BlackBerry Software Roundup

Yet another eventful week with lots of new apps in this weeks' BlackBerry Software Roundup. Lets get right into the action. Detailed in this edition of the roundup are:

New BlackBerry Software: BBSmart Shortcuts, Devil Hunter, Scrabble Blaster, Menstrual Calendar, Billiard, Bible Unleashed

Updated BlackBerry Software: GoogleTalk, TaskMaster, Wallpaper Megaplex, gFlash+ Flashcards/Trivia, MyPoynt

Free BlackBerry Software: FreeRange WebReader

Cool Stuff: FutureShop BlackBerry App,

New BlackBerry Software

BBSmart Shortcuts for BlackBerryBBSmart Shortcuts v1.4 Public Beta

Update: v1.4.1 Officially Released!!! ***

Neil from BBSmart posted on our forums an announcement on the release of the public beta for BBSmart Shortcuts 1.4. The intent of the beta is to fix bugs... and the app has 2 nice new features. You can now add a whole bunch of native & RIM apps to the toolbar... and you can now paste URL's as well.

For more information on BBSmart Shortcuts v1.4 Public Beta, read this forum thread.

To purchase the previous version of BBSmart Shortcuts (v1.3) for $8.95 at, click here.

Devil Hunter for BlackBerryDevil Hunter

First person shooter fans are in for a treat. The recently added 'Devil Hunter' game is an action-packed, 3D, first-person shooter game for the BlackBerry. It kind of looks like someone ported DOOM to the BlackBerry...similar at the very least. The game is large at over half a meg, but if you're big into mobile games I know you'll make room for it.

Get Devil Hunter at for $9.95 >

Scrabble Blaster for BlackBerryScrabble Blaster

Scrabble addicts, rejoice! Scrabble is now available on the BlackBerry via a new game called Scrabble Blaster. In Scrabble Blaster, all of the traditional rules apply... Plus, the official scrabble dictionary is included in the game to make sure only correct words are accepted. Once you complete a word, your tiles are automatically replenished and the game continues. Careful, you might get addicted to this one!

Get Scrabble Blaster at for $2.99 >

Menstrual Calendar for BlackBerryMenstrual Calendar for BlackBerry

Female CrackBerry addicts might want to give this one a look over... (or maybe not)... The new app, 'Menstrual Calendar for BlackBerry' allows women to keep track of their period. Benefits of using it include allowing you to keep an active diary, sort diary entries, export entries for sharing or transfering to another computer and more. It even allows you to keep stats that allow you to figure out your longest, shortest, and average period. I won't be trying this one out of course... So ladies, let me know if the app is worthwhile.

Pick up Menstrual Calendar for BlackBerry for $9.99 at >

Billiard for BlackBerryBilliard for BlackBerry

A new billiards game was released in our store this past week. Billiard for BlackBerry is a fun little game for those that enjoy the sport. The table is a little different, with only 4 pockets, but the gameplay is still fun. Controls are dead easy... simply use your trackwheel or trackball to move the cue and press a key to shoot. The only requirement for this game is you must be running a minimum of OS 4.1.

Get Billiard for BlackBerry at for $2.99 >

Bible Unleashed for BlackBerryBible Unleashed

From Handmark studios comes a new Bible app for the BlackBerry. The Bible Unleashed for BlackBerry is available for the Pearl, Curve and 8800 series. It claims to be the first and only Bible for the BlackBerry with instant wireless access to the most popular modern Bible translations. There's no need to install the complete Bible translations on your Berry itself. Browse and search 16 versions of the Bible instantly from your device.

For more information and to get your 2-day trial, visit

Updated BlackBerry Software

Google Talk for BlackBerryGoogleTalk 2.1.33

GoogleTalk has gone to 2.1.33. The updated version is reported to have some welcomed improvements including:

  • a smoother, more stable environment
  • small changes and improvements to the interface
  • the ability to save chats to your device or media card
  • the ability to group messages in a chat
GoogleTalk is free. To download the update, head on over to

TaskMaster for BlackBerryTaskMaster

TaskMaster, the next generation to-do and task management app has been updated. The app includes full featured task support. Insert due dates, priorities, notes, status, and more. Synchronize with Outlook, Lotus Notes, Act!, Novel Groupwise, iCal, Entourage and more. The app is also 100% compatible with the internal BlackBerry Tasks app and NextAction! If you're looking for a more powerful task application to keep you at your most productive, this might be worth a try.

Get TaskMaster at ShopCrackBerry for only $29.99 >

Wallpaper Megaplex for BlackBerryWallpaper Megaplex Updated

The Wallpaper Megaplex has long been one of the most comprehensive wallpaper apps available for the BlackBerry. Subscribe monthly or buy the lifetime access membership to browse thousands of wallpapers optimized for your Berry's resolution. Get real-time access right from your Berry, and you can even subscribe to the RSS feed that will keep you updated on the latest wallpapers to be added to the service. This latest update includes the addition of a custom search field for the 2nd wallpaper database.

Get the Wallpaper Megaplex Monthly Subscription for $3.99 >

Get the Wallpaper Megaplex Lifetime Access for $14.99 >

gFlash+ for BlackBerrygFlash+ Beta 0.6.3 Flashcards/Trivia Update

skicson notified our members in the forums of an update to the popular gFlash + flashcards and trivia app. Some of the new features that have been added include:

  • image content
  • ability to change scores
  • ability to work with subsets of data
  • numerous bug fixes

skicson has also noted that the community has contributed nearly 100 new flashcard and trivia sets, with more getting added all of the time.

To read more about it, visit the forum thread started by skicson here.

MyPoynt for BlackBerryMyPoynt Beta 0.8.5

MyPoynt Beta has gone to 0.8.5. For those of you not familiar with MyPoynt, it's a free local search service that connects you to local businesses, retailers and movie theaters exactly when you need them. Get addresses, phone numbers, interactive maps, directions and a heck of a lot more with MyPoynt. This latest update contains a bunch of minor bug fixes. If you were experiencing any problems, you may want to update.

To download the new version head on over to

Free BlackBerry Software

FreeRange WebReader for BlackBerryFreeRange WebReader

FreeRange is a free and fast news and image ready for Java, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Palm phones. The app has been in constant development for the past 3 years, all the while improving functionality while listening to customer feedback. FreeRange claims to be the fastest way to read news on your phone... (um, Viigo!?) With this app you can share news via email or There is a wide variety of keyboard shortcuts available, and lots of custom options to tweak it up, making it work the way you want.

Get FreeRange WebReader for FREE at >

Cool Stuff

Futureshop App for BlackBerryFutureShop BlackBerry App

Future Shop has released a new app for the BlackBerry. It lets you browse the full catalog of products available at, and can also tap into your credit card info via the BlackBerry Wallet app if you want to make some online purchases. I can't say I've ever needed to make a purchase from FutureShop while I'm on-the-go, but some Canadian readers might get a kick out of this one.

For more info and installation instructions, click here.

Yet another superb mobile site came to the fore this past week. National Geographic Channel has launched a content rich portal at On the site you'll find all kinds of information about their shows, behind the scenes articles, photo galleries and even a TV schedule. Fans of National Geographic will love this one.

To check it out simply hit up from your BlackBerry web browser.

Until Next Week..

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