BlackBerry Software Roundup

Some really cool titles this week in the roundup. I'm back with a few free titles again, and the cool section is back on the board as well. Covered this week are:

New BlackBerry Software: E-Mobile Today, NotNow, eMail Display On, Prison Break,  QuickText, ESPN Arcade

Updated BlackBerry Software: TellMe, BerryTunes, nexFIT

Free BlackBerry Software: US Time Zones Screensaver, RideCharge

Cool Stuff: qipit, Mobile Reader

New BlackBerry Software

E-Mobile TodayE-Mobile Today

E-Mobile Today is an all-in-one PIM solution for your BlackBerry. Manage your tasks, appointments, calls, emails and more all in the same place. Change and re-arrange your homescreen to increase your productivity and lifestyle. If you're looking for a new way to streamline your day and increase your productivity, E-Mobile Today is definitely worth a look. There are also news, stocks and weather plugins available to enhance your experience!

Pick up E-Mobile Today at for only $20.95 >

NotNow for BlackBerryNotNow

Ever get a call at an inopportune time that you simply couldn't answer? Wish you could send a friendly message immediately let the person that was trying to call...instead of hitting 'ignore'? With NotNow, you can do just that. With it you can ignore the incoming call, and then select a friendly SMS message to send right back to the caller. I could see this one coming through big time for me. Perhaps it will for you too?

Get NotNow at for $5.95 >

eMail Display On for BlackBerryeMail Display On

This little app adds a small utility to your Berry. With it, your display light will activate for 10 seconds when a new email is received. This is a quiet and effective notification for you when new messages arrive. Installation is quick and easy, and after install there's nothing for you to do... The app is all setup and ready to go.

Try eMail Display On for $3.00 at >

Prison Break for BlackBerryPrison Break

In this game from bplay, you get to try and make the dangerous escape from Fox River Prison. Based on the movie of the same name, you play Michael Scofield. Plan your brother's escape by influencing guards, gathering resources, objects and more. For the most part the game stays true to the original storyline, so if you liked the movie, you might love the game.

Get Prison Break at bplay for $9.99 >

QuickText for BlackBerryQuickText

QuickText adds a keyboard shortcut 'Q' to open up a speed dial list for sending SMS messages. It works quite simply. Hit 'Q' and then the letter corresponding to the SMS recipient, and then all you need to do is type in your message. For those of you that send a lot of SMS messages, this handy little app could be a huge time saver.

Pick up QuickText at for $7.50 >

Note: A free trial is available.

ESPN Arcade for BlackBerryESPN Arcade

Sports fans buckle your seatbelts, because ESPN Arcade is here! bplay recently released this new game that features the best of basketball, hockey and baseball into 1 game. The basketball game is called 3-point challenge that forces you to nail some shots from long range. The hockey game, Hockey Shootout puts you on the ice, ready to deke out the goalie and score the game winning goal. The baseball game, Home Run Derby is a great home run contest that forces you to hit the long ball. Good fun, and an all around good game for the sports fan.

Get ESPN Arcade at bplay for $9.99 >

got2 Task Management for BlackBerrygot-2 Task Management

New from the folks at gWhiz comes got-2: FREE Task Management for 'List People'. If you enjoy working with lists to keep organized, you may appreciate this app. The app is a list-makers dream, with all kids of features and functions that help you get the most out of your day. If you have GPS built-into your Berry there are some really cool GPS features in this one you'll want to check out. There are too many features and functions to list here, so I'm going to suggest you go ahead and try it out right now for (heck, it's free, why not!)

For more info and to install, head over to the gwhizmobile website.

Note: Thanks to Mike for sending this in.


Updated BlackBerry Software

TellMe for BlackBerryTellMe

A few days ago TellMe expanded their device support to include more than the 8800. TellMe will now work on the Curve and Pearl series as well! However, be warned that some Pearl and Curve compatibility issues have been reported already. Especially with the 8300. To see if it works for you, head on over to from your Berry's web browser.

BerryTunes for BlackBerryBerryTunes 2.5.2

The Popular streaming podcast player has gone to 2.5.2. With this one, you can basically turn your BlackBerry into a portable sound machine. Listen to audio files, internet radio, streaming podcasts and more right from your BlackBerry. In the new version, quite a few bug fixes have been implemented... so it should be a solid update if you own the app already.

Pick up BerryTunes for $24.99 at >

nexFIT for BlackBerrynexFIT: Fitness on Your BlackBerry

Fitness buffs hold on to your shorts... nexFIT has been updated to 1.3.5. nexFIT is a program that will help you feel great and lose weight without having to go to the gym. The app contains 50 exercises that require no weights or special equipment, so that you can perform them anywhere (even at the office). Install nexFIT, shuffle the exercise slides, and you're off to a healthier you!

Get nexFIT at for $24.95 >

Free BlackBerry Software

US Time Zones for BlackBerryUS Time Zones Screensaver

New to the store this week is a free US Time Zone Screensaver. Simple and easy to use, the screensaver lets you view local times in 4 US time zones. It comes with 3 different US background maps... For the price (free), why not try it out? Who knows, you might actually use it, especially if you travel a lot on business!

Get the US Time Zones Screensaver for Free at >

RideCharge for BlackBerryRideCharge

For the business traveller comes RideCharge... the application that lets you book taxis, sedans and shuttles directly from your Berry! Get price comparisons and book your car in most major US cities. Get immediate confirmation, an Outlook calendar reminder, and even real-time updates on the whereabouts of your car. You can even store your credit card info online (securely) and charge rides to your card so that you don't have to carry cash.

Get RideCharge for free at >

Cool Stuff


qipit is the new (and free) mobile online copy service! Copy documents, whiteboards, notes and more with your cameraphone or digital camera... then store, fax, email or publish the pictures! You can turn your documents into PDF's, email digital copies, store paper documents and notes, and even tag your qipit docs for easy searching and sorting. This one looks promising. For more info head on over to Mobile Reader for Mobile Reader

As Kevin reported the other day, readers of,, and now have an alternative method of viewing content on their BlackBerry's. The Mobile Reader for BlackBerry has arrived. It's a simple and easy to use mobile reader that links you to the latest news, tech and finance content no matter where you are.

For more info, device compatibility and to install, head on over to

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