calculator app has been updated with some cool new features... including:

  • Graph-on-demand. You can now show a graph if a graphing expression is submitted.
  • Number conversions. Convert temperature, lengths, weights and more.
  • Incremental expressions. Type in the operator and value, submitting will operate on the last computed number
  • Faster startup. The startup process is much faster
  • Plus a few more cool features you'll have to try for yourself.

Download the latest version OTA at or install via your desktop here.

LaunchPads for BlackBerryLaunchPads Updated to v1.4

LaunchPads, the popular multi-app sidekey launcher has been updated yet again. With LaunchPads you can choose between your contacts, tasks, notes, camera, calendar, or any other app by clicking the sidekey.

New in this latest version:

  • Create new Contacts/Notes/Tasks/Events with just one click
  • Preference to show the time in the title
  • Bugs fixed
  • Open the bluetooth panel

Pick up LaunchPads at ShopCrackBerry for only $6.00 >

Free BlackBerry Software

ipoki for BlackBerryipoki Beta

ipoki is a free GPS based social networking app. With it you can share your location with your friends and family via Google Maps, locate where your friends and family are at any time, connect to other people that share a similar location, track people in realtime with a GPS enabled device (scary!?), or follow people on Google Maps and Google Earth (again, scary!?).

To install the ipoki Beta on your Berry, go to Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the BlackBerry client.

Bubble Popper for BlackBerryBubble Popper

AIM Productions is offering up their Bubble Popper game for free! If you've never played Bubble Popper before, the point of the game is simple: Remove bubbles from the grid by double-clicking groups of two or more adjacent and like-colored bubbles. The longer the chain of like-colored bubbles are, the more you score.

The game is quite fun... and quite addictive. If you love 'bust-a-move' or 'tetris'... this style of game will probably be right up your alley.

For more info, and to get your free copy, click here.


eBuddy Beta for BlackBerryeBuddy Beta

Another FREE IM app hit the scene this week. This time it's eBuddy Beta. Currently eBuddy is only available for the 8000 series... and it's free. The app is compatible with AIM, MSN & Yahoo Messenger. Kind of handy as it places all of your contacts from those IM's on one list.

To get eBuddy for BlackBerry, visit from your Berry's web browser.

Read more about eBuddy here.

Nobex Radio Companion for BlackBerryNobex Radio Companion

A new free App added to the ShopCrackBerry store this week is Nobex Radio Companion. With Nobex you can start keeping your music collection fresh and exciting. You set it to monitor your favorite radio stations... Then, at any time you can look at Nobex to see what song is playing. With a click you can even get an email from the Nobex servers that will send you all of the song details, and a link to purchase it via Amazon or iTunes.

Very handy... very cool and useful too. For free... the price is more than right!!! :)

Get Nobex Radio Companion for FREE at >

Free Apps from S4BB3 Free Apps from S4BB... 1 New Free App Coming Soon

S4BB is offering up more free software downloads for your Berry. Currently they have 4 titles up for offer:

BBCalls: BBCalls integrates JAJAH functionality with your Berry and allows you to make cheap (or even free) phone calls.

BerryQuery: This handy app searches all BlackBerry info sites from your BlackBerry handheld.

ScreenSaver: This little app is a quick and easy way to start a screensaver on your Berry.

DailyQuote: This one is coming soon. Daily Quote will spit out a new and famous quote to you every time you open the app. 'I have a dream...' You get the idea.

All of these apps can be downloaded via Desktop and OTA. Click here for more information and installation instructions.

Cool Stuff offers up free traffic cameras, viewable from your Berry. Camera locations are spread around the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Slovenia, Sweden and the UK. They currently have 5,304 cameras... and the site claims to be the most 'comprehensive collection of traffic cameras for mobile devices'.

Can't argue with that. I spent a few minutes poking around the cameras in the Vancouver, Canada location. Cool beans indeed.

You can check out here, or view the cameras on your Berry at

Coming Soon

Desktop Manager 4.5 and 4.6Desktop Manager 4.5 and 4.6 Screenshots Emerge

Earlier this week, desktop Manager 4.5 and 4.6 Screenshots emerged at CrackBerry. Kudos to Ronen at BerryReview for the snaps of 4.5, and to the crew at BlackBerrySync for the pics of 4.6. As you can see for yourself in this post, it looks like 4.5 and 4.6 are almost visually identical. The big difference seems to be 4.6's inclusion of MediaSync for connecting directly to iTunes.

More Screenshots and Info Here >

Until Next Week..

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