BlackBerry Software Roundup

An unusual amount of Free BlackBerry Software is upon us this week, along with the usual array of new, updated and cool titles. Lets get down to it. Covered in this weeks' roundup are:

New BlackBerry Software: Viigo Project Tango, Loopt, BEIKS French/English Dictionary

Updated BlackBerry Software: BlackBerry Unite, VR+, IntelliGolf Eagle, Google Maps, Ascendo Money, BerryDialer

Free BlackBerry Software: Website Launcher, MyWaves, Instango, Chess Puzzles, JiveSlide, MorseMe

Cool Stuff: Quit Smoking, RideCharge, InstaMapper,

New BlackBerry Software

Viigo Project Tango Public Beta Now AvailableViigo Project Tango Public Beta Now Available

Chances are you've already read about this in the blogs at If you haven't, you can read Kevin's post here ( After much waiting, you can now download a beta copy of Viigo Project Tango for Free. A private beta is available as well, Viigo is accepting some 2,000 beta testers to put the app through the ringer. The public beta is of course available for anyone and everyone.

For more info, watch this overview video

For more information on the public beta, head on over to, or install it OTA from

Loopt Now Available for BlackBerry UsersLoopt Now Available for BlackBerry Users

Loopt turns your BlackBerry into a 'social compass'. See where your friends are and what they're doing without having to call, text or IM them. You can use it to share photos taken a second ago, or send over some tips or info on some cool places you just visited. A cool feature that I appreciate is you can change your privacy settings so that no one will find you. Thank goodness for that... I'm sure not everyone wants anyone else on the Loopt network to know what they're up to at all hours of the day :)

Loopt for BlackBerry is a free download. For more information and to register/download, click here .

BEIKS French English DictionaryBEIKS French/English Dictionary for BlackBerry

Need a bi-directional dictionary for French to English and vice-versa!? BEIKS has released a brand new French/English dictionary for use on the BlackBerry. It has been designed to cover the needs of the English speaker that needs help with his or her French while on the go. If you find yourself dealing with French clients for your business or even personal life, this new dictionary is a must-have.

Get BEIKS French/English Dictionary for BlackBerry for only $29.95 >

Note: A free trial is also available.

Updated BlackBerry Software

BlackBerry Unite 1.01BlackBerry Unite 1.01

BlackBerry Unite has gone to 1.01. If you have the app installed, you should have received an auto-update. Once again, as with so many other apps, there is no changelog available, so I can't tell you the details on what exactly is new... However, I would recommend you update, as I'm sure there are the usual number of bug and glitch fixes.

For more info or to download this new version, click here >

VR+ for BlackBerryVR+ Updated to 2.4.5

VR+ is an excellent app that lets you record voice messages and e-mail them in mp3 format to any PC or mobile... On top of that it also lets you share your recordings on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Blogger! Talk about useful! Simply record, stop, save, and send your voice recording on its way. The app is compatible with all 8100 series, 8800 series and 9000 series (Bold!) BlackBerry Devices.

Get VR+ at for only $29.95>

Note: This new version should be a free upgrade for existing users. Check your 'My Account' page for more info.

IntelliGolf EagleIntelliGolf Eagle v9.02

IntelliGolf Eagle has released a new version (v9.02) that adds a GPS option to the software. The option is a $10 add-on. With the GPS you can use it to track your shots, view distances, and a heck of a lot more. The app can provide precious data for the serious golfer. It's a little pricy, but it is a full-featured app, and one that works well. A must-have for the low-handicap golfer, or even the high-handicap golfer looking to shave a few more strokes off their game. Knowledge of distances is power :)

Read more about the new Eagle Edition and GPS option here >

Google Maps for BlackBerryGoogle Maps

Google Maps has been updated to now include transit info. The app now includes transit directions complete with fare and stops for over 50 cities across the US and Canada. If you take the bus around town, this might be a cool option for you to use while you run about town.

For more information, or to install the update OTA, punch in on your BlackBerry web browser.

Ascendo Money for BlackBerryAscendo Money Personal Finance Manager

Ascendo Money is the most comprehensive money manager for the BlackBerry and PC desktops. With it you can keep track of your spending, your budgets, your bills and a whole lot more. It comes complete with advanced features like auto-complete for entering payees, recurring transaction management, and bank reconciliation. It's the best-selling personal finance manager for the BlackBerry

Get Ascendo Money Personal Finance Manager from ShopCrackBerry for $29.95 >

BerryDialer for BlackBerryBerryDialer 1.6.1

BerryDialer has been updated to 1.6.1. With it, you can use calling cards with your BlackBerry. In this update you will find:

  • More supported languages and variations: English (American, Canadian, English, Australian), German (German, Austrian and Swiss) and Spanish (Castilian and Catalan).
  • Remembers the last used calling card.
  • Supports 'dial through' calling cards.

