BlackBerry Slider Forum Now Open!

When it comes to the CrackBerry Forums we have a rule - once photos of a new pre-release device emerge that's when it gets its own dedicated forum. That said, we have officially opened the BlackBerry slider forum. To go along with the forum opening, we also have the original unwatermarked images that surfaced last night. Funny thing. It turns out they were originally posted on this CrackBerry forum thread by a member before they were watermarked and posted by another site. At least we know where they got their photos from and they say more are on the way soon so I still look forward to that. Another unwatermarked photo is below. Earlier today we cleared up some of the rumors around the BlackBerry slider, but there's still a ton to talk about, so enjoy the new BlackBerry Slider forum and put it to good use!! 

BlackBerry Slider Forum Now Open