BlackBerry Software Roundup

A new week, new software, and a new president for all of my friends in the US of A. Pretty good week for most. Without further delay, here are the titles covered in this weeks' BlackBerry Software Roundup:

New BlackBerry Software: JokeJukeBox!, BB BattStat, Storm Level Pro, TalkLater, Polyglotz, Hunting for BlackBerry!

Updated BlackBerry Software: EasyTip 2.3.0, Handy Weather 1.0.17, EZ Timer 1.2

Free BlackBerry Software: Chess Puzzles

Cool Stuff:, Sears Expands Sears2go

New BlackBerry Software

JokeJukeBox! for BlackBerryJokeJukeBox!

Have a hard time remembering jokes? Always stuck for a good icebreaker when out with friends or colleagues? JokeJukeBox is a cool little app that contains jokes on all sorts of subjects. Lawyers, relationships, blondes, business, computers... the list of subjects goes on and on. Pop open the Juke Box, select a category of joke, and voila you've got jokes right at your fingertips :) This one requires OS 4.1 and newer.

Pick up JokeJukeBox! for $1.49 at >

BB BattStat for BlackBerryBB BattStat

Need a larger or clearer image to indicate your battery status? With BB BattStat you can quickly view total percentage charge left on your battery via a large visual meter. The app will also provide you with more in-depth info on your battery such as battery temperature and voltage. Warning and status messages will also pop up in BB BattStat so that you can take the appropriate steps to alleviate the problem! Battery status and info is updated every few seconds.

Get BB BattStat for $3.95 at >

Storm Level ProStorm Level Pro

You might have already heard about this cool utility for the BlackBerry Storm. If you have, you already know that this small app will transform your Storm into a level and ruler. It automatically adjusts to portrait and landscape modes, and allows you to change between inches and centimeters. Surprisingly handy, I recommend this one to all the BlackBerry Storm users out there!

Get Storm Level Pro for $4.99 at >

TalkLater for BlackBerryTalkLater

With TalkLater you can set callback reminders for anyone in your address book or call log on your BlackBerry. Set it up, and TalkLater will remind you at intervals you chose, who to call and when to call. Alerts can be set to use a pop-up, vibration, and ringtone. It's the perfect utility to remind you on those special days like birthdays and anniversaries... And you can of course use it for work for client callbacks, meetings and more.

Pick up TalkLater for $7.99 at >

Polyglotz for BlackBerryPolyglotz

Need a talking translator? Enter Polyglotz! Polyglotz is a talking tranlaster that will translate and speak in multiple languages for you. The service supports over 30 languages, and you can use it in a pinch as a communication tool when in a foreign country. Because of its text-to-speech capabilities, Polyglotz is also being used as a speech aid by the deaf and non-verbal community. Very cool, and very useful indeed. Your purchase will give you a 5-year subscription to the service.

Try Polyglotz for $7.99 at >

Hunting for BlackBerry!Hunting for BlackBerry!

Remember Duck Hunt for the original NES system? Well, this isn't it, but Hunting for BlackBerry! does allow you to blow birds out of the air to your hearts' content. Your goal is to simply shoot all of the flying birds before time runs out on you. The game makes full use of the accelerometer found in the BlackBerry Storm. Pick where you'd like to aim, then tilt and turn your device to adjust your crosshairs and make your shot!

Get Hunting for BlackBerry! for $2.99 at > 

Updated BlackBerry Software

EasyTip for BlackBerryEasyTip 2.3.0

The ultimate tip and tax calculator for your BlackBerry. It's extremely easy to use, and comes in handy more often than you would think. You can even use it to calculate tips per person and more. All you need to run this one is OS 4.2 (or higher of course). Handy, simple and easy to use. Never get stumped on how much to tip ever again!

Pick up EasyTip for $4.99 at >

Handy Weather for BlackBerryHandy Weather 1.0.17

Get accurate and detailed weather forecasts on your BlackBerry with Handy Weather. The app delivers one-click access to the most current weather and forecast information. No crazy menus or navigation, just weather details when you need it. Forecasts for more than 40,000 locations worldwide are available and provided by Intellicast, the world's leading meteorological company. Tons of options are included, including temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Get Handy Weather for $17.95 at >

EZ Timer for BlackBerryEZ Timer 1.2

Need a timer for your device? EZ Timer from EzMobiGo will do the trick. This simple app features a pause and resume feature, plus a stop and continue feature (like most timers). You can set the alarm volume from loud, medium, low... all the way to muted. Vibration settings allow you to set your Berry to vibrate when time is reached, and you can even enable the timer to run in the background.

Try EZ Timer for $3.95 at >

Free BlackBerry Software

Chess Puzzles for BlackBerryChess Puzzles

Fan of a good game of Chess? Now you can get your fix of Chess right on your BlackBerry with Chess Puzzles. This app is designed to allow you to download chess puzzles from a main server and solve them while offline. The app comes with a free selection of puzzles for you to solve. Once you solve them all, you'll need to purchase and download more puzzles separately.

Get Chess Puzzles for FREE at >

Cool Stuff

Into the markets at all? Like to do a little day-trading in your free time? is a great mobile site that will let you research, trade, and view your Fidelity accounts all from your BlackBerry device. Look up real-time quotes, get market updates, setup watchlists and more. When the time comes to make a trade, you can use it to trade stocks, mutual funds and options. You can even get access to after hours trading, but you'll need pre-authorization for this.

To check it out, hit up from your Berry's browser.

For more info from Fidelity, go here.

Sears2goSears Expands Sears2go

Sears has expanded its mobile site, launching an appliance product line. What does this mean? Well, it means you can browse, buy, even schedule pickup, delivery and installation of home appliances available at Sears2go! Personally, I can't imagine buying an appliance via my BlackBerry, let alone scheduling delivery and setup with it... But hey, maybe I'm 'old school' when it comes to things like this :P

To check it out, hit up from your Berry's browser.

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