BlackBerry Software Roundup

Another great week in the BlackBerry world, wouldn't you say? Lets wrap things up nicely this week with my BlackBerry Software Roundup. An unusually big selection of new titles this week for your berry. Covered this week are:

New BlackBerry Software: VibAndRing, The Office Game, Jewel Miner, KON-TIKI, Swoosh Sudoku Beta, iBerry 2.0 Theme, Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart, mySchedule NFL 2008, DataViz Premium Documents To Go

Updated BlackBerry Software: BerryTunes 2.5, Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter 3.0, IM+

Free BlackBerry Software: BerryQuery, GridMagic CE, Bebris: Free Tetris Game

Cool Stuff: UNO for BlackBerry,,

New BlackBerry Software

VibAndRing for BlackBerryVibAndRing

When an incoming call is received, have you ever noticed how your device will first vibrate, and when vibrating is finished, THEN it will start to ring? Seems to be a quirky little thing with most Berry devices (at least that has been my experience when I've had my devices on vibrate+ring). The new VibAndRing app eliminates this problem. It allows you to set the vibration alert and ringtone alert at the same time. It also lets you set how long the vibration alert should last. If this quirk bothers you, you might want to pick up this app.

Get VibAndRing from for only $7.00 >

The Office Game for BlackBerry'The Office' Game

I love 'The Office'. Hilarious show. In fact, it was my birthday the other day and I received one of those talking Hallmark cards, featuring Michael Scott from 'The Office'... ahhh, good times. Anyways, Bplay has released 'The Office' game for the BlackBerry. In the game, your goal is to earn the title of 'Office Champion' by playing different mini-games. Choose from basketball, balance, paper battle, chair racing and more. All of your favorite characters from the show are featured. This is a good one.

Pick up 'The Office' for $6.99 at Bplay >

Jewel Miner for BlackBerryJewel Miner

Jewel Miner is built on the old puzzle standard. Clear the jewels by aligning 3 or more adjacent jewels of the same color. Keep matching colors to stop your mine from 'flooding'. Lots of extra features in this game including level mode or continuous mode... Small or big jewel options... and you can even save your game and continue where you left off.

Jewel Miner is available for $9.99 at >

Note: This game is compatible with the 8800 or Curve series only.

Kon-Tiki for BlackBerryKON-TIKI

Lets continue the whole puzzle game theme. New to our store this week is another puzzle game called KON-TIKI. I'm sure you've seen similar games around online or for purchase. In this title, shoot your pearls to match 4 or more of the same color. Score combos to increase your score dramatically. This one has some great graphics, and the gameplay is smooth and addicting.

Pick up KON-TIKI from for $9.99 >

Note: This game is compatible with the Curve, 8800 and 8700 series only.

Swoosh Sudoku for BlackBerrySwoosh Sudoku Beta

One more puzzle game to tell you about this week. Swoosh Sudoko is currently in Beta. Enjoy Sudoku on the go with Swoosh Sudoku. The game features hints for tough puzzles, 5 levels of difficulty, and an intuitive interface. As mentioned, the game is still in Beta, so try it out and be sure to let the developers know if you run into any bugs... or if there are some features you'd like to see added.

For more info, visit

Download OTA at

iBerry 2.0 Theme for BlackBerryiBerry 2.0 Theme

If you're a theme addict, Bplay has launched the new iBerry 2.0 Theme. Should be a good one to add to your collection, especially if you love your mac stuff. The theme takes design cues from the iPhone with colorful icons and sharp, crisp design. It's a sure-fire way of spiffing up your Berry with a new look :) Looks to be that the theme is available in icon, zen and today styles.

Get iBerry 2.0 from Bplay for only $7.99 >

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart for BlackBerryCrash Bandicoot Nitro Kart

Vivendi Games Mobile have released another cool title via the Bplay store. This time around it's Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart. Take Crash Bandicoot on wild rides in his cart on 16 different tracks. You can use Crash, or choose from 8 other characters. 10 weapons are available to help you 'dust' your opponents and slow them down... and there are 5 different game modes to mix things up.

Pick up a copy of Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart from Bplay for $9.99 >

mySchedule NFL for BlackBerrymySchedule NFL 2008

NFL fans are going to love this one. mySchedule NFL is a scheduler for the NFL 2008 season. It includes all 32 teams' full schedules, standings and team rosters. With it you can view weekly schedules, export team schedules to your calendar, view detailed player and team info, hit up team websites... or even call for tickets directly from the app.