Get BerryDialer 1.6.1 from for $39.99 >

Free BlackBerry Software Website Website Launcher

If you haven't installed this on your Berry yet... what's wrong with you!? (kidding)

Seriously though, the Website Launcher is a handy shortcut you can use on your Berry at any time. Once installed, you'll see the CrackBerry logo on your device's homescreen. Click it, and your web browser will open and take you straight to the mobile-optimized site at If you're a forums junkie, this free app is a must, as it connects you to a wap version of our forums as well... For those that just have to post on the go :)

Get the Website Launcher at for FREE >

MyWaves for BlackBerryMyWaves Free Streaming Video

If you're running OS 4.3 & 4.5 you might want to give MyWaves a try. It's a free mobile video streaming service. Think of it like another free mobile YouTube for use on your BlackBerry. I can't confirm how well this will work on certain OS's... But give it a try and you might be more than pleasantly surprised.

To start viewing videos, head on over to from your Berry's browser... And to install a handy BlackBerry homescreen launcher hit up

Instango Instant Messenger for BlackBerryInstango Instant Messenger

Instango is a new IM client for BlackBerry that ties together all of your chat clients. Conect to your GoogleTalk, AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, QQ, Gadu-Gadu and XMPP/Jabber accounts, all from within Instango. There are also loads of other features, including free chat, push-to-talk service, file sharing, email, realtime news feeds (RSS) and a whole lot more.

For more information, or to get Instango for free, visit >

Chess Puzzles for BlackBerryChess Puzzles for BlackBerry

If you enjoy a good game of chess, we have a cool little game available for free in the ShopCrackBerry store. Chess Puzzles for BlackBerry comes with a selection of chess puzzles for you to solve. You can also download new puzzles from the server, and solve them while offline. It's a cool little game for those that love mind-benders... So give it a try, heck, it's free :)

You can pick up Chess Puzzles for BlackBerry at for FREE >

JiveSlide for BlackBerryJiveSlide for BlackBerry

Do you have a lot of photos stored online at Yahoo Photos or Flickr? If you do, you might want to check out JiveSlide. With JiveSlide you can link your online albums to your JiveSlide account and watch as their proprietary server technology displays your photos instantly on your BlackBerry. JiveSlide automatically resizes, rotates, and adjusts the image for optimum viewing on your device. A cool free app for taking your pictures with you on the go... no matter where you are.

Get JiveSlide for BlackBerry for FREE at >


MoseMe is a cool and free little app that lets you translate text into morse code! That's right, using your device's backlight, you can translate any messages into morse code. It works with MemoPad, Browser, Calendar, Address Book, Tasks, Email, and PIN Messages. Now, don't ask me why I would ever need to translate a message to morse code... but for free I'll give it a shot.

Get more info and OTA download links here >

Cool Stuff

Quit Smoking With the Help of Your BerryQuit Smoking With the Help of Your Berry

Our friend Ronen at BerryReview wrote about this a few days ago and I thought it was quite interesting... If you're a smoker and you want to stop smoking, then we have 2 applications built for the Berry that might be of help.

The first is It's a java app for the BlackBerry that offers a program gradually encourages you to reduce your smoking habits until they are gone for good (hopefully).

The second is This app is almost identical, however there is one major difference. The app offers a 'countdown' until your next smoke. I can see all of the smokers/berry users staring down their Berry in anticipation of the timer ticking down to 0:00... Smoke Time!

I shouldn't jest. Hopefully at least one person out there reads this and stops smoking because of it. Filthy habit... Try them out and let me know if they actually work for you!


Have you ever wished you could call a cab while you're in a meeting, from your BlackBerry? Enter RideCharge... With RideCharge you can book, pay and expense your cab rides all from your BlackBerry. The app even offers alerts when your cab has arrived... Plus, once you get where you're going, the app can charge directly to your mobile, so there is no need to deal with cash. Very cool. Only downside is it is only available in select American cities... But what a cool idea.

To learn more about RideCharge, click here >



InstaMapper is a 100% free real-time GPS tracking service that should work well on all newer versions of BlackBerry. Your position is updated in real-time, with your position updated every few seconds. View your location as a moving dot on a map! The interface makes heavy use of Google's mapping API, which is excellent.

  • To see a demo, click here >
  • For the installation tutorial, click here >
...Or for more info, read the InstaMapper Blog.

If you're on the road a lot and need to rent a car... Hertz is coming to the rescue! Hertz has launched a new mobile website that is ultra-simple and to the point. You can use it to get rental quotes, reserve a car, view or modify a reservation, and much more. I've got to say I appreciate the simplicity of it!

To check it out yourself go to from your desktop or BlackBerry web browser.

Until Next Week..

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