BlackBerry Software Roundup

August is in full swing, and the past week has brought a bevy of new and updated titles to the Software Roundup this week. No need to delay the inevitable, lets get right down to it. Covered in this weeks' roundup are:

New BlackBerry Software: Picture Dial, Phoney Call, i-Phrase Chinese, e-Mobile Tasks, BlackJack!

Updated BlackBerry Software: IM+ for Skype, AIM, Links Scorecard, Baby FollowUp,  LaunchPads, Aces Blackjack, AutoStandby, Google Maps

Cool Stuff: 1-800-Flowers

New BlackBerry Software

Picture Dial for BlackBerryPicture Dial

In this new app from Toysoft Development, you can dial and SMS your contacts using picture ids! As you can see from the picture to the right, it could prove to be a handy way of getting in touch with your contacts. Snap a picture with your camera, and then use it immediately within Picture Dial!

Get Picture Dial for $5.95 at >

Phoney Call for BlackBerryPhoney Call

Ever want to make a fake phone call? Phoney Call is a fake call generator that allows you to simulate incoming phone calls to get out of awkward and tricky situations. Stuck in a bad conversation? Use Phoney Call to give you that valid reason to exit stage left. If you're in sales, you may even want to use this to help drive sales talks? At any rate, it's a fun app that does have its place.

Phoney Call is available for $9.99 (Pearl) and $19.95 (Curve) at

  • Phoney Call for BlackBerry Pearl >
  • Phoney Call for BlackBerry Curve >

i-Phrase Chinese Edition for BlackBerryi-Phrase Chinese BlackBerry Edition

The olympics are here... And for anyone looking to learn or brush up on their Chinese, i-Phrase is here to help. i-Phrase Chinese is the first mobile-based audio and visual phrasebook designed for tourists in China. Get instant access to the right words and phrases exactly when you need them. It features Mandarin Chinese, which is noted as the official language or China. This is one heck of a tool for the exploring traveler, or knowledge-craving student :)

Get iPhrase Chinese for $24.55 at >

e-Mobile Tasks for BlackBerrye-Mobile Tasks

If you're daily life is hectic and out of control, e-Mobile Tasks might be able to help you put things in order. It's a powerful task management app with built-in alerts for your BlackBerry. Organize and create your tasks with a few simple clicks. Cross off to-do lists, and start getting things done! This app integrates seamlessly with BlackBerry Tasks.

Buy e-Mobile Tasks for $16.95 at >

BlackJack! for BlackBerryBlackJack! for BlackBerry

Looking for a game to kill those minutes while waiting in line for a coffee, or heaven forbid.... while sitting in a meeting? Well, if you're a card player you might want to check out BlackJack! for BlackBerry, new to our store this week. Split pairs up to 3 times, BlackJack pays 3 to 1, and the dealer stands on 17, hits on 16. There, you know the rules... Now go ahead and get it :)

Get BlackJack! for BlackBerry at for $3.99 >

Updated BlackBerry Software

IM+ for Skype for BlackBerryIM+ for Skype v3.2.2

IM+ for Skype has gone to version 3.2.2. The application allows you to voice and text from your Berry with other Skype users. Talk about handy! It also provides cost-effective calling to landlines and other mobile devices all over the globe. IM+ for Skype will work worldwide on any 3G, GSM, or CDMA network, and is not dependent on WiFi zones.

Get IM+ for Skype at for $29.95 >

AIM for BlackBerryAIM v2.1.32

For those of you that have access to the AIM service book on your carrier, AIM 2.1.32 is now available from RIM. Not much is new in the updated version, but it does come with all of the new features that came with 2.1 releases of Google Talk and Live Messenger. Again, being able to use this all depends on your carrier. So to check it out for yourself hit up

Links Scorecard for BlackBerryLinks Scorecard v1.2.14

Golfers, check this one out! Links Scorecard is an app that lets you record your scores and a heck of a lot more. Show stats for individual games, or plot them over time to view trends... This will help you find areas of concern in your game. Navigation is dead simple as is entering new data. I'd say it's a 'must have' for any golfer, but there are so many golf applications out there, that's really a hard claim to make!

Pick up Links Scorecard from for $9.99 >

Baby FollowUp for BlackBerryBaby FollowUp v1.1

Parents will love this one. Baby FollowUp is an app that will help you take care of your child at all stages of growth. Record details about your newborn, chart growth details, health details, vaccine details and a whole lot more. If you have more than one child, the application does allow you to keep track of more than one child at a time :)

Get Baby FollowUp for $15.99 at >

LaunchPads for BlackBerryLaunchPads v1.6

Need a handy shortcut that will let you launch multiple apps with the click of a button? Enter LaunchPads. This one lets you not only launch an app using the side key, but it can also give you the choice to launch your contacts, tasks, notes, and more... This new version even lets you choose from your third party applications! Many more features have been added in the new version as well. It's one handy little app.

Get LaunchPads for $6.00 at >

Aces Blackjack for BlackBerryAces Blackjack v1.0.12

Another Blackjack game for you this week, Aces Blackjack has been updated to 1.0.12. The game is your standard blackjack, but with a few changes. While playing normal blackjack you can view a reference card to help improve your game... And if you get bored of the traditional game there are two alternate high score games to challenge you: Aces Time Crunch and Aces Hand Challenge. Fun times for the card players out there.

Pick up Aces Blackjack for $14.99 at >

AutoStandby for BlackBerryAutoStandby v1.4

AutoStandby has just gone to 1.4. If you haven't heard of this app before, it lets you put your device into standby when it goes idle for awhile. This will help you save a ton of battery life. New in this version is support to disable the app when connected to a power source, improved functionality, and some other smaller tweaks.

Try AutoStandby for $4.95 at >

Google Maps for BlackBerryGoogle Maps 2.2.3

Looks like Google Maps for BlackBerry has been updated to 2.2.3. As per usual, there is no changelog from Google, so we'll have to piece together what is new... if anything is noticably new at all. Could be the usual round of bug fixes and small tweaks.

To get the latest version head over to

Cool Stuff

1-800-Flowers App for BlackBerry1-800-Flowers Releases BlackBerry App

Looks like the folks at 1-800-Flowers have released a new application for the BlackBerry. They recently released a mobile site that can be found at ... But apparently they want to go for more. In the new app, they teamed up with Digby to offer an on-device portal to make purchases right from your Berry. I don't need to buy flowers too often... but if I had to buy them regularly, I could see myself using this one.

For more info head on over to

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