BlackBerry Software Roundup

Wow, is it really August 1st!? Summer is just flying by this year. At any rate, we've got another great roundup for you this week. For a change, we thought we'd include more games this time around. Lets call this roundup the 'Games Roundup' shall we? Lets get started. In this weeks' roundup we've got the following titles:

New BlackBerry Software: MessageScheduler, Breeders Cup Horse Racing, Spider, AudioBay Podcast Player, The Bourne Conspiracy, Scrabble Blaster!

Updated BlackBerry Software: PBA Bowling, TrackIT: Vehicle Edition, UNO, Video Caller ID, Card Pack Gold, Aces Solitaire Pack, MyPoynt, Google Maps

Free BlackBerry Software: doubleTwist desktop

New BlackBerry Software

MessageScheduler for BlackBerryMessageScheduler

Ever want to schedule an email or PIN message for a later time? MessageScheduler does just that. With this little app you'll be able to schedule email and PIN messages to be delivered whenever you want. Using it is easy. Save a message as a draft and you can then schedule it to be sent directly from your mail menu. This one could come in handy for birthday and meeting reminders for sure!

Get MessageScheduler for $8.95 at >

Note: A free trial is also available.

Breeders Cup Horse RacingBreeders Cup Horse Racing

Racing fans, it's time to get your 'bet' on with Breeders Cup Horse Racing. The game is brand new for 2008. Experience high-stakes wagering in this game licensed from the world's top horse racing event. Place wagers, evaluate horses, earn items, and a whole lot more. My only advice: Don't bet on 'Big Brown'.

Get Breeders Cup Horse Racing for $7.99 at >

Spider for BlackBerrySpider

Attention spider solitaire fans... The aptly named 'Spider' has landed at for card game lovers. In Spider you get to play one of the best-known two-deck solitaires. It's extremely difficult to win, which is probably why it is so popular amongst 'hardcore' solitaire fans. The game features 3 game times, 2 keyboard navigation types, unlimited undos, and a whole lot more.

Get Spider for $4.95 at >

Note: A free trial is also available.

AudioBay Podcast PlayerAudioBay Podcast Player

AudioBay Podcast Player is a handy app that makes it easy to find, download and listen to podcasts. It includes an integrated MP3 player, an integrated search by location, and much more. An important note about this software however... Large downloads will often require a direct TCP connection and may cost you some extra $$$ in data charges. Just a heads up here. A memory card is a must have for this one.

Pick up AudioBay Podcast Player for $14.95 at >

The Bourne ConspiracyThe Bourne Conspiracy

In another new game from Bplay, you become Jason Bourne in a unique action and espionage game for your Berry. In it, you get to do all kinds of crazy fighting moves, unlock special powers, and tour through 7 locations, including real locations from the movie! Any fan of the 'Bourne' series will want to check this one out.

Get The Bourne Conspiracy from Bplay for $9.99 >

Scrabble Blaster!Scrabble Blaster!

Any Scrabble fans out there? In Scrabble Blaster! your goal, of course, is to make connected words, and make them as long as possible to score the most points. The game features the official scrabble dictionary... So you'll be sure you always place correct words on the board. The game is very easy to use, and the interface is colorful and engaging. The game is highly addictive... So consider yourself warned.

Get Scrabble Blaster! for $5.99 at >

Updated BlackBerry Software

PBA Bowling for BlackBerryPBA Bowling

Are you a regular Mark Roth? Earl Anthony? Pete Weber? Have I lost everyone yet? PBA Bowling is a great little bowling game for the Berry from Concrete Software. Choose your ball and lane conditions within a full 3D environment. The game features numerous current PBA players including Norm Duke, Walter Ray, Robert Smith, Chris Barnes and more. Challenge them in different locations, and on the different PBA oil patterns. A must have for any casual or serious bowler for sure!

Get your copy of PBA Bowling for $14.99 at >

Note: A free trial is also available.

TrackIT: Vehicle Edition for BlackBerryTrackIT: Vehicle Edition

TrackIT: Vehicle Edition is the most extensive vehicle tracking system for business and personal use. Track your fuel, mileage, expenses and a whole lot more. You can even manage multiple vehicles, repairs, insurance info... and I could go on. TrackIT is an ideal vehicle management tool for any salesman or executive that is constantly on the go.

Grab your copy of TrackIT: Vehicle Edition at for $24.95 >

Note: A free trial is also available.

UNO for BlackBerryUNO

Woohoo! One of my favorite card games of all time, UNO has been updated. In UNO, it's a race to get rid of all your cards... But don't forget to yell 'UNO' when you only have one card left! (Press the 'U' button) You can play this game with the classic rules or configure your own. You can also setup and play up to 3 opponents. If you loved the original card game... This is a must have for your Berry.

Pick up UNO for $14.99 at >

Note: A free trial is also available.

Video Caller ID for BlackBerryVideo Caller ID

Video Caller ID makes it easy to add videos, fullscreen photos and custom ringtones to incoming calls. It's not just for video! WIth it you can sign almost any type of media to your contacts from your Berry or media card. In order for this one to work you'll need OS 4.3 or higher, and it is highly recommended that you try the trial version before you purchase.

Buy Video Caller ID at for $19.95 >

Note: A free trial is also available.

Card Pack Gold for BlackBerryCard Pack Gold

Card Pack Gold features most of your favorite card games, including blackjack, poker, red dog, HiLo and solitaire. Within the game you can save your progress... which is handy when you want to pick up a game again later. The game features built-in animations, cool sounds, a high-score table, changeable colors and font sizes. A great game for any card player.

Get Card Pack Gold for $14.95 at >

Note: A free trial is also available.

Aces Solitaire Pack for BlackBerryAces Solitaire Pack

You tired of the card games yet!? This is the last one, I promise. Aces Solitaire Pack is a fully featured, customizable solitaire game for your Berry. Play all of the favorite classic solitaire games including Spider, Free Cell, Klondike and many more. If you're addicted to Solitaire, this is your holy grail!

Buy Aces Solitaire Pack for $14.99 at >

Note: A free trial is also available.

MyPoynt Beta 0.9.1MyPoynt Beta 0.9.1

There is a new version of MyPoynt available, having gone to 0.9.1. It isn't an auto update yet, but you can get it at New in this update is support for Google Mobile Maps. It will let you see one listing at a time on Google Maps... Viewing multiple listings is coming down the pipe. Once you have this version installed, go to Options > Map Display to choose your mapping option.

Google Maps 2.2.2 for BlackBerryGoogle Maps 2.2.2

Google Maps has gone to version 2.2.2 for the Berry. It's still early days as this has just been released... no word yet on what features are added, or which bugs have been fixed... But no doubt there has got to be a few new things in there!

The download doesn't appear to be available from the usual download location YET... But you can download direct to your Berry here:

Free BlackBerry Software

doubleTwist desktop for BlackBerrydoubleTwist desktop

doubleTwist is a free PC app that enables you to sync your video, photos and more to your Berry. It also has the capability to send media files to your friends! Send videos, photos and audio files to your friends directly from your desktop and they'll be able to download them or play them through a simple interface. The features built-in that I think I would enjoy is the ability to sync your iTunes playlist to your Berry... and the ability to create MP3 versions of your iTunes purchases. If you try it out... Let me know what you think. Jury is still out on this one.

Get doubleTwist for FREE at >

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