BlackBerry Software Roundup

Hope everyone out there had a great January. Personally, I can't wait till spring. The countdown is officially on for me. Come March temperatures start to get a little more reasonable around here :) Covered this week in my Software Roundup are the following titles:

New BlackBerry Software: PictureDial for the BlackBerry Storm, TalkLater, EveryHour, Ring With Vibe, Stock Manager, BeamReader

Updated BlackBerry Software: Where2Eat?, Ring and Vibrate

Free BlackBerry Software: doubleTwist desktop, QuickPull, US Time Zones Screensaver

Cool Stuff: Starwood Hotels & Resorts Deliver Mobile Site in 6 New Languages

New BlackBerry Software

PictureDial for the BlackBerry StormPictureDial for the BlackBerry Storm

Dial your contacts, even send SMS/PIN messages, emails... or even browse websites all using picture ID's! That's right, with PictureDial for the Storm you can take a picture, or use any gif, png or jpg image to dial your contacts and more. You can assign PictureDial to the left or right convenience button for quick and easy access. PictureDial supports both the Storm 9500 and 9530.

Pick up Picture Dial for the Storm for $5.95 at >

TalkLater for BlackBerryTalkLater

Covered this one last week, but I wanted to touch on it again for anyone that might have missed it. TalkLater is a handy new tool that lets you set callback reminders within your address book or call log. You can set it to remind you at set intervals who to call, and when to call them. Notifications can be set to pop-up, vibration and ringtone. All are selectable by you. With TalkLater you'll never forget to make an important phone call again.

Get TalkLater for $7.99 at >

EveryHour for BlackBerryEveryHour

EveryHour is a simple time notification app. Get alerted by a predefined sound (or select your own) every hour and/or every half hour. There are single and multi sound notification types... A simple app for sure, but one that could certainly come in handy. All you need is OS 4.2.1 or newer to run EveryHour.

Try EveryHour for $4.95 at >

Ring With Vibe for BlackBerryRing With Vibe

Ring With Vibe lets you customize how you hear a ringtone. Leave your phone in silent or vibrate mode and customize when and how you want to be notified of incoming calls. Never miss a call again! Set the app to 'ring always' and your device will vibrate and ring. There are also 'ring while charging' and 'ring when out of holster' settings you can try out. OS 4.2 or newer is needed to run this one.

Get Ring With Vibe for $2.95 at >

Stock Manager for BlackBerryStock Manager

If you're in the crazy markets these days, you might want to give this app a look. Stock Manager lets you check stock and index status, plus view the latest news from the markets. It's very simple and easy to use, and features support for all markets. The stock quotes come direct from Yahoo! Finance's website. Cool for checking stocks while you're on the run.

Pick up Stock Manager for $4.95 at >

BeamReader for BlackBerryBeamReader

BeamReader is the first full fidelity PDF reader for your Berry! View PDF attachments and documents stored on your memory card without any quality loss. All original fonts, images and formatting is preserved, and the files will look exactly as they do on your PC. Rendering of documents is local to your Berry, so there's no need to worry about racking up any data charges. In addition to its PDF viewing abilities, BeamReader is also a fully featured file manager. You gotta check it out to see for yourself!

To get BeamReader for $19.99 at Simply select your OS below:

Updated BlackBerry Software

Where2Eat? for BlackBerryWhere2Eat?

Need help finding a place to eat? Tired of the same old restaurants time and again? With Where2Eat? you can get lists of restaurants nearest you. The app only shows 3 restaurants at a time to help you make a decision quickly. Once you find a restaurant you're interested in, simply select it to see all of the pertinent data including phone number, address, type of food, etc... Handy stuff.

Pick up Where2Eat? for $9.99 at >

A version of Where2Eat? is available for the Storm as well.

Ring and VibrateRing and Vibrate

To go along with the Ring With Vibe covered in the new software section this week, Ring and Vibrate is a small app that lets your Berry let out a ringtone and vibration alert at the same time. With it, you can also set your own vibration pattern (cool). Set the interval between each vibration, the duration of each vibration, and the pattern of the vibrations (wanted to see how many times I could work in 'vibration'). Also included in the app is a feature which will auto-lock your device after a call ends. Buy it and receive free upgrades for future versions!

Get Ring and Vibrate for $8.00 at >

Free BlackBerry Software

doubleTwist desktopdoubleTwist desktop

doubleTwist desktop is a free PC app that lets you sync your video, images and iTunes playlists to your Berry and even gaming consoles. It will also help you send media files on to friends and family. Create MP3 versions of iTunes purchases, and easily transfer all of the videos shot with your device to your PC. Automatic conversion between a bunch of media formats, and optimization of video and audio quality settings is all built-in. The app requires Windows XP or Vista.

Pick up doubleTwist desktop for FREE at >

QuickPull for BlackBerryQuickPull

Need to free up some memory? (on your device, silly :P) Now you can quickly with QuickPull. This app simulates a 'battery pull' soft reset. It's quick and easy to use and install, and it really works. It's compatible with most Berry devices, including the BlackBerry Storm. To run this one, all you need is OS 4.2 or newer.

Pick up QuickPull for FREE at >

US Time Zones Screensaver for BlackBerryUS Time Zones Screensaver

This one is, well... a US Time Zone Screensaver! Surprised? This free download is a handy one if you'd like to fool around with some new screensaver action. It lets you view local times in four US time zones over top of one of three background maps.

Get the US Time Zones Screensaver for FREE at >

Cool Stuff

SPG.comStarwood Hotels & Resorts Deliver Mobile Site in 6 New Languages

If you travel a lot, chances are you've stayed at a Starwood Hotel or Resort through the years. Recently, they announced that their Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Mobile site is now available in six additional languages. At the moment you can get it in Japanese, Chinese and English. Coming soon are Spanish, German, French and Italian. Upon visiting the site you can explore various hotels around the world, book accomodations, contact customer service and even get directions to the hotel or resort to which you are traveling.

To check it out, hit up

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