The last BlackBerry OEM Soft Shell Case I had was for my BlackBerry Q10 and when I got the BlackBerry Classic I just had to get a Soft Shell Case for it too. They have a slim profile, adding no bulk at all and it gives you sufficient protection. These are the types of cases I go for as I have small hands and don't want to add too much bulk.

The Soft Shell design of the BlackBerry Classic version is very much the same as the one for the Q10. The back of the case has a texture very similar to that of the back Classic. It does offer some grip and it doesn't feel like it would slip out of your hand. As usual there are cutouts for the headphone jack at the top, the camera on the back and speakers and charger port in the bottom. All buttons are covered but are still easily pressed, though I do find I need to press a little harder on the power button. Not sure if that's the case for everyone but it is for me. There's also an embossed BlackBerry logo on the back that lines up with the logo on the back of the actually device.

The Classic slips into the case quick and easy but you don't feel like it will come off easily. It actually grips around the Classic quite well. Very snug. As I've mentioned, it's such a slim and sleek profile that it hardly makes any different when in the hand. There's enough lip on the case that the screen won't touch the surface when it is placed faced down and it's just enough that the keyboard won't touch the surface either -- I am talking just enough though -- it just goes past the height of the keys. It could be suggest to make the lip come over the device a bit more but then that might make it harder to press the edge keys on either side of the keyboard.

The Soft Shell Case for the BlackBerry Classic comes in three colors - black translucent, blue translucent and white translucent.

The Good

  • Slim design, no bulk
  • Finished texture adds grip
  • Snug fit

The Bad

  • Power button becomes harder to press (though this could just be me)
  • Could have more lip
  • Minimal protection
The bottom line

I'm not one for bulky cases and if you feel the same, this OEM Soft Shell Case from BlackBerry does a decent job of covering up your Classic. It will protect your device from any scratches and nicks -- at least the back and sides of the device, anyway. You usually can't go wrong with the OEM BlackBerry cases and the Soft Shell Case for the Classic is a good choice of case for those who like to cover up without the added bulk.

The Soft Shell Case for the BlackBerry is available from Shop CrackBerry for $19.95

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