BlackBerry Services Arriving On KooDoo Mobile In Canada

Granted, KooDoo is just a branch off of its parent company TELUS but it does month to month services rather than requiring a contract. According to MobileSyrup and HoFo and well, the BlackBerry website that is already in place, it seems BlackBerry services will be arriving shortly for KooDoo customers.

While their commercials are insanely annoying, KooDoo offers up a "TAB" system which allows customers to build credit towards new devices and accessories. So while they may essentially be a prepaid service, the cost of devices can still be somewhat subsidized. A lot of talk has been going on about the future of KooDoo given that their parent company is running CDMA as well as HSPA. With respect to that, an 8530 launch makes sense but so does say, a BlackBerry Pearl 9100 when it sees release.

Source: MobileSyrup
Via: HoFo