BlackBerry Software Roundup

It's cold up here in Canada. Real cold these days. So what have I been doing? Well, working on the weekly BlackBerry Software Roundup of course! Covered in this week's edition are the following titles for your BlackBerry:

New BlackBerry Software: LockIt, Pocket Informant, TaskReports, Enigma Games - Strategy Pack, Marble Trap

Updated BlackBerry Software: Viigo Adds Local Job Search Channel, WorldMate Live Adds Two New Features, Ascendo DataVault 4.4.8, SMSPic 1.1, MyCaption 1.4.4

Free BlackBerry Software: Holiday Theme and Wallpapers, GridMagic CE

Cool Stuff: VIP Birthdays

New BlackBerry Software


Lockit is a new app that automatically locks your BlackBerry when your call has ended or your screen has been turned off. Use of LockIt will help you eliminate making those extra phone calls by mistake, because your phone wasn't locked up! A very useful app to have if you've made calls by accident in the past.

Get LockIt for $4.00 at >

Pocket InformantPocket Informant

'The Next Generation in Personal Daily Management' comes in the form of Pocket Informant from Web Information Systems. It's a full-featured app that gives you a powerful agenda, day, week, and month views... Plus a nice task and contact view. Lots of neat little features included in this one.. Assign category colors and icons to your tasks, appointments and more. This is an awesome tool to help you get the most out of your day.

Pick up Pocket Informant for $19.95 at >


To keep going on productivity, TaskReports will give you an overview of all tasks and categories on your BlackBerry. Get on-device reporting and analysis of your task database. TaskReports is compatible with BlackBerry Tasks, NextAction!, TaskMaster, TaskMailer and QuickTask. If you have a ton of tasks and need a better way to manage, visualize and optimize them... TaskReports could be the answer.

Try TaskReports for $18.99 at >

Enigma Games Strategy PackEnigma Games - Strategy Pack

New from Enigma Games comes their strategy pack. It's a collection of strategy games including Warriors (Fantasy), EFL: Strategy Football (Sports), Solved! (Puzzle), Arm Wrestling League (Sports), and Jacks (Arcade). On their own the games would run you around $28... But this new pack bundles them all together for only $19.95. If you're searching for new great games for your Berry, you might want to try this value pack.

Get Enigma Games - Strategy Pack for $19.95 at >

Marble TrapMarble Trap

Marble Trap is an awesome new strategy game available now in our store. It's also one of the latest games to have a version available for the BlackBerry Storm! The goal of this game is to roll your marble through the maze and deposit your marble into the goal at the end. There's lots of traps and hazards to avoid, 64 great levels... and hours of great gameplay.

Updated BlackBerry Software

Viigo EditionViigo Adds Local Job Search Channel

Viigo has added a Job Search channel to the Local Interest service available in the app. The new Job Search function supports local searches in the US and Canada, and has options for location and industry type. Search all jobs for keywords, and select job postings for more detailed information. A new and different way to search for a job in your area!

Get Viigo - Edition right here >

WorldMate LiveWorldMate Live Adds Two New Features

The folks over at WorldMate have added two new awesome features to the WorldMate Live service. You can now access hotel booking within the web application (from your mobile AND your PC), and use a new WeatherCaster feature. WeatherCaster is a voice-animated weather forecast and alarm clock. It can be customized to meet your exact needs. The Hotel Booking web service uses a proprietary algorithm that considers the location of your itinerary items, and more, to deliver a list of hotel options suited to your needs. WorldMate Live users can also now receive up to $100 off every hotel booked directly through the web or mobile app. Cool!

Get the WorldMate Live Gold Membership (yearly subscription) at for $99.95 >

Ascendo DataVaultAscendo DataVault 4.4.8

Some new features and enhancements have been made to this popular application that stores confidential information for you. The list of key enhancements includes:

  • Implemented touch-screen support for selecting items, icons, drop-down lists, etc.
  • Added support for viewing in landscape and portrait mode, see screen shots below.
  • Implemented finger-swipe scrolling to navigate horizontally down list of items and vertically across fields.
  • Added screen short-cuts for Add, Edit, Save, Search, Copy-to-Clipboard and Send-by-Email.
  • Implemented Live Links for URLs, Emails and Telephone numbers. Tap link to initiate browser session, email or call.
  • Implemented automatic refresh after synchronization with DataVault Desktop.
  • Improved screen layout for category and type filters.
  • Optimized graphics for increased screen resolution and screen-tilting.
Pick up Ascendo DataVault for $29.95 at >

SMSPicSMSPic 1.1

SMSPic will let you quickly read and reply to SMS messages without having to open up the built-in messaging app. You can assign custom ids to senders, send different fonts and colors for the header and message body. You can even call the sender directly from the SMSPic application. If you deal with a lot of SMS messages, this one could be a time saver.

Pick up SMSPic for $4.95 at >

MyCaptionMyCaption 1.4.4

MyCaption is a great app that lets you 'write by voice'. Talk into your Berry and compose emails, memos, tasks, contact notes and more. The developer recently contacted us to let us know that they've added PIM functions and have also added integration for Microsoft Exchange Server and Google Apps such as contacts and notes. Also new to MyCaption is support for the BlackBerry Storm. This app simply keeps getting better and better.

Get MyCaption for $10.00 at >

Free BlackBerry Software

CrackBerry Holiday Holiday Theme and Wallpapers

As a special thank you to all of the members (new and old) of, we're giving away a free holiday theme! The theme is in honor of the site reaching the 500,000 member milestone... whoohooo! Credit goes out to Zach over at ZManThemes for putting this one together. It features a double zen layout which puts a whole lot of shortcuts on your homescreen. Theme up your berry with some CrackBerry holiday flavor. It's available for all Berry models with the exception of the Storm and 8900. Oh... and 3 great wallpapers are available as well :)

Get the Holiday Theme and Wallpapers here >

GridMagic CEGridMagic CE

GridMagic Community Edition is the only free spreadsheet app for the BlackBerry. You can use it free for non-commercial and personal use. Optimized for the Berry, it supports over 65,000 rows and 256 columns. Setup multiple sheets per workbook and a whole lot more. You get a lot of features for free in this great little spreadsheet app.

Try GridMagic CE for FREE at >

Cool Stuff

VIP BirthdaysVIP Birthdays

VIP Birthdays is a nifty little app that will show you birthdays of famous people. Check out the current day's celebrity birthdays, or select any other date you want to find out who was born on that day. A search feature is also built-in to the app to let you search for celebs by partial name. The archive of celebs/VIPs is stored locally for lightning-quick access. Over 20,000 birthdays can be found!

Get VIP Birthdays for $4.99 at >

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