BlackBerry Software Roundup

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OK enough shameless plugging for today, on to the roundup...

New BlackBerry Software: Bloglive, Games and Apps for the Storm, Appetite, New Themes

Updated BlackBerry Software: ReadyWords, PeeKaWho, iCall Manager LIGHT, Unit Converter

Free BlackBerry Software: QuickPull, Pronto

Cool Stuff: TiVo Mobile, Bubble Message

New BlackBerry Software

Bloglive Mobile Blogger AssistantBloglive Mobile Blogger Assistant

Do you blog? If you do, Bloglive can help you to get that breaking post up on the web, no matter where you are. Update your blog from anywhere by sending a simple SMS message. The app runs right on your Berry and allows you to write new entries, publish them, edit them after you post, and even delete them. Bloglive allows for multiple blog accounts, and contains a user  library for frequently used words and phrases.

Get Bloglive Mobile Blogger Assistant for $17.99 at >

BlackBerry Storm Games and AppsNew Games and Apps for the BlackBerry Storm!

The ShopCrackBerry store is filling up with a bunch of touchscreen games and apps for your BlackBerry Storm. You can bet as developers continue to develop for RIM's first touchscreen device, we'll have more and more as the days and weeks go by.

Browse all new apps for the BlackBerry Storm >

Appetite for BlackBerryAppetite

Need help making your grocery store trips and meal planning a little bit easier? Appetite can help. With this app you can store your recipes and grocery list all on your Berry! Organize what you need for your next trip to the grocery store, and when you're at the store, calculate your shopping total as you go! You can also send and download recipes from friends. It's kind of like 2 handy apps in one. To run this one you'll need OS 4.2.2 or greater.

Get Appetite at for $9.99 >

New BlackBerry ThemesThemes... Need I Say More?

Nothing new this week. A ton of new themes have arrived for the 8800, 8700, 8300, 9000, and even the 7100 series devices.

If you want a new look for your homescreen and overall OS, go ahead and check out our huge selection of themes.

Browse Themes at >

Updated BlackBerry Software


Tired of punching out long emails, or simply can't get the hang of SureType? Enter ReadyWords! With ReadyWords you can quickly create and reply to messages using a selection of over 150 ready to use phrases. The phrases are grouped into 8 categories to help you find the right phrase, and you can even create your own! The app is a simple add-on that lets you access it as an extra menu item in most apps.

Get ReadyWords for $14.99 at >

PeeKaWho Email AlertsPeeKaWho Email Alerts

PeeKaWho is an award winning email and SMS alert app. If you think you could use a popup notification like you get in MS Outlook or Gtalk Notifier, then you should probably give PeeKaWho a look. Once installed, you can see who is emailing you, along with a brief preview of the email body... Even when you're in a different application! Very handy if you're often embroiled deep within other Berry apps, or simply want to stay on top of those important incoming emails and messages.

Try PeeKaWho Email Alerts for $10.00 at >

iCall Manager LIGHTiCall Manager LIGHT

iCall Manager is the most powerful call filter for your BlackBerry. Configure custom profiles and manage incoming calls. Add, delete, rename and create unlimited profiles as well. Manage blacklist numbers, private numbers, unknown numbers, or even send particular callers straight to your voice mail. With iCall Manager LIGHT you'll have complete control over who can reach you. Feel the power :)

Buy iCall Manager LIGHT for $25.00 at >

Unit ConverterUnit Converter

In a growing list of calculators and conversion tools, Unit Converter is one of the most simple and easy to use. Easily convert between all kinds of units of measurement. The app includes conversions for distances, mass, area, volume, velocity, force, power, fuel consumption, time, and a whole lot more.

Pick up Unit Converter for $6.99 at >

Free BlackBerry Software


The makers of AutoStandby have released QuickPull, a new (and free) app in the ShopCrackBerry store. With QuickPull you can free memory quickly by simulating a 'battery pull' soft reset. The app itself is tiny, weighing in at only 30k... and is extremely easy to use. It should work fine on almost all Berry models, including the Storm!

Get QuickPull for FREE at >


With Pronto you can immediately eliminate paper forms with real-time capture and reporting of critical information. This app easily mobilizes common processes like surveys, audits and more. Use Pronto to create mobile forms without any programming knowledge, and then capture the information on your device. Very cool.

Get Pronto for FREE at >

Cool Stuff

TiVo MobileMobui and TiVo Launch Free TiVo Mobile Web Site

The folks at Mobui and TiVo have teamed up to create a new mobile site at . The site lets you stay in touch with your TiVo DVR no matter where you are. The web service delivers a simple and easy to use interface, and is optimized for the smaller screens found on most mobile devices. Search for programs by actor, title, director and more. This new site complements remote scheduling through and TiVo Desktop Software. The new site is currently in Beta, and will be ramping up within the next few weeks.

To check it out head on over to on your Berry's browser.

Bubble MessageBubble Message

Bubble Message is a new service that offers up a cool self-destructing text message (SMS) feature. Very handy if you want to send a very confidential/private message that will be deleted after it is read. Simply send your message using Bubble Message, and the message will delete itself on the recipient's device once it is read.

A free starter account is available, so it's worth a try.

For more information head on over to

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