BlackBerry Software Roundup

The past week has been somewhat 'light' on the BlackBerry Software news. One might have to chalk it up to all of the BlackBerry BOLD, Thunder, Javelin and Kickstart news (and heck, maybe the iPhone 3G too!). At any rate, I've still found quite a few new and cool titles for us to check out. In this weeks' roundup you'll find:

New BlackBerry Software: PAC-MAN Fever, WordSearch, Video Caller ID, MobFinance, SwooshKakuro, SwooshSudoku

Updated BlackBerry Software: trackIT, BBSmart Shortcuts, Ascendo Fitness Calculators, AutoStandby, VNC+

Free BlackBerry Software: Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail, speedOmeter

Cool Stuff:, Vegas Pool Sharks

New BlackBerry Software

PAC-MAN Fever for BlackBerryPAC-MAN Fever

Woohoo! Gotta love more retro gaming on the BlackBerry. Namco Networks recently released a new title, 'PAC-MAN Fever' for download on the BlackBerry. Namco also has a number of other classics available including Ms. PAC-MAN, Galaga, Dig Dug and Super PAC-MAN to name a few. They also have plans to release more retro titles this summer including 3 more PAC-MAN games, BurgerTime Delight and Popeye! Stay tuned for those.

For more info on this game, and others... Hit up Namco's website.

To purchase PAC-MAN games, visit Handmark

Wordsearch for BlackBerryWordSearch for BlackBerry

Another one for the puzzle lovers! WordSearch is, as you might guess, the classic word search game... But now you can have it in the palm of your hand on your Berry! The game is extremely easy to use and play... Simply use the trackball to navigate around, highlight words and more! Words can be hidden on the board in any of the eight directions.

Get WordSearch for BlackBerry for only $5.99 at>

Video Caller ID for BlackBerryVideo Caller ID

New in this week is Video Caller ID. It's a cool app that allows you to add videos, full screen photos and even custom ringtones to incoming calls. Simply assign the media of your choice to a contact, and when they call... watch what happens :) There is a trial edition of this app available, and the developer highly recommends you try it out before you buy.

Buy Video Caller ID at for $19.95>

MobFinance EU Edition for BlackBerryMobFinance EU Edition

MobFinance EU Edition is a stock tracking and portfolio management app for the BlackBerry. It will allow you to track portfolios from 14 European stock exchanges by getting stock quotes and live charts delivered directly to your Berry. The app offers you a nice range of info on stocks, mutual funds and more from all of the 14 major European exchanges. There is also a real-time symbol lookup, but the developer notes that it is on a 10 minute delay (not really real-time then is it!?)

Pick up MobFinance EU Edition for $24.99 at>

Swoosh Kakuro for BlackBerrySwooshKakuro and SwooshSudoku

Swoosh Software now has 2 games available in the store!

SwooshSudoku has been around for a little bit already... and is an excellent Sudoku game for the puzzle lovers. Fill in the digits 1 to 9 so that each number is used just once, in each row and column. Gameplay is easy, there is 5 difficulty levels... and thousands of puzzles to play!

SwooshKakuro is a new title that has just arrived. It is a popular logic puzzle game also known as 'CrossSums'. Your goal is to fill in the grid with numbers 1 through 9 so that the sum of each line matches the associated clue, without any repetition in each line. Fans of SwooshSudoku will love this title.

Both titles are available at for $14.95. Free trials of each title are also available.

  • SwooshKakuro for BlackBerry>
  • SwooshSudoku for BlackBerry>

Updated BlackBerry Software

trackIT for BlackBerrytrackIT: TimeZone Edition (and Lite Edition)

The ultimate tool for any big traveller, trackIT: TimeZone Edition gives you access to over 500 time zones and cities worldwide. Need to call someone up on the other side of the planet, but don't know what time it is over there? Punch up trackIT and you'll get your answer. It features a time conversion calculator and a meeting planner which will help you co-ordinate meetings with offices and people in different time zones.

The full TimeZone Edition features multiple display profiles, customizable on-screen time zones, a handy in-app time calculator, meeting planner, and a few other features the 'Lite' version does not include. You'll want to check them both out to see which is right for you.

Free trials are available on both versions of this app.

  • trackIT: TimeZone Edition Lite> ($5.95 at
  • trackIT: TimeZone Edition> ($10.95 at

BBSmart Shortcuts for BlackBerryBBSmart Shortcuts 1.4.1

BBSmart Shortcuts version 1.4.1 has been released. A number of key features have been added which should enhance the application very nicely.

New Features in this version include:

  • more native and third-party apps available for selection in the toolbar
  • the ability to paste URLs when creating web shortcuts
  • support for large address books
  • pressing esc will dismiss the auto-complete dropdown

Get your copy of BBSmart Shortcuts from for $8.95>

Ascendo Fitness for BlackBerryAscendo Fitness Calculators

Want to get back into shape?... Or simply get into BETTER shape? Ascendo Fitness Calculators for BlackBerry can help you get on the right path. 'FitCalc' includes 10 fitness ratios used by healthcare pros to determine if you are physically fit. Each calculator takes into account your stats like weight, height and age, so that the results are tailored specifically for you. This is the most complete set of calculators available to help you measure and track your physical fitness.

Pick up Ascendo Fitness Calculators for BlackBerry at for $14.95>

AutoStandby for BlackBerryAutoStandby

AutoStandby is a simple app for your Berry that will let you automatically put your device into standby when idle for a set period of time. Doing this will save you significant battery life... While in standby your Berry will still receive emails, texts, phone calls, etc... So it's just like your phone was on normally. If you want a great way to save and extend your battery life, you might want to give AutoStandby a try.

Get AutoStandby from for only $4.95>

VNC+ for BlackBerryVNC+

Need a way to access and perform tasks on a desktop or laptop PC from your Berry? Enter Virtual Network Computing (or VNC) for the BlackBerry. Install the app on your device and enter the IP address and password used in VNC on your PC. Just like that you will be ready to view and experience the PC 'mini' desktop from your BlackBerry. This is an ideal tool for system admins, support personnel and IT managers to name a few!

Get VNC+ for $29.95 at>

Free BlackBerry Software

Windows Live for BlackBerryWindows Live Messenger and Hotmail

Live Messenger was only available on certain carriers while the BB Instant Messaging Clients review was going on. However, it recently opened up across the board and should work fine for you. Best of all it's available for free download. Along with Live Messenger comes a Live Hotmail app as well which offers free push e-mail from your Hotmail account.

Download for free right here>

speedOmeter for BlackBerryspeedOmeter

speedOmeter is one cool little tool that every walker, runner or bicyclist should have. The program uses the GPS integrated into your BlackBerry to display your speed, distance and time. You can even set low and high speed alerts to help pace your workout!

speedOmeter is a FREE app available for download OTA on any GPS enabled BlackBerry device.

To download, visit from your Berry's WAP browser.

Cool Stuff

Attention men. Maxim is hitting the mobile scene with the mobile version of their website. features all of the content you're used to reading in the mag or online... and there's a pretty good dirty joke of the day as well. To check it out for yourself simply hit up from your Berry's web browser.

Vegas Pool Sharks for BlackBerryVegas Pool Sharks

Mobile Hustlers unite! Vegas Pool Sharks is quite a nice little game of pool, brought right to your BlackBerry device. The game features a full 3D environment with tilt and zoom to help you aim your shots. Play against 4 opponents of increasing skill levels, in 3 different game types. Put just the right amount of 'english' on your shots to play position for the next shot.

You can get Vegas Pool Sharks at for $14.95>

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