To compliment the BlackBerry Z3 hitting retail outlets recently in Indonesia, BlackBerry have released a couple of videos over on their YouTube channel which I can only presume are headed for TV or the big screen.

We know that Indonesia is a strong market for BlackBerry - hence why they released the Z3 Jakarta edition here, but additional marketing is always welcomed. With the device hitting the shores of Malaysia and India and soon to roll out in a further selection of countries, with a LTE variant to follow at some point, the Z3 is hopefully going to put BlackBerry back in the 'low cost' smartphone wars as it battles against rivals from Android and Windows Phone.

When exactly we will see the BlackBerry Z3 hit other regions such as Europe and Africa is still unconfirmed at this moment in time but fingers crossed the marketing will be as strong as it is currently in Indonesia.

Not speaking the local language I've no idea what they are saying in the commercials so if you would care to translate please feel free to do so in the comments.

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