BlackBerry Software Roundup

This weeks' roundup is another jam-packed edition. We've got lots of new software, updated software, and even a few free and 'cool' titles for you to check out. On to the roundup, here's what you'll find in this weeks' edition:

New BlackBerry Software: Rove Mobile Admin 4.0, BlackBerry Professional Software for Small Business, Baby FollowUp, BBTrips, Win@Craps, Tellme, Alarms Pro, MilkSync

Updated BlackBerry Software: Berricons Text Emoticons, Aerize Card Loader, Aerize Optimizer 2008

Free BlackBerry Software: gFlash+, 3 New Pearl Themes

Just for Fun: Gas Buddy To Go

New BlackBerry Software

Rove Mobile Admin 4.0Rove Mobile Admin 4.0

Earlier this week, Rove Mobile announced the release of their new Mobile Admin Software. The software allows 'unified management of all IT systems from any computer or handheld device'. The mobile admin software can be installed on a single server on your network, and this then allows for instant management of all other systems without the need to install any agent software on any other systems. You can access the Mobile Admin client from any desktop using a web browser, or it can be installed directly onto your Berry. Mobile Admin does support the BlackBerry Enterprise Server among others, so all you BES system admins out there might want to give this a look. For more information check out this post from Kevin, or visit

AT&T BlackBerry Professional SoftwareAT&T Launches BlackBerry Professional Software for Small Business

Small to medium sized business owners can now get big-business advantages in a BlackBerry solution. The BlackBerry Professional Software is a communications and collaboration solution that provides smaller sized businesses with everything they need for up to 30 wireless users. Enable wireless access to email, calendar, contacts, business data and internet on your company's 'fleet' of devices! Besides the simplified installation, this software provides control over a company's BlackBerry devices, allowing the owner or manager to limit features, enable backups, and much more. If the business using the BlackBerry Professional Software grows to over 30 users, the solution can be upgraded to BES, and the BlackBerry Professional Software Client Access Licenses can be used with the BES.

Pricing starts at $499 (for a 5-user license). Read more about The BlackBerry Professional Software Package at AT&T.

Baby FollowUp for BlackBerryBaby FollowUp for BlackBerry

New to the ShopCrackBerry store this week is Baby FollowUp. It's a must have for any parent. Record your baby's date of birth, weight and more. Enter growth details, health details, and even vaccination information! It's a handy way to keep and safeguard historical information on your child in the palm of your hand.

Get Baby FollowUp for BlackBerry at for $15.99 >

BBTrips for BlackBerryBBTrips for BlackBerry

Innova Telecom has just released the beta of a new (and free) software that captures your GPS data and allows you to 'trace' your path and then review them with Google Earth on your PC. You can add comments to your positions as well. This little app would come in handy if you're on a long trip. Simply plot your travels, add comments, and configure BBTrips to send out daily emails with news on your latest adventures!

BBTrips is available in Spanish and English. You can download BBTrips for free OTA at

Thanks to Josep at for sending this in.

Win@Craps for BlackBerryWin@Craps Game for BlackBerry

Attention gamblers! Tired of your BlackJack or Texas Hold'em game? There's a new craps game now available at that you might want to take for a spin! Win@Craps is a fully-featured casino craps game. Make your bet, toss the dice, and win big! The game features great graphics, a full range of table betting options, beginners tutorials and much more.

Pick up Win@Craps from for only $9.99 >

Tellme Voice Based Search for BlackBerryTellme Voice Based Search

As I'm sure you've heard, Microsoft has released a cool new utility for the BlackBerry called Tellme. It allows you to search for directions, traffic info, maps, movies, businesses and more all via speaking into your BlackBerry device. Cool!

Currently Tellme supports the 8100, 8800, 8820, 8830 and 8310 BlackBerry devices. All other devices are out of luck unfortunately. Tellme is also only available to Sprint ant AT&T customers. I sincerely hope Microsoft opens this up to more carriers and devices! Fore more info or to download the app, visit or from your BlackBerry web browser.

Alarms Pro from BBSmartAlarms Pro from BBSmart

From the makers of BBSmart Email Viewer comes a new released titled 'Alarms Pro'. From our initial take, this looks to be the best multi-alarm application available today for the BlackBerry. With it, you can create as many alarms as you like, choose from 4 alarm sounds or select an MP3 to wake up to...Set snooze times for 1, 2, 5 or even up to 1 hour... Plus many more features. I'm going to make you visit for more information. I'm bad :)

A free trial of this app is available, or you can purchase instantly from for only $15 >

MilkSync for BlackBerryMilkSync for BlackBerry

MilkSync for BlackBerry is an app that synchronizes Remember The Milk with the built-in Tasks app on your Berry. Ok, I can hear you saying, 'what the heck is Remember The Milk!?'. Well, RTM is a powerful app that lets you do numerous things. Read more about what you can do with RTM here.

