BlackBerry said to be working with luxury automakers on anti-hack tool

According to Macquarie analyst Gus Papageorgiou, who highlighted the details in a note to his clients, BlackBerry is now working with at least two automakers (Aston Martin and Range Rover) in testing a BlackBerry developed security service that can scan vehicles for viruses and advise drivers to pull over if in danger.

In addition to the scanning, Papageorgiou also noted the system would be able to install security patches to an idle car and could be launched as early as next year, with profits adding $10 a month per vehicle to BlackBerry's financials.

As exciting as the service sounds, John Wall, the head of BlackBerry's QNX division, and company spokeswoman Sarah McKinney both declined to comment on Papageorgiou's note to clients according to Reuters. Additionally, Matthew Clarke, a spokesman for Aston Martin, said in an email he was not aware of the company testing such a product.

Even without any confirmation coming though, the service described is certainly something that would fit right into BlackBerry QNX's driver seat. Back in March, following WikiLeaks revealing that the CIA was investigating the possibility of hacking automotive software, Marty Beard highlighted how BlackBerry QNX's Multi-Level Security can safeguard your car, which offered a look at what BlackBerry does for security in the automotive sector right now, so it's certainly not beyond belief they could be working on Papageorgiou's described service as well. I would be more surprised if they WEREN'T working on it.

Source: Reuters