BlackBerry Software Roundup

Before I get started I want to wish all of our American friends a Happy Independence Day! I hope you're having a good one... and maybe I can make your day and weekend a little better by bringing some new BlackBerry software into your life :)

I'm dubbing this week, the 'week of the beta'. Seems as though there were an unusual amount of apps going beta... Strange... but true.. and cool for all of you that love hopping on the beta train to test things out. Covered in this weeks' roundup are:

New BlackBerry Software: Fusion Voicemail Plus Beta, SplashMoney, Pong!, TaskMailer Beta, Moodio Beta, SpotJots Mobile, BlipSocial Beta

Updated BlackBerry Software: Google Maps, RDM+, AutoStandby

Free BlackBerry Software: Website Launcher, MaxMem, QSMS

Cool Stuff: BlackBerry BOLD Wallpaper Gallery,, Astraware Fireworks

New BlackBerry Software

Fusion Voicemail Plus for BlackBerryFusion Voicemail Plus in Beta for BlackBerry

PhoneFusion has released the Beta of Fusion Voicemail Plus. It's a free service allows you to consolidate all of your voicemail boxes (home, cell, VoIP, etc.) and view messages right on your screen. Click on the voicemail you want to hear, and that's the one you get. Cool!

For more info on Fusion Voicemail Plus or to get on the Beta, click here.

SplashMoney for BlackBerrySplashMoney for BlackBerry

SplashData has just released SplashMoney for the BlackBerry. Former or current Palm users might recognize it, as SplashMoney was one of the best finance apps for Palm devices. SplashMoney allows you to manage your money anytime, anywhere. Create budgets and track and analyze spending with customizable charts and reports. A cool feature found in this app is the ability to connect wirelessly to your bank to grab information and manage transactions.

Get SplashMoney for BlackBerry at ShopCrackBerry for only $29.95 >

Note: A free trial is also available.

Pong! for BlackBerryPong! for BlackBerry

How could I not include this one in the roundup? The classic game of Pong! is now available for the BlackBerry. I don't think I need to give much explanation at all here :) If you had one of those old original gaming consoles and want to bring the old school to the new school... You can pick up Pong! for your Berry for only a few bucks :)

Get Pong! for BlackBerry at for only $3.99 >

TaskMailer for BlackBerryTaskMailer Beta

New from S4BB comes the TaskMailer Beta. TaskMailer allows you to easily create and email tasks from your Berry. Create a task and email it out in iCal and/or vCal format. Doing this will enable you to import it to Outlook, Entourage or iCal. Handy!

If you'd like to get on the beta, go here and enter your name and email address.

Moodio for BlackBerryMoodio Beta

Moodio lets you listen to most web radio feeds from your Berry's built-in media player app. It does this by recoding them into low-bitrate streams. To try it out, go to from your desktop computer and sign-up. From there, search and add radio streams to your profile. THEN, simply go to from your Berry and sign-in. Click the station you want to listen to and BAM, you're in :)

For more information, visit

SpotJots for BlackBerrySpotJots Mobile

The folks at Ten23 Software are making the jump from enterprise to consumer... and they're doing so with SpotJots Mobile. SpotJots is a location-based networking app that gives you the ability to upload photos, voice-notes, videos and more... all while you're on-the-go. It works great on GPS enabled Berry devices, but it even works on Berry's without GPS. The app lets you input your current location manually.

Get SpotJots Mobile for free here , or text SPOTJOTS to 41411.

BlipSocial for BlackBerryBlipSocial Beta

BlipSocial is looking for Beta testers. You want in? (...and didn't I tell you this was a 'Beta' version of the roundup!? :P)

BlipSocial lets you make your usual daily tasks location smart. Download BlipSocial with or without GPS, and you can find the next train, restaurant, or anything else nearby that you might need. It's pretty cool.

For more information or to get on the Beta, visit on your Berry's web browser or desktop computer.

