BlackBerry Software Roundup

As per usual... Lots of good BlackBerry software to talk about this week. We've got videos, themes, games, cool new sites and services, and a whole lot more. Covered this week are the following titles:

New BlackBerry Software: BlackBerry Made Simple Videos, Themes Galore!, New Games from Bplay, JuiceCaster Beta, VibAndRing, PacMan

Updated BlackBerry Software: Desktop Manager, TSMobiles, Gmail, MobileTracker, WorldMate, BBAssistant,  LaunchPads, trackIT

Free BlackBerry Software: Map My Tracks

Cool Stuff:,

New BlackBerry Software

BlackBerry Made Simple VideosBlackBerry Made Simple Videos

That's right, the good folks at BlackBerry Made Simple now have some awesome videos to be found at The video series is aptly titled 'Videos on the BlackBerry', and promise to cover everything from turning on your device, to common troubleshooting tips and techniques. There are a number of BlackBerry Made Simple video products available at, and I've listed them below!

Themes, Themes and MORE Themes!

This week, as per usual, there are a ton of new and great themes added to our store. If you want to give your Berry a new look and feel, click here to browse the new themes and other new titles to hit our store this past week.

EagleEye for the BlackBerryNew Games from Bplay

Looks like Bplay is up to their old tricks again. This week they have 2 new games for our enjoyment.

The first is 'Eagle Eye'. It's up to you to save the world and discover the truth! This game is based on the thriller from Paramount Pictures. Play the two strangers that have become pawns of a mysterious woman they don't even know... yet she seems to know their every move. The game is really engaging, and has a nice blend of action and puzzling mind-benders. You can pick it up at Bplay for $7.99

The second game is Scarface MPR. Scarface fans, don't even continue to read the roundup, click here to go get it. Take on the role of Tony Montana, and drive, run and shoot your way through various missions. Hijack cars, steal weapons, and ultimately... build your fortune. You can get Scarface MPR at Bplay for only $9.99

JuiceCaster for the BlackBerryJuiceCaster BlackBerry Beta

JuiceCaster is an award-winning social media app that lets you post your pictures and videos in realtime from your Berry... to your favorite websites, friends and more. It's a handy little app, and it seems to be gaining steam. Use it to post pics and videos directly to FaceBook and Twitter... or broadcast your mobile status, and invite your friends to 'follow' you. There's a ton of features built-in to this bad boy, so I suggest you check it out for yourself.

For more info and to get on the Beta, click here.

VibAndRing for the BlackBerry 9000 SeriesVibAndRing for the 9000 Series

That's right, with the launch of the BOLD, we're going to be seeing more and more 90xx compatible softwares to hit our store in the days, weeks and months to come. One of the first is the popular VibAndRing software by Fabian Heuwieser. VibAndRing is a very simple app that lets you set the vibration alert and ringtone alert at the same time. You can also use it to set how long the vibration alert should last.

Get VibAndRing for the 9000 Series for $7.00 at >

PacMan for BlackBerryPacMan for BlackBerry

Vintage gamers get ready for some classic fun. PacMan has arrived from yet another developer in the store. While this version doesn't have the same graphics or 'feel' as other versions, the gameplay is actually not half bad. And for the price, if you're looking for the occasional 'time waster', this one could come in handy. There are other better looking versions out there for the BlackBerry... But if you're on a budget, this is your option.

Get PacMan for BlackBerry for $2.99 at >


Updated BlackBerry Software

Desktop Manager 4.6.0 B15

As reported by mrfreeze574 in our forums here, it looks as though the BlackBerry Desktop Manager has been updated to 4.6.0 B15. While it looks like some user interface has been changed up a bit, a number of members have commented that they are having problems with this latest build. Just a heads up for ya here is all.

For more information, and to download, click here.

TSMobiles for BlackBerryTSMobiles v 2.4.5

Need access to your PC from afar? Enter TSMobiles, an application designed to help you access your PC remotely. With TSMobiles you can work with your normal business apps, manage files and more. The app works through the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client, so you can remotely access any Windows-based computer via ther Terminal Service or Windows Remote Desktop through your Berry. Definitely worth a try... and there is a 7-day free trial available.

