blackberry navigationCrackberry users are all about the time savings. The handy little PDA can save us all a lot of time. Yet, there are lots of little hints that can save even more time. So in order to save you from perusing the manuals to find all these little gems we present our top Crackberry shortcuts.


Perhaps the best time saving key is the easy uppercase function. Press and hold any letter in order to capitalize.

Foreign Letters

If you need an accent grave or an umlaut etc press both the Symbol key and the letter you need modified and then turn the side wheel until the appropriate letter character shows up. Great for those German or French CrackBerry addicts.


Pressing the symbol key alone will bring up a number of useful symbols and currency signs.

Typing e-mails

When typing an e-mail address hit the Space key to enter an @ symbol. Press the Space bar again to insert a period in the address.

Deleting e-mail

To avoid deleting each e-mail separately you can delete all of them with one click. Click on the ‘date’ field above that day’s mails and then choose Delete Prior from the menu.

Navigating The Calendar

To navigate around the Calendar press D for Day, W for Week, M for Month, and A for Agenda. You will need to set the Enable Quick Entry field to No under Calendar Options first for this to work.

Setting Favorites

When using the web browser function you can access your favourite sites by hitting the K key to open up you bookmarks. If you want to add a site to your bookmarks just hit the A key.

Finding Addresses

To find a contact in your address book type the contact's name or initials, separated by a space.

Setting One Key Speed Dialing

Press a letter you want to assign to the person in your address. In the pop up menu it will say Assign a Speed Dial Key? Press Yes. It will take you to your address book. Select the person you want to assignation to go to. Click. In the new menu press the line “Add Speed Dial to…”

Reading Pages

To move down a page while reading a message just press the Space key. To move back up a page press Shift plus the Space key.

Dialing Numbers With Letters

To dial a phone number with letters such as 1-888-GOT MILK press the Alt key and typing each letter with the keyboard.

Activating Back Light

To activate the back light, press (but don't hold) the Power button. Double press for brighter light.