The upcoming BlackBerry slider device has been one of the most discussed and anticipated BlackBerry devices since the BlackBerry Passport. Although it was announced during Mobile World Congress, there's still not a lot of solid information about the device that is known.

Sure, there's a ton of rumors and speculation but the fact remains, BlackBerry has offered very little by way of official information and even less when it comes to actually showing the device off. Outside of the original blurry images captured by reporters at Mobile World Congress, there are no real from BlackBerry, images of the device to be found, despite many non-BlackBerry specific blogs being duped into stating otherwise.

Possibly because of the lack of real images available, anticipation for the device or the traction the fan made renders have received thus far, there has been what seems to be a record number of artists and graphic designers that have taken to creating visions of what the BlackBerry slider should and possibly will look like. So many, in fact, we figured we should do a roundup to not only highlight how awesome they are but also, hopefully, clear up some of the confusion surrounding the 'fakes'.

The first render of the slider came to us via @DHabkirk, which we've posted earlier but since then the render has been updated and getting a ton of play on non-BlackBerry specific blogs. A render so good, people assumed it was a legit press render from BlackBerry. Sadly, that's not the case but it sure does look sharp plus, it comes in black.