Get TSMobiles for $44.95 at >

Gmail for BlackBerryGmail v2.0.5

Gmail has gone to version 2.0.5. The updated app for your Berry has quite a few updates, including new support for mobile drafts, a full contacts view and support for multiple accounts. From other reports I've read it seems as though the update has increased the app's speed as well, so things are looking faster too.

You can get the latest version from your Berry at

MobileTracker for BlackBerryMobileTracker v1.4.1

MobileTracker is a software that lets you easily record tracklogs using your BlackBerry and then show them in Google Earth or publish them with Google Maps. It's usable worldwide, lets you customize the delay between position readings, and will record your track for an unlimited length. You can even use it to view your track in Google Earth's 3D view. Cool! You'll need a GPS enabled BlackBerry, so if you don't have GPS, forget it buddy, it's not going to work on your Berry :(

Pick up MobileTracker for $24.00 at >

WorldMate for BlackBerryWorldMate Adds Hotel Booking

WorldMate, the ever popular tool of business travelers worldwide, has added a great new feature to its software. They've partnered with, an Expedia Inc. company to let people book their travel arrangements insanely fast with their BlackBerry and other handheld devices. Thanks to the partnership, you can now directly book hotel rooms, even at the last minute.

For more information and to purchase, head over to

BBAssistant for BlackBerryBBAssistant v0.2

BBAssistant is a powerful assistant for you BlackBerry that lets you do all kinds of things. You can use it to adjust the vibrate duration, voice volume, LED settings and a whole lot more. In the updated version there is a new 'add to existing address menu' item within the phone log and message screen. I would be interested to hear your experiences with this one.

Pick up BBAssistant for $10.00 at >

LaunchPads for BlackBerryLaunchPads v1.6.1

LaunchPads has gone to v1.6.1. If you haven't tried it before, it's a neat shortcut app that will let you launch multiple applications with the click of a button. If you find yourself needing instant access to your contacts, tasks, notes, and almost anything else, then pick this one up. You can even use it to trigger any of your third party apps. Handy stuff.

Get LaunchPads for $6.00 at >

trackIT for BlackBerrytrackIT v2.1.5

trackIT has gone to version 2.1.5. No release notes have been made available, but I can tell you a little bit about the software. The app gives you access to over 500 time zones and cities worldwide. It's great for frequent flyers or big shot executives that need to know the local time where they are headed, or where they are calling. trackIT also comes with a conversion calculator and meeting planner. Truly a valuable tool for the business person on the go.

Get trackIT at for only $10.95 >

Note: The 'Light' Edition of this software has also been updated.

Free BlackBerry Software

Map My TracksMap My Tracks

Map My Tracks is a free application for you BlackBerry that turns your device into a real-time GPS tracking tool. Use it for all your sporting activities or travel. It's kind of neat to see the 'tracks' you made, and review them when you're done! This one doesn't have as many features as 'Mobile Tracker' (featured in the updated section), but for the price, you can't go wrong. You will of course need a GPS enabled Berry to get this one working.

Pick up Map My Tracks for FREE at >

Cool Stuff

FBI Most Wanted

Ok, so you're on the road, and you spot a suspicious person you sort of recognize from a local TV crime report. Do you know who it is? Maybe he or she is on the FBI's most wanted list!? Well now there's a site that will help you pull up the most wanted list no matter where you are. It's a pretty niche thing for sure, but I got a kick out of it. To check it out, go on over to on your Berry.

Myxer for

If you're looking for another simple (and free) website that lets you create ringtones and send them to yourself, try The site also features a catalog of free and paid ringtones and wallpapers. You will have to register to access some of the tools, but registration is free.

While you're at it, have you checked out the Ringtone Maker? With it you can generate your own ringtones from any MP3 file! If you'd rather not create your own ringtone, why not take a quick browse through our Ringtones Directory? There are thousands of ringtones to download and share! Our tools are just as good, if not better... and generating and sharing your ringtones here will 'share the love' with the rest of the CrackBerry community :)

Until Next Week..

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