Get mySchedule NFL at for only $14.95 >

DataViz Premium for BlackBerryDataViz Premium Documents To Go

The Premium version of Documents To Go is now available. Thanks for Jason from DataViz for tipping us off. With the premium edition you can now create new Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, spell check, insert and delete tables in word processing files, sort spreadsheets and a whole lot more. They've made a lot of upgrades and feature additions in this Premium version.

To download a Free 30-Day Trial, click here.

For more info, and to purchase, click here.

Updated BlackBerry Software

BerryTunes 2.5 for BlackBerryBerryTunes 2.5

BerryTunes has been updated to version 2.5. The new version now supports streaming podcasts and stereo bluetooth... woohoo! If you haven't tried BerryTunes yet, you probably should. There's a Free 7-Day trial for new users... so you can try before you buy. BerryTunes turns your BlackBerry into a portable sound machine. With it you can listen to audio files, live internet radio, streaming podcasts and more!

Get BerryTunes 2.5 from for only $24.99 >

Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter 3.0Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter 3.0

Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter has been updated to 3.0. Antair is one of the best spam blocking solutions for your BlackBerry. It stops spam right where it should... directly on your BlackBerry device. No need to depend on desktop apps, corporate servers or other third-party services. With Antair you have all of the spam blocking power you need right in the palm of your hand. It's simple, powerful, and there are no subscription fees either. Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter should work flawlessly on any device with RIM OS 4.1 or above.

Get Antair BlackBerry Spam Filter 3.0 from ShopCrackBerry for only $49.95 >

IM+ for BlackBerryIM+ Updated Again

IM+ has been updated yet again. This time it is up to version 5.2.7. With IM+ you can chat in real time via most of the popular messengers... via your BlackBerry. Connect to MSN Live Messenger, Yahoo!, AIM, iChat, ICQ and more. You don't have to pay for your IM's, just pay for your standard data transfer. SMS messages are cheap and can be sent directly from IM+ as well. If you purchase, all further updates are included at no charge!

Get IM+ from for $49.95 >

Free BlackBerry Software

BerryQuery for BlackBerryBerryQuery

I can't go a week without mentioning at least ONE free title from our store... so I'll start with BerryQuery this week. BerryQuery is a handy little FREE app that allows you to quickly and easily search BlackBerry information sites from your device. It installs quickly, is super-easy to use, and it just plain comes in handy.

Get your copy of BerryQuery from for FREE >

GridMagic CE for BlackBerryGridMagic CE

GridMagic Community Edition is the only free spreadsheet software available for the BlackBerry. I should note, it is free for 'non-commercial and educational use'. If you're using for business/commercial use... be good upgrade to the standard, professional or enterprise edition would ya? The community edition supports over 65,000 rows and 256 columns. You can run multiple sheets per workbook, zoom, sync with your desktop and a whole lot more.

Get GridMagic CE from for FREE >

Bebris for BlackBerryBebris: Free Tetris Game

Our friends over at notified us of a new, free Tetris game for the BlackBerry. The current version is in Beta, but they want as many people as possible to check it out and notify them of any bugs or fixes. The game features 3 levels of difficulty, and gameplay is simple and intuitive.

For more info or to download the beta demo, click here. You'll need to install via your Desktop Manager.

Note: The game should work with all current Pearl, Curve and 8800 series devices.

Cool Stuff

UNO for BlackBerryUNO for BlackBerry

When I was younger, my family used to always get together and plan UNO. Not sure if that was a good or a bad thing, but I remember having lots of fun. So you can imagine my pleasure when I happened to notice that UNO is available for the BlackBerry, and it's in our store! In this version you can play with the classic rules, or configure your own custom set of rules. You can play up to 3 other players, select a custom character, and a whole lot more. Good fun, and good times with this classic family card game.

Get UNO for BlackBerry at for $14.99 >

Zinadoo for is a cool little service that lets you create your very own free mobile website. There are lots of handy tools up for offer as well including SMS, SEO tools, widgets, and directory creation... all of these can be used to enhance your new mobile website. They've also just released a YouTube upload/add tool that lets you stream videos to your BlackBerry. This is cool if you want to post and share your videos via your mobile site!

Registration at Zinadoo is free and easy. For more information, go ahead and visit

Do you have a youngster that has his or her own mobile device? Or are they always grabbing your BlackBerry to play with it? If they are, you might want to point them to iKidz is a cool little kids site that has clean jokes, games, brain teasers, fun facts and more.

A mobile site for the kids. I like it.

Check it out for yourself at

Until Next Week..

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