Slider concept

We've had some pretty sweet news on the BlackBerry front this week thanks to Mobile World Congress where the BlackBerry Z3 and Q20 were confirmed. As I'm sure you are aware - the Z3 is an all touch budget device, whereas the Q20 will be a flagship hardware keyboard handset featuring the return of the trackpad and 'toolbelt'. 

Over in the CrackBerry forums another concept has been created, thanks to Andreas Kimishis1, but this one sees the return of the slider form factor. Whether a slider is on the BlackBerry roadmap is anyones guess and if it is I don't suppose we are likely to hear about it anytime soon. However, I for one would love a BlackBerry similar to the above image. I was a big fan of the Torch 9800/9810 and rocked them both as my daily device. 

If BlackBerry can combine a wonderful large display with a keyboard similar to that on the Q10 then it will certainly get my vote. It would need to be a big device though to compete with the ever growing slurry of smartphones hitting the market, but that's fine by me. 

If you weren't aware we have a dedicated forum for concepts. Head on over and air your views on the selection of creations in there. 


Hit up the CrackBerry concept forum.