Back to MilkSync for now... MilkSync lauched with the following features:

  • Two way synchronization (or optionally RTM to BlackBerry, or BlackBerry to RTM)
  • Scheduled synchronization (e.g., automatically sync every 15 minutes)
  • Include all lists or specific lists from RTM in sync
  • Easy access to sync via the menu in the Tasks application

Best of all, the main RTM app is free. You can sign up for a free account over at However, if you want to upgrade to the 'Pro' version of RTM, it is $25/yr for the pro account. Pro accounts give you priority support, plus a handful of new features including the brand new MilkSync app. Try out the free version of RTM, and if you enjoy it, $25/yr for priority support and added features isn't all that bad!

Updated BlackBerry Software

Berricons Text Emoticons for BlackBerryBerricons Text Emoticons for BlackBerry

Quickly and easily insert emoticons into your messages using the updated Berricons app. Berricons allows you to add text emoticons to most text fields. Simply choose Berricons while composing a message and you will get a scrollable list of smilies to choose from. Select the images you want to use, and the emoticon will be inserted into your email as text. There are enough emoticons built-in to express exactly how you're feeling.

You can pick up Berricons from for $6.99 >

Aerize Card LoaderAerize Card Loader

Seems like the folks at Aerize have been busy lately. This week, they have an update for the Aerize card loader software. The new build is version 1.1.0. If you're new to Aerize Card Loader... In a nutshell is allows you to install and run applications from and SD card. Kinda cool.

New features in this update include:

  • Added OTA to SD card
  • Improved registration
  • Media card auto-detection
  • Status bar auto-hide
  • Improved error reporting
  • Numerous bug fixes

The update is free for existing registered members. For more info and to purchase for only $20.00, hit up the Aerize Card Loader page at >

Aerize Optimizer 2008Aerize Optimizer 2008

The folks over at Aerize also sent me a notification that Aerize Optimizer has been updated as well! Aerize Optimizer eliminates memory leaks, which in-turn optimizes your device performance. It allows you to reclaim memory resources that would have previously been lost!

New features in this update include:
  • Registration will now confirm success
  • Fixed Trial expiration issue
  • Added additional error reporting for failures
  • Clarified Welcome Email Message
  • Added Aerize Optimize Manual to installer
Visit to upgrade or purchase Aerize Optimizer 2008 for $20.00 >

FREE BlackBerry Software

gFlash + Flashcard / Trivia Game AppgFlash+ Flashcard / Trivia Game App

gWhiz has launched a new app called gFlash+. It's a flashcard slash trivia game app for your BlackBerry. It can be used to study for tests and exams, or simply to test your trivia knowledge. You can even create and share flashcard sets with other BlackBerry users via the gWhiz catalog. If you're thinking you want to give it a spin, you can get gFlash+ from the gWhiz website at or OTA at The download includes gFlash+ and gWhiz's previous release gCalc. Both are bundled together and are free of charge.

3 Free BlackBerry Pearl Themes3 New Free BlackBerry Pearl Themes by The Z Man

As Kevin reported the other day, we now have a small pile of Free BlackBerry themes for your enjoyment. This is a result of the 'Call For Free BlackBerry Themes' that was put out a little while back. For now, our gallery contains the Free 'User and Abuser' themes along with these  3 new Free Themes for the BlackBerry Pearl created by the Z Man... There's lots more to come, but until then... If you're a pearl owner, you might want to check them out! The free blackberry theme gallery is growing fast so you'll want to check back every week!

Just for Fun...

GasBuddy.comGas Buddy To Go is a website dedicated to finding you the best gas prices in your area. Now, at a time when gas prices are skyrocketing, GasBuddy has gone ahead and launched a mobile version. To get to GasBuddy on your Berry, simply go to on your Berry's web browser. Once you're on the site, enter your zip code, and GasBuddy will list the nearest gas stations to your location, along with current prices for you to compare on the go. Gas prices aren't updated as often as I'd like (you can see the time when each listing was updated on the mobile site)... But all the same, this is a handy little web app to pull out from time-to-time when you need to fill up!

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