BlackBerry Software Roundup

It's a slow morning in the world of BlackBerry News, so this week's Friday Software Roundup is coming to you a day early!! I've got a lot of great new titles for you to check out this week... and a few 'cool' titles you might want to try. Time to get down to business. Covered this week are:

New BlackBerry Software: MyCaption, Traffic Vizzion, Ringtones Unlimited,, Tetris, SwooshPhotos

Updated BlackBerry Software: BBNotePad, Windows Live Messenger, PocketMac, CrazySoft Paintball

Cool Stuff: PGA Tour Tracker, Lenovo & Zumobi Olympics Widget, tiggit Mail

New BlackBerry Software

MyCaption for BlackBerryMyCaption

Ever want to speak your email into your BlackBerry? The dream is now a reality with MyCaption. MyCaption is the first service integrated into the workflow of BlackBerry email... which enables users to intuitively compose and reply to emails with their voice from within the native email application. The app will let you enter voice messages up to 3 minutes long, and you can review the email text before it goes out. Cool! MyCaption is a truly unique and time-saving app that looks very promising!

A free trial of MyCaption is available for Enterprise users by registering at the company's website at

Note: MyCaption should work on the Pearl, Curve and 8800 series, and supports all major carriers worldwide.

Traffic Vizzion for BlackBerryTraffic Vizzion

Traffic Vizzion (pronounced 'vision') is now available for the BlackBerry. The app provides access to real-time traffic camera images throughout North America, UK, Ireland and New Zealand. 7,500 cameras are available in over 150 cities. If you have GPS on your Berry, you can have your precise location plotted on a map and center you on the screen at all times. Plus, the GPS features automatically pick up local cameras along your drive to provide you hands free information when you need it. It's the perfect app if you want to monitor the road ahead and make informed driving decisions based on traffic flows. Of course, I hope you concentrate on the ROAD a lot more than your Berry... Perhaps you need a co-pilot to help you with this one :)

A free two-week trial is available for download at

Ringtones Unlimited for BlackBerryRingtones Unlimited

Are you a ringtone junkie? If you are, then you might want to consider picking up Ringtones Unlimited from AIM Productions. With Ringtones Unlimited you will get unlimited access to a database of over 1,000 ringtones.. and new ones are getting added all of the time. The huge MP3 realtone collection also features exclusively recorded material for incoming calls, email, SMS alerts and more.

Purchase a 2-year unlimited access pass for $19.99 at > recently went live. It's a cool cross-platform IM tool that works between AIM, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and MySpaceIM by delivering all messages through a conference bot. The service is free and running in beta.

If you'd like to register for the beta, go ahead and click here.

Tetris for BlackBerryTetris

Arrange and twist the pieces as they fall... and clear as many lines as you can before the pieces reach the top. The classic game of Tetris is now available for your BlackBerry. Controls are insanely easy, simply use your trackball to play... nothing else. Make sure you stay focused, the pieces will start falling faster and faster as gameplay continues. How many lines can you clear?

Pick up Tetris from for $3.99 >

SwooshPhotos for BlackBerrySwooshPhotos

Need a tool to help you organize and find photos on your Berry? SwooshPhotos lets you quickly and easily navigate through your photos. It will search your Berry for all images and display them to you. Create albums, zoom, pan, watch slide shows and more. View your images in 6 different thumbnail sizes for optimal browsing. If you take a lot of photos, or simply have a lot of images on your Berry, you might want to give this one a shot.

Get SwooshPhotos for $14.95 at >

Updated BlackBerry Software

BBNotePad for BlackBerryBBNotePad 1.1.0

The developer of BBNotePad has released the final version of the app on BlackBerryForums. BBNotePad is a free text file editor and creator for your BlackBerry. Save, edit or create text files on your SD card or built-in memory.

For full installation and download instructions, go here.

Windows Live Messenger for BlackBerryWindows Live Messenger 2.1.36

Windows Live Messenger has gone to version 2.1.36. This version is an update from 2.1.32 that was available last month. As far as I can tell there aren't many updates in this version (probably just a lot of small bug tweaks/fixes), but do be sure to let me know if you spot any clear cut updates.

You can get the new version at

PocketMacPocketMac 4.1.25

Mac/BlackBerry users will want to update their PocketMac. It has gone to version 4.1.25. The new version has built-in support for syncing photos from iPhone and MP3 music from iTunes. Entourage 2008 and LotusNotes 7 support is also now available. One last cool feature in the new version is you can now sync notes with the native OS X Mail app.

You can get the latest version of PocketMac here.

CrazySoft Paintball 2 for BlackBerryCrazySoft Paintball 2 v1.1

Woohoo! Lets play some paintball! Building on the success of the first version, CrazySoft Paintball 2 has gone to version 1.1. This game features millions of colors, sounds, 5 different game modes and more. If you're looking for a challenging and fun game with crystal clear graphics then you might want to give CrazySoft Paintball 2 a try!

Get CrazySoft Paintball 2 for $16.95 at >

Cool Stuff

PGA Tour Tracker for BlackBerryPGA Tour Tracker

Golf addicts will love this one. Plusmo has released PGA Tour Tracker for the BlackBerry. This handy little app lets you keep track of scoring, providing you with up-to-the-minute results. You can view past results, player histories, bios and all the latest news from the golf world.

I have a feeling I'll be checking this application next time I'm on the golf course... for max effect :)

To get PGA Tour Tracker for free head on over to from your Berry.

Lenovo & Zumobi Olympics WidgetLenovo & Zumobi Olympics Widget

Want to follow the Beijing Olympics from your Berry? Now you can, thanks to a new widget from Lenovo and Zumobi. In essence this one is really Zumobi with content provided by Lenovo. Besides the BlackBerry version, there are also versions for Windows Mobile devices and the iPhone.

Check it out right here.

tiggit Mailtiggit Mail

Ever want to access personal emails while on the company Berry? Or do you simply want to avoid costly BlackBerry plans? If you do, you might want to give tiggit Mail a try. You can use it to access all of your internet email accounts from any Berry, personal or corporate. Grab your push email from Google Mail or any other internet mail service that supports IMAP IDLE. What's cool about it is you can add your personal mails to your work BlackBerry... yet keep them private.

For more info head over to

Thanks to Thomas for sending this one in.

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