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With five people in our household, someone always needs something from the store.  I tried the magnetic “Grocery List” pad on the fridge but invariably something was always left off because one person or another forgot to add it.  When I originally saw the shopping list applications in BlackBerry App World, my only real thought was “Yay, no silly piece of paper to carry around anymore.” I only have two hands and my BlackBerry is usually in one of them anyway.  When I found out the lists could be shared between devices, I was sold. My only real decision was which to choose from.  I’m an advocate of free apps so I tend to try those first before any that cost money.  In this review I selected OurGroceries by HeadCode and Shopper by MidCentury Media.  Both applications claimed to be great for organizing multiple lists and allowing them to be shared on numerous devices.  Since both were free, I wanted to see which gave me the most options and if they were as easy to use as they both claimed.

OurGroceries by HeadCode – Version 1.2.0 (224 KB)

Upon opening the application, it immediately takes you into your shopping list (a sample list is there when you open the app for the first time).  You can add or delete items from this screen as well as email or text your list to others who may not be using OurGroceries or have access to your list.


Going back to the main page of the application you have the option of emailing, renaming or deleting the list and changing any settings for the application.  The main page is also where you can add favorite recipes that you may use a lot. Adding the recipe to the app will allow you to add ingredients for that recipe straight to your grocery list in one click instead of manually entering each one.


I used this app for almost a month before I decided to give the other one a try because I really liked how easy it was to use. This application is available for download via: or BlackBerry App World.


  • Easily share with other OurGroceries users
  • Updates in real time
  • Very easy to add items and edit quantity
  • One click crosses an item off the list or adds it back on the list
  • Allows users to create multiple lists for even greater organization
  • Has an option to add favorite recipes to the application which then allows the user to add all the ingredients with one click
  • All lists are backed up online automatically
  • Can see and edit lists from the PC as well as your device once you create an online account
  • Works on BlackBerry and other Smartphone devices:
  • It’s FREE!!!


  • Banner ads running at the top of the screen
  • UI is very basic
  • No pre-loaded lists
  • No option to save lists

Shopper by MidCentury Media – Version 1.3 (246 KB)

When you first open Shopper, again you have a sample list that you can either rename or delete.  You also have the option of creating new lists, sharing them and changing your settings.

Shopper for BlackBerry

Shopper comes with a preloaded catalog that has almost everything you might possibly need already in it (including things like Acetaminophen/Tylenol, underwear, furnace, bath mat etc).  This screen is broken up into tabs that allow you to see what is on your list already, search the catalog, view the entire catalog and see what is in your “cart” (items you’ve checked off).  


You can add or remove items just by clicking on them. To change the quantity or aisle that it’s located in at the store you simply press the menu key and select edit item.  You can sort your list by alphabetical order or by aisle.


I’m glad I saved this application for last or I may have been tempted to never try the other.  Shopper is just as easy to use as OurGroceries but the pre-loaded catalog really did make a difference in the ease of use for all of the members in my household (no more trying to decipher my son's additions to the list with his less than stellar spelling abilities).  Available for download via: or BlackBerry App World.


  • Great UI
  • Allows list to be shared with other Shopper users
  • Can build lists by a search option or browsing through the pre-loaded catalogMoves checked items to user’s “cart”
  • Easily add items and what aisle they are located in
  • Re-use lists
  • All lists are backed up online automatically once you create an online account
  • Can see and edit lists from the PC as well as your device
  • Works on BlackBerry, IPod Touch and IPhone devices
  • No banner ads
  • I’s FREE!!!


  • No recipe option (have to enter ingredients needed one by one)


After using both applications during my shopping trips, I would have to say that the Shopper app is the clear cut winner.  The pre-loaded catalog is a definite time-saver and I loved that even though it is a free app, there were no banner ads.  OurGroceries is also a great app and I loved the recipe option that allowed me to add all the ingredients for in one click.  I was able to keep track of items my boss had already purchased for a party as well as items I needed for home all without a single piece of paper.  

  • More information/download of OurGroceries >>
  • More information/download of Shopper >>

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