BlackBerry Software Roundup

Another great week in BlackBerry Software. Have some great new titles, freebies and even a 'just for fun' title I couldn't resist adding to today's roundup.

New BlackBerry Software: Aerize Card Loader 2008 SD Card Install Utility, Rosie's Revenge Fighting Game for BlackBerry, Media Card Sync for BlackBerry, FastEntry for BlackBerry

Updated BlackBerry Software: FlipSide MP3 Player 1.09, Ascendo DataVault Password Manager 4.4.1

Free BlackBerry Software: TripIt Mobile, Dashboard Mobile Financial, Wattpad Free eBook Reader

Coming Soon: ShoZu for BlackBerry

Just for Fun:


Aerize Card Loader 2008 SD Card Install UtilityAerize Card Loader 2008 SD Card Install Utility

Install limitless apps from removable media cards! This app will install and remove applications on your Berry from any removable media card. We all know how much device memory our apps, files and system can take up on our Berries. WIth Aerize you can load apps and games directly from an SD Card.

Before you jump in you may want to read this post all about Aerize, or take a look at the manual.

This app is available for $20.00 at

Rosie's Revenge for BlackBerryRosie's Revenge Fighting Game for BlackBerry

Enigma has released a new game for the BlackBerry called 'Rosie's Revenge'. Sounds vengeful to me! The concept of the game revolves around revenge. Rosie is in training at Zara's Dojo so that she can get back at a mugger that violently attacked her. Your job is to help Rosie earn her black-belt so that she can go out and kick some butt.

The game is available for $6.95 from Enigma Games. For more info, a demo video and to purchase, click here.

Media Card Sync for BlackBerryMedia Card Sync for BlackBerry

From our friends over at comes Media Card Sync for BlackBerry. The user interface is in english, so nothing to worry about there! The utility basically allows you to sync your media card to a desktop folder.

It's very easy to use:

  1. Activate Mass storage in you BlackBerry
  2. Connect your BlackBerry using a usb cable
  3. Launch the Media Card Sync application
  4. The app will try to detect your BlackBerry, if not click on the search button or select in the combobox
  5. Select a folder on your pc, (for the first time this should be an empty folder)
  6. Click on the Sync button. First time you sync the process can take awhile depending on your media card and number of files

You can get your free copy from right here.

FastEntry for BlackBerryFastEntry for BlackBerry

FastEntry allows you to enter contact, datebook entries, and todo's faster and more easily with its intuitive interface. No need to click into each app to add data, now you can enter it all from one place.

It's fast, easy to use and you might even find yourself being more productive. Give FastEntry a try to see if it's a fit for you and your busy work day.

FastEntry is available from ShopCrackBerry for $7.95

Updated Software

FlipSide MP3 Player 1.09FlipSide MP3 Player 1.09

Another update has been released for FlipSide. Updates are minor, but it is an update nonetheless!

The latest changes include:

  • Fixed interaction with telephony on 88xx.
  • New volume feedback icon.
  • Improved motion when rendering M4As.
  • New shuffle modes.

You can pick up a copy of FlipSide from ShopCrackBerry for $19.95. You can also download a free trial if you'd like to check it out at no cost!

Ascendo DataVault Password Manager 4.4.1Ascendo DataVault Password Manager 4.4.1

Ascendo DataVault stores confidential info like your passwords, credit cart info, logins and more all on your Berry and PC using super-strong encryption. The app provides more features to protect, find and display your info than any other secure passwords manager. Protect your info using advanced encryption... and save time and money by giving you access to the info when you need it.

Purchase Ascendo DataVault for $29.95 or download a free trial from

FREE BlackBerry Software

TripIt MobileTripIt Mobile

If you're a fan of WorldMate Live for keeping track or itineraries, you might want to give TripIt Mobile a try. TripIt brings info from Google, Flickr, Wikipedia, SeatGuru and more to flush out your itinerary with useful info.

"TripIt Mobile is a slimmed-down interface that's designed specifically for mobile phones. You simply point your mobile device to TripIt Mobile works with Apple iPhone, Palm Treo, RIM Blackberry, or any mobile device with a web browser."

To give it a go, visit on your BlackBerry and let me know what you think of it in comparison to WorldMate Live!

Dashboard Mobile FinancialDashboard Mobile Financial

Dashboard Communication has made its financial news and research portal available to the Blackberry. It is reported to be the first business news reader and investment dealer research portal to be designed specifically for the BlackBerry. Access is free for capital markets staff, investment advisors, portfolio managers, fund managers, bloggers... and more.

"Dashboard Financial is an innovative application designed to put financial news directly into the hands of investors," said Thom Brodeur, a senior vice president with Marketwire, in a statement. "We are delighted to provide our corporate clients with this added exposure to the ever-important financial community."

To installation instructions and to download, click here. The app will only operate on OS 4.0 or greater. It is compatible with 7100, 7130, 7130e, 7250, 7290, 7510, 7520, 7730, 7750, 7780, 8700 and 8703e models. I found it odd that the curve, pearl and 8800 series are not listed. I would have to assume that this app works on them as well... Do let me know if you try installing on one of these devices, I'd like to know if it works!

Wattpad Free eBook ReaderWattpad Free eBook Reader

If you're a big reader you may want to check out Wattpad. It's a free eBook reading and sharing Java app. There's a bit of a community backing it up too. Content is uploaded by members and read by the community. You can create a free account and start uploading your own content too! You can install Wattpad OTA via Check it out.

Coming Soon

ShoZu for BlackBerryShoZu for BlackBerry

ShoZu recently announced BlackBerry support for their self-titled app that lets you upload pics and video from your Berry to FaceBook, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, Google Blogger and more. With a few clicks you can upload your media to any of the supported sites (there are more than 30)... Plus you can send and receive comments. Very cool little app indeed.

The only problem is even though they have announced the app... It is not available YET from the ShoZu site. What you can do is go here and send them an email. ShoZu will add you to their notification list and let you know when the app is available :)


Just For Fun...

Noticed this one in my news reader... I stopped for a split second and thought, 'OK, I've gotta see what this one is all about!' While it really has nothing to do with the BlackBerry I couldn't resist reporting on this. offers the 'closest, cleanest toilets in your area'. You can even 'Add a Toilet' and view their 'Best & Worst' list. If you're looking for a biddy use the MizPee website to search, or go to from your BlackBerry web browser. Quite a few states and cities are supported, so be sure to check it out for yourself. At the very least I think you'll have a good laugh :)


Until Next Week..

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