BlackBerry Software Roundup

It appears to me that new and updated software titles for the BlackBerry have started picking up yet again. Seemed as though there was a slowdown a week or two ago. That's good news for all of us, especially if you like trying out new apps. As per usual, lots of goodies to talk about in this weeks' roundup. Covered this week are the following titles:

New BlackBerry Software: BES Service Pack 6, Emoticons!, Weight Tracker, Cram, Agendus, MyMileageGenie, EZ3Way

Updated BlackBerry Software: Pocketday, SnapScreen, Mobiola Video Studio, Ascendo Money, Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro

Free BlackBerry Software: Maufait Instafind, xTemplate

Cool Stuff: EmailFuture

Coming Soon: eWallet

New BlackBerry Software

BES Service Pack 6BES Service Pack 6

For the admins in the crowd, this past week the latest patch for BES became available. The big changes in this service pack include rich content e-mail, support for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 and more. Reconciling permanent message deletion has been improved as well.

For more details on this update click here, or go here to get BES 4.1.6.


Need a whole whack of fancy new emoticons for your messages? In Emoticons! you'll get a whole bunch of happy, sad, winking emoticons... and more. All emoticons are inserted as text alternatives, so that the recipient can receive them. What a great way to 'spice up' that dull old email :)

Purchase Emoticons! before August 10 and you'll be eligible to win a MacBook Pro!

Get Emoticons at for $3.99 >

WeightTracker for BlackBerryWeight Tracker

Trying to shed a few pounds? Or just want to keep tabs on your weight? Weight Tracker is a new app from Link-two that allows you to measure your daily progress. Track your weight, manage entries and watch as you progress (hopefully in the right direction!?) :) As with Emoticons! above, if you purchase before August 10 you could win a MacBook Pro.

Get Weight Tracker for $7.99 at >

Cram for BlackBerryCram

Cram is a handy little app that lets you create, import and study for tests on the go. With it you can review anything on the go from materials on an upcoming test to vocabulary, trivia and more. The interface is clean and easy-to use. You can also use it to track results of your tests to keep a running history...and a log is also kept detailing which answers you got incorrect, and how you answered. This could prove to be an invaluable tool for anyone 'cramming' for exams... But don't get caught peeking at it during test time.

Get Cram for $19.99 at >

Agendus for BlackBerryAgendus for BlackBerry Goes Beta

Windows Mobile and Palm users have been using Agendus for quite some time now... The good news for BlackBerry users is that there is a new Beta of Agendus available for, you guessed it... the BlackBerry. Agendus is a personal information manager that gives you the ability to manage your tasks, calendar and more right from your handheld device.

For more info on the beta, click here. To check out some nifty screenshots, go here.

Note from the Developer: So far, the Beta has been well received and feedback has been positive! Starting on Wednesday, July 30th, iambic will offer Agendus for BlackBerry for HALF PRICE... that's $9.95. Purchasers will receive the current Beta version with an activation code that will work for the official release when it becomes available. Go to next Wednesday (July 30th) to learn more and make your purchase.

MyMileageGenie for BlackBerryMyMileageGenie

Do you do a lot of traveling for work? Are you a salesperson that is always on the road? MyMileageGenie might be a lifesaver. With it you can easily compile your monthly expense reports and more. It simplifies tracking, and creates your monthly reports related to your auto use in an instant. The app supports all Java Berry models, both BES and BIS. Project based accounting is built-in so that you can manage multiple projects or expense categories. Easily create, edit, delete and report all projects. There is even support for multiple currencies, imperial/metric, and excel/.csv formats!

This app isn't cheap, but a free trial is available for you to try before you buy.

Get MyMileageGenie at for $59.95 >

EZ3Way for BlackBerryEZ3Way

If you're tired of the frustration in 'attempting' to make a 3-way call on your BlackBerry... Your frustrations end here. EZ3Way is the fastest and easiest way to make 3-way calls from your device. You can setup and initiate 3-way calls right from your address book. Simply choose the 2 people you want to talk to and press call. EASY!