Updated BlackBerry Software

Google Maps for BlackBerryGoogle Maps Adds Voice Search

Voice Search has been added to the Google Maps application for the Pearl series (don't ask me why the 8800 and 8300 series have been excluded).

To use it, center the map on your location, then hold down the left side convenience key and speak a name or location. That's it!

To install, simply go to from your BlackBerry browser. Installation is complete in 3 easy steps. For more information or to have a download link sent directly to your phone, go here.

RDM+ for BlackBerryRDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles

RDM+ Remote Desktop for Mobiles allows you to access your desktop or laptop from any BlackBerry device. Send and receive emails, surf the web, edit documents and a whole lot more, all from your BlackBerry. The interface and navigation are clean and simple... it's surprisingly easy to use. The developer requires OS 4.0 and higher, but recommends 4.1 OS and higher.

Get RDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles at for only $49.95 >

Note: A 7-Day free trial is also available.

AutoStandby for BlackBerryAutoStandby

AutoStandby is a new app for the BlackBerry that will automatically put your device in standby when it has gone idle for a set amount of time. Unlike the typical keylock mode, standby mode saves you a whole lot of battery life by putting your hardware into a semi-sleep mode. Even with AutoStandby enabled, you'll still receive texts, emails, phone calls and everything else you normally would... only difference is you're saving on battery life!

Get AutoStandby at for only $4.95 >

Free BlackBerry Software Website Website Launcher

I'm mentioning the Launcher yet again because I don't think enough of you are using it... and you should :) (If you already have it installed, please ignore this entry... but seriously, isn't the launcher handy!?) The app simply installs a shortcut onto your device homescreen. Whenever you get the urge to 'get your fix', click the icon and it will take you directly to's mobile-optimized website at

Get the Website Launcher for FREE at >

MaxMem for BlackBerry

New from the developers at BerryCoder is MaxMem for BlackBerry. It's a free memory optimization app for your device. BerryCoder claims that it frees up to 5MB of memory, no matter what model you are running. It does this by removing themes, files and apps that you don't use. If you need to free up some space, it could be worth a try... But I would have to warn you, please do backup your Berry before trying this one out :)

To download and install MaxMem OTA, visit on your Berry.

QSMS for BlackBerry

Also from BerryCoder comes QSMS for BlackBerry. If you've ever wondered if there was a way to let you send an SMS message via a keyboard shortcut... That's exactly what this little app does. Install the app and you will then be able to use the 'Q' key to compose an SMS. Handy if you send a bunch of SMS messages throughout the day. Like MaxMem, this app is free as well.

To download and install QSMS OTA, hit up on your Berry.

Cool Stuff

BlackBerry BOLD Wallpaper GalleryBlackBerry BOLD Wallpaper Gallery

The BlackBerry Wallpaper Gallery has been a hit on our site for some time now... and there's more good news. We've recently expanded the wallpaper gallery to include wallpapers for the BlackBerry BOLD. The BOLD runs a 480x320 resolution, so this new category will contain wallpapers optimized for this size. There aren't too many wallpapers in there yet, but just you wait for the BOLD to start shipping and this category will fill up in no time :)

Visit the BlackBerry BOLD Wallpaper Gallery >

If you've been hunting for a 'daily funny' application to give you a little laugh, may be the answer. With JokeorNot you will get a clean joke, riddle and dirty joke of the day... They're all rotated out daily. I like the site. It's clean, simple and the jokes aren't that bad.

To try it out visit on your BlackBerry web browser.


Astraware Fireworks for BlackBerryAstraware Fireworks

Ok, this might be a bit ridiculous, but it's for real. It is essentially just a screensaver for your BlackBerry that lets you 'watch a fireworks display'. It includes particle effect firework explosions, patriotic backgrounds, fun sound effects.... and it's FREE. Having said this, I hope you do not let your Berry addiction keep you from getting out and enjoying REAL fireworks on the 4th. But if you do find yourself alone or in the office and in need to celebrate the 4th of July... Heck... might as well give this app a try :P

To try out Astraware Fireworks, click here to register and install for free.

Until Next Week..

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