Get EZ3Way is available at for $29.95 >

Updated BlackBerry Software

Pocketday Beta for BlackBerryPocketday 5.4 Beta

A new beta version of Pocketday is now available. The beta is 'Bold Certified', so all of you out there clammering for the Bold can be sure the app will work perfectly on it.

Key new features in this version include:

  • Full native support for HTML emai
  • Support for multiple calendars
  • Support for Wi-Fi status
  • Many new RSS Feeds
  • Plus MANY more changes and fixes

OTA Installation Details can be found at the following links. Choose the link based on your OS:

SnapScreen for BlackBerrySnapScreen 1.1.1

I've mentioned SnapScreen many times here in the roundup... This week there's an update, with the app going to 1.1.1. The device screenshot utility now features these key upgrades:

  • You can now save screenshots as JPG, PNG and BMP in OS 4.2.2+.
  • Files are now saved in a logical format based on month, date, year, hour, minute and second.

You can get SnapScreen at for $6.99 >

Mobiola Video Studio for BlackBerryMobiola Video Studio 2.1.30

Mobiola Video Studio has been upgraded to 2.1.30. WIth Mobiola you get two apps in one. A video converter and a remote file manager. It's easy to use, and priced at a very reasonable price point.

Key features include:

  • Ability to convert DVD, YouTube, Google Video, and the majority of video formats to the best video format for your device.
  • Drag and drop to device functionality from DVD or your browser.
  • Drag and drop to local hard drive disks as well.
  • Subtitle support for most languages on DVD.
  • Speedy conversion and performance.

Get Mobiola Video Studio for $19.95 at >

Ascendo Money for BlackBerryAscendo Money 3.1.4

If you're looking for a handy way to manage your personal finances, Ascendo Money might be worth a shot. The app has recently updated to 3.1.4 and comes with powerful features that let you track your spending, stay within budgets, pay your bills and a whole lot more. With Ascendo Money you get simplified money management... at your fingertips.

Get Ascendo Money from for $29.95 >

Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro 1.1.1Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro 1.1.1

Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro is an extremely easy-to-use app that can be setup to give reminders on important events and a whole lot more. Set it up as a wake up call... when it goes off it can be setup to play music to you, so that you don't hear one of the sometimes annoying alert sounds. In a nutshell it's a 'beefed-up' alarms program for your Berry.

Pick up Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro for $8.99 at >

Free BlackBerry Software

Maufait Instafind for BlackBerryMaufait Instafind

Maifait is a free, personalized mobile content service that gives you access to the info you need, at any time. With it you can get a 411 service, flight tracker, movie showtimes, stock quotes, driving directions and a whole lot more. The app is fast, and darn easy to use.

Get Maufait Instafind for FREE at >

xTemplate for BlackBerryxTemplate

xTemplate is a utility that lets you use your text and email templates to send messages with repeating info. This is helpful for sending responses much quicker, instead of having to type them out as you usually would. Create different templates for personal or business use. It will save you a bunch of time!

Get xTemplate for FREE at >

Cool Stuff

Email Future for BlackBerryEmailFuture

Have you ever wanted to send out a reminder email? EmailFuture is a cool new service that lets you essentially do that... Send emails and schedule when they should arrive in your inbox. Shoot over reminders to yourself for anniversaries, birthdays, concerts, events, due dates... the list goes on.

You can read more about it over at

Coming Soon

eWallet for BlackBerryeWallet for BlackBerry

Coming in the next few weeks to the BlackBerry is eWallet from Ilium Software. The new BlackBerry version will come jam-packed with the same great features already available to Palm and Windows Mobile users. You can expect the new version to include full synchronization via the eWallet 6.1 Windows desktop software.

To read more about it, click here.

Until Next Week..

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